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Today I posted the Star's interview with His Royal Highness the Sultan of Johor on my facebook page.


Almost immediately it attracted responses from readers and all seemed to be very excited about it, responses came from almost every racial segment in our country and this shows that there is an anxious need for improvement in our education system.

To see this improvement as suggested by HRH the Sultan of Johor, Malaysians have to rise to the challenge, a challenge that will demand sacrifices from every segment of our society. Are we prepared for it?
The Sultan of Johor Touching the Hearts of All Malaysians.

I will deal with those challenges and sacrifices in the later part of this article.

As Technology picks up, we Malaysians are being left behind because our educations system has deteriorated to such low levels that even the IndonesianS and Thais are gaining on us to the extent they are now rated and our education system is out of the rankings, now if this is not cause for concern amongst us Malaysians I do not see what will be.

One thing for certain through my years as a Human Resource Professional the standard of graduates in general churned out by our schools has deteriorated to such low levels that most of them will not get decent  jobs overseas if and when the time comes, (it is almost certainly coming) when our children will have to seek greener pastures elsewhere like the Bangladeshis, the Indonesians and even the Thais are doing here currently.

Our Industries have gone abroad and now some of the lower end ones are showing signs of returning to Malaysia, while the higher end operations move elsewhere. Our education system is not geared to create innovators, people who can invent, if there are Malaysians capable of doing such things they are overseas, their inventions benefit those countries and why should  this be the case.

Our pseudo socioeconomic policy has resulted in a backward Malaysia  we placed our priorities in the wrong baskets and this has resulted in our backwardness.

A very good example was the Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia the foremost centre of Natural Rubber Research  in the world then headed by BC Shekar, a Scientist,  a Malaysian Scientist he was shunned.

If our Politicians and in particular Mahathir himself had seen it more worthwhile producing a Malaysian made automotive tire industry rather than a car  (Proton), we would have had more success there, it was certainly the better bet, even today after all these years our cars are yet to be rated  "indigenous technology" so much  is still borrowed.  We could have been one of the best tire manufacturers in the world but we chose to be one of the worst car manufacturers.\ in the world.

Take the Electronics Industry, we stared in mid sixties with Matsushita starting a plant in Shah Alam making finished consumer goods, this was followed by the semiconductor industry in the early seventies and by the eighties we had become the world's largest Semiconductor manufacturer, the largest manufacturer of domestic Air Conditioners, and among the top 20 exporting nations in the world, then all failed.

All failed because we did not produce enough  sufficient local graduate of the quality required to innovate, invent and make and export Malaysian technology like the Koreans and Taiwanese have done even though they began long after us and all this can only be the case because Malaysia lacked sufficient talent, caused mainly by our education system.

Some of our best talents from the semiconductor industry  emigrated to the Silicon Valley where they made their riches, and in an effort to try a quick fix the government brought back a sprinkling of talent tried in their own haphazard way to create a Malaysian semiconductor industry,  it and failed miserably.

There are the great examples of our domestic Electrical  products manufacturer MEC a huge flop, then there was this Company where a conman took the Government of Mahathir Mohammed for a ride, the firm called InventQjaya,  Mahathir's brainchild, I called the number today and I got a frightening reply, "the number you just called is not in service." Whatever happened to the millions pumped into this organization by the government?

We failed because the politicians were "politicking with education" as His Royal Highness the Sultan of  Johor so rightly put it. They really do not care, it is a ignorant mass that will keep them in power and so they are busy making mine and your children ignorant, it is their assurance of remaining in power.


Yes, his highness has presented us with a right royal challenge one that should get this nation moving and one that will unite us with purpose as a nation of, one people in all our diversity.

The question is are we prepared to make the sacrifices to pursue this challenge? Real sacrifices, sacrifices that will  really challenge every Malaysian from every segment of our society. Are we prepared to cast aside our own selfish objectives of race and think of one people in all our diversity? Can we do that?
Can we say No tho this?

To do this there must be a genuine will among Malaysians of all races, let us renounce our Tamil and Chinese Schools, let us like His Highness suggests have only one medium of schools and that is English Schools where Tamil and Chinese will become compulsory in the sense that it will not be
Can we say No to this?
deprived to a  student of any race wanting to study it, it will not be compulsory as a subject to pass, but compulsory as a subject to be taught to the highest of levels to those who choose to do so regardless of race.

