Saturday, December 13, 2014

The heat is on - on Najib


Malaysia’s only Prime Minister without a mandate Najib Tun Razak is starring at the exit door as it beckons.

UMNO’s big men have turned on the screws, and all indications are he will fall as there is a Judas Iscariot  in his camp.
Was he cornered?
It has become common knowledge that one of the members of Najib’s own cabinet had raised the issue of 1MDB at the recent cabinet  meeting in the absence of Najib who as usual is elsewhere and not here to look after the urgent affairs of the economy of the country.The news of this was leaked to the public and one wonders if it was done deliberately as some are speculating.

That Muhyiddin himself who chaired the cabinet meeting allowed the discussion of the topic now most taboo with Najib and his inner circle,that it they made sure the topic was not even raised at teh UMNO General Assembly.

One UMNO member revealed that this was done by one of Najib's trusted aides a minister and a close confidante, he raised the topic ofr discussion and Muhyiddin had no choice but to let it be discussed although he knows that Najib himself would not have allowed it.
All the President's men?

Muhyiddin had no alternative but to let it through as the person in concern is said to have proven strong grassroots support in UMNO and can even take on Muhyiddin if there is an open contest.

My UMNO friends from Johor have told me that Muhyiddin himself is on a very weak wicket being looked upon as a collaborator in the 1MDB issue which has been described as the biggest scandal of the Najib era while Anwar Ibrahim has described its consequences as the coming of  the biggest financial crisis to hit Malaysia ever.

Tony Pua the DAP MP described this as the mother of the mother of the mother of all scandals and for an UMNO Division Vice Chairman to have used this information from Tony Pua of the DAP to lodge a complaint against Najib is totally unprecedented. It looks like there are people within UMNO who'll trust DAP more than what Najib says.

So where is Najib and what is he saying, will he stay out of the limelight even more now?

My UMNO friends in Johor have told me to wait for an interesting episode that may open, it all depends on how Najib handles it, the police may be instructed to go full force to investigate Najib or they may just back out.

The talk is if the police go full force “Judas” has the most to gain, he may even become the next acting PM so it being rumored. 

So who is ‘Judas’ is the big question, although the identity of this Judas has been revealed we shall for the time being not publish the details.  
Three is Company

Some of UMNO’s top brass are now a bit annoyed that a non Malays was part of this huge scheme, in UMNO as long as ones pockets get lined everything is alright for that person, but here they suspect that one “Chinese” family friend of Najib may have benefited and that the entire scheme is a scam masterminded by him.

They now ask why was the 1MDB needed in the first place when there was already a 23 year old investment arm_ Khazanah Nasional Berhad and the EPF both under the Ministry of Finance. 
Suddenly when faced with the real possibility of a colossal loss by a mismanaged and an  ill thought out investment arm of the country that did not need to have been,  many UMNO cabinet members are distancing themselves from the 1MDB and are refusing to even talk about it. The big mistake many of them know was to keep silent at the UMNO general assembly and this has created a crack right in the middle for UMNO.

There are two camps the groups that ensured the silence at the assembly and those who wanted it discussed, in short there is a group in UMNO that wants Najib out, they have had enough and is that  a big secret?

The 32.5 billion debt amassed in the 1MDB as reported has only been covered up by “UMNO styled creative upgrading of the value of property handed to it at rock bottom prices by the government to get the whole thing started.
Troubled times

With this fiasco, and the fact that  all the big guns have come out with the knives sharpened Najib is in a corner.

To thwart any attempt for him to use the extreme right,  a group of elite top ex civil servants have surfaced to demand that he puts a stop to this extremism immediately, it has placed Mahathir’s good friend Ibrahim Ali in a very delicate situation, as even Star’s Wong Chun Wai has taken on him and he has not received any support from any quarter from within UMNO and the Malays, Ibrahim Ali has suddenly become dispensable as the 1MDB is now the focus, his mentor has deserted him, ofr more important issues on the agenda - Najib's neck.

The focus is not really all centered on the economic issues but  the political issues at hand have also taken a front seat as Mahahtir Mohammed fans the fires from behind the scenes as getting Njaib out is now the most important part of his agenda. He has plans for UMNO leadership and he is keeping
that close to his chest, some UMNO members say he may also offer himself as an interim head.

Whist the rank and file continue to talk about Najib’s weaknesses with issues regarding his family and that of his henchmen one must never forget that that is vintage UMNO Baru  - what Anwar raised his battle cry many years ago when he felt Mahathir had to go, Corruption, Nepotism and Cronyism and it cost Anwar dearly.
It is coming soon, the fall of the once powerful political machine called UMNO as its weakness will be dragged into the open following massive protest with the rise of prices coupled with the GST.

The UMNO led  government has not to worry about the Chinese or the Christians it has to worry about the Malay it has shortchanged all this while as that is now becoming so apparent.


What has been happening over the last few days gets the non Malays wondering if this is really "the "New Malay Chorus," as one prominent UMNO youth member has claimed.

Is this what we have been waiting for? Are our Malay friends saying enough is enough and and are they fighting back?

