Saturday, November 28, 2009

The GST next and what after the GST?

In marketing there is a term referred to as the "greed factor." This is what marketeers drive (the greed factor) in order to a entice their target customers, and the people usually targeted when it comes to fast moving consumer items is what Malaysian product managers refer to as the "Aunties," the middle aged and older housewives, especially those who are at liberty to spend the fortunes of their husbands.

Now our politicians are no exception, they have their, "aunty aunty" all at home as well, and from very humble beginnings after their spouses enter politics either in the State assemblies or Parliament they have huge disposable incomes and as a reuls these "auntie auntie" become the biggest the biggest spenders of all time in Malaysia.

The bad part of course is most of the time they do not spend their own money but rather the money of the rakyat, gained by all dubious means, and this is in essential income for this breed "aunty aunty."

I have heard of one "Big Auntie" not that she is tall and fat, but she is rather short and a quite a bit weighty especially along an below the waist and has a rather 'Botoxed' face who is the queen of big spenders. On a private trip to a countr yin the far East she even asked her host " bila nak pergi shopping?" as she got bored of all the vistis to "places of Interest."

A Menteri Besar is being investigated for allegedly having moved 10 million ringgit to London via a moneylender. Bank Negara is believed to be probing this Menteri Besar. the national bank has foundit fit to probe the Menteri Besar, however the MACC is rather silent about it.

The irony of the whole issue is that the MACC jumped into aaction on a mere allegation of an unidentified person on a blog, to detain and question the Selangor State Government which is a Pakatan Government, and has remained quiet on an allegation made by a Member of Parliament in Parliament about this Barisan Nasional Chief Minister an done can only draw the conclusion that this was done because he is from the same party as that which forms the Government of the country.

This clearly shows how this government itself is involved in corruption, the coffers must be running dry, the avenues to make such money are becoming scarce and is the the reason why they need to tax the rakyat by implementing the GST?

There is a huge attempt to cover up the PKFZ scandal, the very fact that the PM has decided to handle the affair is already reason to believe that this issue is bound to be covered up.

Almost all Malaysians know the persons concerned in this scandal, most Malaysians also know that the third force in the MCA's recent EGM was maneuvered by persons involved in the PKFZ scandal and it was a desperate and deliberate attempt to cover up the scandal. The MCA being the second largest partner of the Barisan the PM has decided to go and handle this scandal so that he can keep the crooks safe from exposure and prosecution and save UMNO and the BN all the embarrassment.

Issues about this scandal an how the government lied when it pleaded ignorance about aspects of this scandal were proven to be untrue when the minutes of an earlier cabinet meeting showed that the cabinet was fully aware of all that was happening only goes to show that this government is corrupt and will go to any length to protect the corrupt. So much so when the cabinet minutes surfaced the PM who denied knowing the facts and was present at the said cabinet meeting, instead of apologizing to the people, threatened to get the police to arrest those responsible under the Official Secrets Act.

One wonders if the Altantuya case will now be classified under the Official Secrets Act.

How on earth did the Negeri MB come into 10 million ringgit is a huge question. What on earth happened to the billions, beginning with the BMF scandal, where the then PM was offended with the then Auditor General for questioning his wife, regarding certain issues regarding that BMF scandal, and one wonders why he got angry if he was not involved?

Where did the millions that belonged to the association of the wives of the Selangor State Assemblymen go to. Why was Khir Toyo not investigated for the millions he spend to get to Disneyland? What happened to the millions he spent to build a house? Why is the Federal government preventing the State Government of Selangor from declassifying documents that were marked official secrets, when these so called secrets will in fact benefit the rakyat who have been misled by the authorities? What happened to the late railways gate keeper turned millionaire, by joinin gUMNO and the BN?

What happened when the Idxxt Mahathir Mohammed tried to corner the world tin market,and not only got his nose bloodied, but lost millions of Malaysian Ringgit that was not his, how was that concealed. His stupid actions caused the collapse of the tin market and forced industry to look to other alternatives and the demise of our Tin industry. That move of his, as the head of the BN and the head of UMNO then led to the troubles in Perak today.What used to be the richest state in Malaysia is now almost the poorest. Zambry should take on Mahathir to get compensation for the state, but he won't after all they are both not Malays, they are Indians masquerading as Malays.

What happened to the millions that went into individual pockets by way of the lucrative timber market where timber concessions were given to all an sundry in the BN. Unprecedented and unwarranted extraction of timber, the rape of the land, is contributing not only to climate change, but to world wide lobbies now to boycott our Oil Palm, and worst still to what looks like the extinction of an ethnic Malaysian race - The Penans.

There are the bailouts of so called Bumi Companies including some which belong to the sons of Mahathir Mohammed, the PKFZ scandal, and so much more than we can ever imagine that that if all this is checked and not allowed to happen we woudl not have to look at a GST to keep this country afloat.

We shall get to pay GST, that is the cost of our indifference, that is for sure, that is on top of the Income tax we already pay, that is on top of the import tax we already pay, that is on top of excise duty that we pay on cars,and that is a considerable sum, that is on top of all the other duties levied on goods, and we shall pay them.

This draws my attention to a letter that was once circulated claiming that at a famous fast food outlet the Malay clientele were not charged service tax whilst the non Malays had to pay for it, is there a similar modus operandi in place?

I hope the Government levies more taxes, on the citizens, that will be the essential catalyst we need to knock UMNO out.