Bahasa Malaysia must be made compulsory, compulsory enough that one should get a credit in the language to pass the exam, it is the prerequisite for entrance into local Universities.

English too will demand the same standards, so that our students will excel no matter where they go to further their eduction.

If we have Tamil and Chinese educators stubbornly refusing to  trade these age old practices then there will be no sincerity in the system, it will be a clear indication that they are not serious about National Unity and all they care about is their own selves and that is a real fear,as this
Can we say No to this?
has been the case all this while, educators backed by racial political parties.

The only way to get over this is to make it clear to all that the corrupt and selfish politicians who benefited from such schemes had all sent their Children overseas to the best Schools in English speaking countries, whist the continued to promote vernacular schools here in Malaysia only for their own selfish purposes.

Take a look at Najib's children, take a look at Hishamuddin's children and you'll find the answers there of course they are not the only ones it has been happening for generations.

Can we see more of this?
Some of the  Chinese and Tamil elite send their Children to elite English schools but when it comes to local education they want Chinese or Tamil schools as the case may be.Schools.

The local schools are the breeding grounds for local politicians especially the BN kind to create generations of ignorant people who will continue to support them.

The Sultan has come out with a fantastic suggestion if the people can grasp and appreciate what His Royal Highness has said, if they value the education of their drench,  we should be able to take it from there and I am sure he will not grudge us  his moral support.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Najib desperate, may drop Muhyiddin and promote Zahid


Najib Razak is being advised  to drop Muhyiddin by his very closest aides, who feel the time has come for him to show his mettle and play hard ball.

Following that drop Najib is expected announce a cabinet reshuffle which will see the appointment of yet another Finance Minister - Finance Minister II and according to sources this person will be brought in via the senate.

Our sourcews in UMNO tells us that Rafidah may make a come back in a very special position and although this may anger Sharizat but  Najib is not too worried about that mooed  as he feels Sharizat owes her allegiance more to Mahathir then to him and it will be good to give her a signal about who controls the roost right now, he is confident Sharizatr will react in his favour, but Rafidah stays.

Rafidah on the other hand is all out to shut Mahathir out of the Malaysian political landscape for good, although she sees Najib as a Junior she is willing to lend him a helping hand.

Rafidah is being roped in to help out in a strategy to rope in more FDI an area she excelled in in the Mahatherian years and Rafidah has expressed her willingness to do so.

With Muhyiddin out of the way Najib is expected to make other changes, Education will go to Hishamuddin and his job at the helm will be to show the whole world what a mess Muhyiddin has made in Education.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Najib's Summer Solstice of Woe

Well the Northern  Summer Solstice takes place every year in June usually between the 20th and the 21st of June this year it will be on the 21st of June and that is the day the sun will be overhead, right overhead at 12.00 noon till you hardly see even your shadow.
A sign of disaster ahead

What has this got to do with Najib, well the 21st of June will be day by which Najib has to make up his mind to quit or face a barrage of expositions by the former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed as to why he must leave Putrajaya  and this blog has been informed that these expositions coming from various sources, will be so evident  that Najib will just have to step down in disgrace.

Mukhriz, he has just broken his silence,  deafening silence now a defining voice, he knows what is coming,  almost all of Najib's supporters are yelling their throats sore to get him to make a stand, whilst the smarter ones dare not force him make a stand for fear that the it will have a domino effect on the waning support for Najib, in fact it will be the catalyst that will get others to come out in the open to ask Najib to step down from where it will be a point of no return.

Many of the senior members in Parliament, UMNO members as well as other BN component members think it is best for Najib to step down without further delay  as his continued presence there will only affect the party's performance at the next General Elections, but typically of UMNO politics none of the UMNO politicians in power will dare even suggest that to Najib, and greater still the fear of the component party leaders who owe their very survival and existence to UMNO.

One senior Gerakan official had this to say, "all our losses can only be attributed to UMNO it was not us, we did very well for the people, it was UMNO and it's policies that wiped us out of Penang and now it will wipe itself and consequently BN out the same way if Najib stubbornly clings on to power. That is the trouble with these UMNO guys they get drunk with power and they'll not let go."