To me what really spelt trouble for Najib Tun Razak was the fact that,  Rais Yatim came out asking everybody to let Najib run his term.  We all know that Mahathir has absolutely no regard for this man and when he came out with his recent statement reported in the Rakyat post " Give Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak time to fulfill his mandate,' some UMNO members have commented he is afraid that there will be no more positions for him once Najib is out.

Rais is further quoted ass having said, “He still has more ‘products’ to be implemented and although Dr Mahathir is a wise man, every government has its flaws, so credit should be given to Najib where it is due and we should allow him time to let him do his job.”

There seems to be a subtle admission from Rais himself that Najib is not performing in that statement, "every government has its flaws," and yet he says to "give credit where credit is due," the question is has Najib any "credits' at all from his entire tenure as the Prime Minister? 

On December 11 Malaysiakini in its editorial the "Rise of the Moderate Malay," talks  about the group of 25 top former civil servants urging Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to show leadership in handling the intolerant right wing groups in UMNO and in the country.

On the heels of this call by this group made up of top ex Civil servants, Malaysia's former ambassadress to the Netherlands Noor Farida Arrifin came out with a stinging statement saying  these “groups (which) clearly have low standards, poorly educated, intellectually challenged, incapable of seeing their own racism, intolerant, blindly obedient, and are destroying the fabric of our country’s society.”

A retired judge told an UMNO back forum that to try and insert the protect what UMNO now calls the "ketuanan" and the position of the Sultans was ultra virus Federal Constitutions,a nd he advised UMNO  to open a more multi-racial outlook and drop racial politics in this country.

Now with these groups coming out I am really hoping for a "Malay Chorus" to pull this country back is taking  shape.

I have no reason to doubt Anwar Ibrahim when he says that the country is on the brink of a financial crisis, in fact I believe we are on the eve of such a crisis and it is only a matter of months or weeks before this becomes reality.

In what could be the most serious blow to Najib's tenure as PM, is the police report lodged by the Batu Kawan UMNO Division Vice Chairperson- Khairuddin Abu Hasan,  against the PM's  debt-ridden brainchild 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) and its directors.

Speaking to the press Khairuddin says, "I feel suspicious and am doubtful of the financial management of 1MDB, which is not transparent. "Since March 2014, 1MDB has accumulated a debt of RM41.9 billion which, is a high possibility that it faces bankruptcy. This will be a waste of the people's money and also burden the government as the company's guarantor,"

He is also expected to follow this up with an official complaint the MACC next week.

Khairuddin alleges he was prevented from bringing this up at the last UMNO general assembly by the division excluding him as one of the speakers for the division. He has attacked UMNO members of apple polishing and called on them to speak up.

Meanwhile a staunch Mahathir disciple  Zainuddin Maidin had came out saying g  that while Najib might have secured a lifeline by maintaining the Sedition Act, the writing is on the wall.

 "As a concerned Malaysian, I have decided to make the report for the good of all Malaysians, to investigate a company which is responsible for a portion of public funds," he added.

 "I have studied the reports that were published on 1MDB in the past few months and found that there were a lot of discrepancies.

"As a concerned Malaysian, I have decided to make the report for the good of all Malaysians, to investigate a company which is responsible for a portion of public funds," he added.

Among the issues cited by Khairuddin in his report were:The procedure 1MDB follows in raising funds from overseas and in disbursing its funds, paying interest rates higher than the market rate, calling for a detailed investigation on the debts of 1MDB which have reached over RM41.9 billion as of March 2014.

Perhaps the most damaging part of his report was to include, DAP MP Tony Pua's statement that the Finance Ministry had issued a letter of support to guarantee 1MDB’s loans and Deputy Finance Minister Ahmad Maslan's subsequent assertion that no such letter was issued indicating there was more trust he placed on the DAP MP then the Finance Minster and his deputy. That was the most scathing part of the attack by way of this report on Najib.

On the possibility of UMNO taking action against him , he felt he was in the clear,  what is there to take action I did not attack UMNO neither did I attack teh PM I am only reporting against the board of 1MDB?

An UMNO member supporting Khairuddin who is  staunch Mahathir supporter, said, " Najib will not dare act,  if he does that will be his biggest mistake, it will be totally miscalculated and will only hasten his exit."

UMNO groups in Johor are very hopeful that Najib will be dethroned before the Chinese New Year, " there are sufficient issues get him out,"  said a young professional and a member fo the UMNO youth wing, it is time we take him out and save the country. He made it clear that while Johor UMNO was very sure something would happen sooner rather than later told me, "do not mistake us for being supporters of Muhyiddin, we are not!!, he is as much part of the fiasco that is plaguing UMNO politics currently."

He went on to say,  " you can tell the financial situation in the country, when petrol prices are so low our prices are still high, could this be a way in which this government is trying to recoup losses from illegal and inefficient financial management?"

"With all this around and the issue of the GST scheduled in April of 2015, the ingredients for chaos are in place and can we allow that to happen. Can we allow suffering Malaysians to be ignored?" He asked. "UMNO has a responsibility not only to the Malays but to all Malaysians, to see that this mismanagement comes to an end soon. Is this what they mean when they speak about ketuanan? What ketuanan? We are being looked like a bunch of cheats and stupid people, it has to stop and time is near, it will happen in UMNO soon, believe me soon, you can call it,  The New Malay Chorus."