When asked why he does not voice this out publicly his reply was, "you know I suppose, the kind of trouble I can get into doing that," and when asked to elaborate he refused. He spoke to me on condition of anonymity

"Gerakan has many  atime shown it is distaste for UMNO politicians and their racial sentiments, especially against the Chinese, they have actually been wiped out of Penang and there is almost no coming back, the PM made a fool of himself there at the Gangnam show and that image of the PM so out of touch with reality still has it's effects  on Penangites they find it difficult to forget that, " he said and he left.

"What he says may be true but during the time they were in power they had ignored the times UMNO wielded its power over them and left them looking like clowns.  Had Gerakan decided to go it alone at that time they'd still be in power,"  says Clement  a Penangite of Chinese origin, who runs a business in Tanjung Malim just north of Kuala Lumpur, "remember we gave them the mandate in 1969 as an opposition party and though they joined the government we kept them there, but as we saw our rights being trampled upon by UMNO and they, sucking up to it, we knew we had to smash them up, they are never coming back, because we tell our children the stories of trust, trust is the most important thing to the Chinese," continued clement.

"Penangites never forget the PM who should have stopped after his first call, "Are you ready for BN" and the resounding response of the crowd shouting NO!!!   Najib only displayed the fact that he hardly understood what he was talking about, he was only reading from a script, as the script had the question thrice, he asked thrice, although the response was a slap on his face and we wonder how we could have such a man as our PM, and how a party calling itself respectable can have him as their leader, it's  a disgrace not only to them but to us as well for having given them a continued mandate," he said, "that's enough, never again."
Are you ready for BN - the call that lost Penang

Clement was right, the  Penangites said "No," to the PM  on his face and all his promises to Han Jiang were not upheld to this day, it will be an issue again when the next elections come.

Najib's end could well have started in Penang and it could have started with Psy the Korean for in the election that followed where the BN spent millions at its ceramas providing free food to those that attended, it lost and it lost terribly, together with the heavy losses it suffered in Johor its strongest state, Perak, Selangor,  Kelantan and Kedah. The BN's showing was far worse than that of the 2008 elections under Abdullaah Badawi, at least Badawi won a fantastic election earlier only to be thrown out once the fruits of Mahathirism destroyed him.

Well what has been said so far is in Public domain, what is yet to come if it comes to the crunch will be be more interesting for all true Malaysians, people who love this country, in desperation the truth is about to be told and it will be told if Najib holds on, so pray he does.

The shit will hit the ceiling so to speak and it is just around the corner.

We'll hear the true Altantua story, we'll hear the true 1MDB story we haven't heard it all  yet, only that this time some critical information given by key figures will expose the entire sham, we'll hear true happenings that took place in the tiny hollow called Port Dickson, that will be curtain raiser,  we'll hear of timber concessions given away carelessly, we'll hear about Karaoke sessions with staff of the ministry of defence that used to go on till the wee hours of the morning only because a crow wanted to sing into the nite and a crow that had the top man in the Ministry at that time tied to her apron strings, and so much more with no holds barred, tis coming soon.

We'll know when the 1MDB was really hatched by sore losers in the game, many of the untouchables now, will have their butts kicked in public, there will be turmoil in the political landscape of the country.

What will be more telling is the involvement of the ordinary Malay folk from the Kampungs, UMNO's main support base,  we've not seen that for a long time, they are fast losing confidence, their confidence in Najib has been eroded in the aftermath of finding out that Tabung Haji was dragged into the  1MDB fiasco.

They are now questioning  the way Zakat money is distributed, one  Malay who spoke to me said it is so difficult for a poor Malay to get money from the fund, he has to fill out so many forms, he has to wait so long before he can be given a handout, there must be a lot of money there but it is so difficult.

He continued, "we know Christians also give out charity but they do not make people suffer to get it, as it is people are already suffering why make them suffer some more?"  then he turned to me and asked, "do you people make them fill up forms, the poor when they come to your churches for help?"

We are approaching the crunch Najib can't just walk away, he may have to be taken away, and Mahathir we are told is dead serious, he want's Njaib out now, but is willing to give him up till June.

Najib on the other hand is mulling an open contest a contest Mahathir will not be able to fight him with, Najib is considering going back to the people for a mandate, he feels that is his best chance to bury the 1MDB issue and everything else and shut his critics down. Some UMNO sources tell us this is being seriously considered by his inner circle and this will be the last straw.

Najib is also talking to Hadi Awang to move over with his PAS faithful and Hadi has more than just a handful of supporters in PAS who are willing to do that they see the "opportunities" in the deal and Najib we are told are promising them many.
The  Kuching High Court's decision  today to  nullify the Election Commission's re-delineation exercise for Sarawak may have thrown the spanner into the works for Najib.

Scheming an Unholy  Alliance
Will PAS be able to make it to BN?

Well if Najib has his way certainly yes, but that will be at the expense of burying the rest of its BN partners both in the Peninuslar and in the East and which will surely spell disaster for BN, but it takes a man of Najib's intelligence to make such a move,  the 1MDB has taught us that maths is Najib's weakest link and so too must be strategy. He will amke his next strategic mess doing that.

Right now the people who surround him are not strategist, he uses professional advice of PR firms and the advice is most often from highly paid professionals who are foreigners who give him the wrong political advice as they do not understand the Malaysian political landscape.

At loggerheads
His supreme council can only give him failure strategy and all this thanks to Mahathir for having set up a failure prone succession line up, probably to pave the way for Mukhriz, but now time is running out, Mukhriz too will fail and fail miserably at that, he's too much of a green horn and by the time he gets to sit in Putrajaya if the Barisan is ever reelected, Mahathir may be long gone.

Whatever happens in the future for the present the Malaysians must get the truth about 1MDB and stop Najib in his tracks if he is doing the wrong things or the country will most certainly face bankruptcy.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Opportune Moment Pakatan to sack PAS

If the PAS leadership feels that is Haram working for Keadillan in Permatang Pauh it is time the Pakatan sack PAS.
Two timing Pakatan?

This is the most opportune time to do that.

 Right timing to act

As Mahathir trains his guns on Najib and the fall of Najib is imminent. UMNO is too preoccupied with a segment of the membership trying to apple polish the boss and  another aligning itself to help Najib whilst the majority as usual are wondering what is going on and are waiting for the right wind to blow to see in which direction they will sway simply referred to colloquially as lallang. 

With the launch of his road show Mahathir is going on a non holds barred campaign to take Najib out. According to reliable UMNO sources some very senior MPs and ministers have given Mahathir their support should it come to the crunch.
Too busy fighting

Mahathir's job is to expose Najib abd that he will be doing very soon, for the moment it is all hints, remember Sirul was Mahathir's body guard before becoming Najib's, but what worries Mahathir  is that Najib may have a lot of cash in his treasure chest to pay off anyone who could implicate Najib.

Mahathir sent out his first salvo by doing the maths on the 1MDB which  has created a huge dent on Najib's  credibility especially with the Johor and Selangor youth with some preferring to take a wait and and see attitude while a seizable number actually wanting Najib replaced this can happen once Mukhriz makes a standto support his father. With Mukhriz remaining silent others dare not openly commit to Mahathir's plans.

Certain branches in Penang are already pro Mahathir together with the majority in Kedah.

In Johor almost all youth heads are aligned to Muhyidin and are hoping he will make a move for Najib's position as he has a very legitimate reason to do so and Muhyiddin it seems is moving in that direction whilst Najib is aware of it, rumor has it Muhyiddin may be dropped from the DPM position in favour of Zahid after the two upcoming by elections.

Hishamuddin is expected to go back to home affairs with Zahid as DPM and Muhyiddin is to be placed in the PM's department with some sources saying he may be given nothing.

Sarawak Report Adds fuel to fire makes timing better
 Sarawak reports latest makes the timing even better we can expect more accusations hurled at Najib via Mahathir tat will keep UMNO busy.

The latest revelations by Sarawak Report has only added fuel to fire, and Tony Pua's experience with Najib seems to suggest that he - Najib was not too truthful in his replies in Parliament when questioned about the repatriation of the money from Cayman Islands.
Add caption

Tony Puah claims that Najib had said that the money was put in a Singapore branch of a Swiss bank the SI bank, but  it is alleged the Bank had informed the Singapore authorities that this was not true and no money has been placed in that bank.

 More Damaging report

With the latest reports coming out of Sarawak Report SR) alleging that US$330  million meant for partner PetroSaudi International has actually been deposited to businessman Low Taek Jho gives Mahathir more reason to go after Najib and to get him out of office.

US330 million is equivalent to more than RM1 billion and now Mahathir will be demanding to know why such a huge sum of money was given to Jho Low's Company and for what, and especiaally why this transaction was hidden from Bank Negara.

It is alleged by SR that 1MDB made an application to Bank Negara for the amount to be transferred to PetroSaudi, but SR  has in it's  possession records showing the amount was allegedly banked in to Good Star Limited instead, a company purportedly controlled by Low.

The situation  in UMNO is so unstable now with what looks like a scramble for power. The vice President s smell blood and there is scramble for the top posts. Notice that at Permatang Pauh it is not Muhyiddin who is leading the campaign but Zahid. Muhyiddn is not to be seen and is more visible with Mahathir.

Opportune time to kick PAS out of Pakatan Rakyat

This is the best time for the Pakatan leadership less Hadi to go for PAS,  if PAS decides to go it alone they'll either have to stand in place of UMNO in the various consistencies in the country as they can't stand on a BN ticket.

MCA, Gerakan, MIC and the others will not have them in and the BN there must be consensus of the entire membership to add another to the coalition and Njib may not get it. If he tries he will only make matters worse for himself.

Najib may give PAS a free ride without UMNO contesting in the constituencies that are theirs,  but if UMNO decides to contest together with PAS the bet will be on the PKR candidate winning, and if either one stands alone the bet is still with Pakatan.

Najib can't afford to let PAS stand alone without and UMNO contestant he will not have enough seats to satisfy the UMNO aspirants and that can turn into another problem within UMNO.

Remember PAS never did so well till they joined Pakatan they will  return to their original status should they be sacked and chances are they'll do even worse as the moderates are now pulling out their support so what betrter time than now to sack PAS.

With the sacking of PAS,  Pasma will most certainly move in to fill the vacancy in Pakatan. PKR will then  be ready to take on BN for the  next GE on.

The time is ripe,  the UMNO scandals have peaked from the BMF scandal up to this day the pile is so high even Mahathir is fearful of an opposition victory,  the internal bickering in UMNO has reached fever pitch, PAS out in the cold will have to leech on UMNO and destruction of both may be complete, in fact at the next GE it will be a landslide going by these indications.

This is the time Pakatan has to be decisive and bold sack PAS, it will show all Malaysians that Pakatan has character and that is what is lacking in BN today it has no character.

If Najib on the other hand is removed, PAS will certainly lose its chances of any alliance with BN and that will be game over for PAS,  with  Najib as PAS doomed to history.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Najib is a Big problem, Mahathir is even bigger so what do we do?

After a long absence I think it is time to put pen to paper again, this Government has done absolutely nothing to improve the situation in the country, the infighting in UMNO, which can be attributed to Najib's own doings has left him really hiding from the rakyat and the Country is in turmoil.
It is because of this that toffeesturn is opening its pages again so that we may in our own simple and no nonsense way sensitize the Malaysian public to what is happening.
Thi blog feels the urgency of  restructuring government.

Najib is the Problem!! 

That seems to be consensus - a national consensus, considering that the BN only received 47percent of the popular vote and that now even UMNO has split the ranks in as far as Najib goes with the youth really not in support of him forget the current sat about language used, the youth feels he must go.

Our sources in Johor UMNO say they were approached because it is common knowledge that it is in Johor that a groupd of professionals in UMNO youth have even before the last elections been routing for Najib's exit. One of thier members in the elite group of professionals asked me,  "how woudl you describe Johor's dismal showing at the last elections? A state that used to deliver 100 percent constantly suddenly went bad, why?"

On his way out or up he has to decide
The he went on to say, "that is why the UMNO youth felt comfortable testing the waters with us firt Johor and our numbers are substantial, they the rest of the youth better learn to play their card's right or after Najib's ouster many heads will roll."

Not a day goes by without a salvo being fired in Najib's direction by the opposition and the former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammed. Mukhriz has support from the ground and from the youth too, and Khairy knows that. After all Khairy won in a three way fight involving Toyo, and come the next elections Khairy is not going to have it that easy.
Who is not worried?

The country is so preoccupied by the 1MDB fiasco, lavish spending by the PM's wife,  the foreign press reporting  the extravagance of the PM's wife and a suspicion of  the PM's  involvement in the affairs of the 1MDB scandal that there seems to be no time to govern.

People are taking the law into their own hands a culture allowed to develop by the BN and especially UMNO since Najib came to power. The recent Kampung Medan affair is a clear example although UMNO is now trying to distance itself from the issue, it is no secret that one of the people who took a leading role in that protest was Petaling Jaya Selatan Umno Wanita chief Munaliza Hamzah who had failed to rest the state assembly seat in that area int he last elections. It clearly looked like an attempt to win popularity in that area at the expense of turning it into a religious issue attempting to win support.

The situation is worse by the fact that even our Police force are directionless and clueless of what is right and wrong, more concerned with arresting citizens for speaking up rather than protecting citizens and their rights. Competence in the the ranks especially by the directorate comes into question, after some rather odd, misplaced and totally out of sync statements by the  IGP himself, and his stand on the issue of the recent Church Cross incident in Taman Medan Petaling Jaya bears witness to this.

Now this has really fortified the  case of the public who suspect that the Police Chief is actually a  pro UMNO secutity watchman and not independent head of the National Police force as he is supposed to be,  and that he goes about arresting and humiliating  people  especially those who question the unusual happenings of this government that has hardly even begun to govern since it was last elected by a minority vote.

The arrest of Rafizi and the Zunar are classic cases, cuff them put them in purple overalls and haul them in, what was their crime, did they go out with a group of gangsters and threaten anybody with violence? One is a Politician and the other a Cartoonist, but when allegations were made against the brother of the IGP who was pictured with a violent crowd,  his brother was not picked up in such humiliating fashion, and that too in a case that did not lack criminal intentions. Why? Why this double standard?

Will he even go after Petaling Jaya Selatan Umno Wanita chief Munaliza Hamza? She certainly had motive for that assembly. Why the double standards?

Leaving the IGP aside let us focus on Najib again,  our sources say that he has this genuine desire to let go,call it quits, there is jusst too much to answer for,  but is being restrained by a 'greater force,' and that is all this reliable UMNO source would say. he said he'll give us a hint and asked to find out, for what and when was Najib once bundled into a four wheel drive and driven away. from his home under secrecy to attend a personal function in another state, he says the answer lies there.

Who is this force will Mahathir be strong enough to intimidate this force to get Najib to concede and give up his position as PM?

Is Mahathir the solution?

Certainly not. Mahathir will only compound one problem with another, and that may be even worse, but we need him now to attend to the urgent issue at hand to oust Najib or face the prospect of this country going bankrupt by the lavish spending ways of Najib Tun Razak the finance minister who is really not up to the job of either Finance Minister leave alone Prime Minster.

Mahathir has let everyone knwo his motives behind getting at Najib, by his own admission he has said that, "if Najib is not removed the BN will be defeated in the next General Elections, and once
No let up
that happens he is worried the opposition that will form the government will then dig and dig into the affairs of the people in the BN and many of them can suffer as a result."

Dig into what, we know and Mahathir knows that as well that Anwar knows almost every secret of Mahathir's and that can be the only reason why Anwar has been incarcerated. Is that hard to believe?

If that is then read this taken from Wikipedia;
In 1988, Lord President Tun Salleh Abas was brought before a tribunal convened by the Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohammad on the grounds of misconduct. The Supreme Court in the years leading up to 1988 had been fiercely independent and increasingly active, and was at the time due to hear an appeal to determine the future of the ruling party UMNO, which had been declared an illegal society by the High Court of Malaya on the grounds of procedural irregularity. As a result of criticisms of the judiciary made by the Prime Minister, a letter of protest was written by Tun Salleh to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong on behalf of the judiciary. This letter was later used as grounds for the convening of the tribunal.

When the Supreme Court granted an injunction prohibiting the tribunal as constituted from hearing the misconduct allegations, five Supreme Court Justices were suspended (and two were subsequently removed), and the injunction overturned. The tribunal later removed Tun Salleh from the office of Lord President, in which office he was succeeded by the then-Chief Justice of Malaya, Tun Hamid Omar, who had been the chairman of the tribunal.
The 1988 constitutional crisis was widely considered to be the greatest blow to judicial independence in Malaysian history, and at the time led to the Bar Council of Malaysia refusing to recognise the new Lord President. Around the same time, the Federal Constitution was amended to disvest the courts of the "judicial power of the Federation", granting them instead such judicial powers as Parliament might grant them.

Defying the most basic law, the Law of Natural Justice the then Chief Justice of Malaya, Tun Hamid Omar was the chairman of the tribunal that removed Tun Salleh Abas from his position as Lord President and the very same man Hamid Omar replaced Tun Salleh Abas.

Tun Hamid the then Chief Justice of Malaya should have known that he had no business siting in that panel because of more than one reason, he was a subordinate of Salleh Abas the man standing accused, he had the most to gain by the removal of Salleh Abas and yet this Chief Justice found it proper to head the Tribunal, it was the biggest crime of the Mahatherian era.

In 1994, in a move regarded as a further downgrading of the judiciary, the office of Lord President was renamed  "Chief Justice of the Federal Court."

Political victim
The eroding of the independence of the Judiciary was because of this one move by  Mahathir Mohammed, and this is exactly what allowed Mahathir and his successors to successfully prosecute and get Anwar jailed not once but twice on trumped up charges.

Anwar the heir apparent to Mahathir or at least what the people and maybe even he Anwar thought was not heir apparent at all. Mahathir  had no plans of grooming this young man whom everybody looked on as a radical. Mahathir just wanted to contain Anwar and he did a good job of it, something that even today people have not come to grips with, including all the political observers and mavericks.

A radical with a charisma of winning the hearts of  the people, Anwar was gaining popularity from his position at the NGO ABIM and with that the Malay vote could swing if Anwar who was then a great friend of Hadi Awang in PAS aligned himself with PAS.

Mahathir realizing this, brought Anwar to the UMNO fold and Anwar's popularity immediately showed. Many of his  supporters in ABIM joined UMNO and very soon Anwar would become the leader of the UMNO youth with Najib as his deputy. Anwar managed to strengthen UMNO not for himself as he may have thought but for Mahathir and that is exactly what Mahathir wanted from Anwar and verything went it's way.
Musa Hitam who was then the Deputy President was reported to have been against the move to bring Anwar int the UMNO fold.

What Mahathir did not realise was that Anwar was his own person and Mahathir would eventually actually lose control of this so called protege of his.

Anwar had always championed the poor and his ideas of UMNO were not to create a super rich segment of Malays but to uplift the poor using the NEP Anwar was an idealist and Mahathir a selfish businessman. Rememebr Mahathri came to power setting a goal for himself to creat 1,000 Malay Millionaires.

After securing the position of Deputy President of UMNO replacing Ghafar Baba in 1993 against Mahathir's wishes as this man had brought in Anwar only to contain him Anwar  continued to serve Mahathir as his deputy, until the financial crisis of 1997, when Mahathirs financial policies created the 1997 crisis fro which he blamed Soros, Anwar  he openly spoke out about corruption, nepotism and cronyism. This was a direct shot at  Mahathir and his policies as the country was really in bad financial shape, an Mahathir realizing this would expose him something he does to this day decided to get rid of Anwar.

Today many of Najib's  supporters point the finger ant Mahathir, they seay he too was corrupt, notice they do nto say Najib is innocent but they say Mahathir too was corrupt, but then is that an excuse for Najib to be corrupt if he is?

Mahathir's fear is that the BN will lose the next GE and all will be exposed and many may even go to jail.

If Najib is successfully removed which is a real possibility then we must ensure that Mahathir has no more big say in the affairs of Putrajaya.

Mahathir is bent on burying the opposition, UMNO sources have told me it was he who asked Najib to fix Anwar in Sodomy II and that is why after the whole episode he is seen in a photograph with Saiful, he had personally called Saiful to thank him for what he referred to as service to the nation.'

Supporting Mahathir and maintaining the balance.

Should Mahathir be successful in ousting Najib he will then turn his focus to the opposition and Muhyiddin will have to do everything he orders like a puppet on a string for which Muhyiddin will get some goodies from the Mahathir basket, after all  he Mahathir has often said he was a benevolent dictator and I suppose it is in this context.

UMNO will continue with its dirty politics, Mega projects given to his cronies and other UMNO people who will influence his son Mukhriz' rise to power will begin their campaign in earnest and the nation will be heading to square one again

After removing Najib, his successor has enough time to implement  Mahahtir's plan to undermine the opposition via the ballot box and everything else, including redelineation of electoral constituencies to give UMNO the advantage.

Having said all this the dreadful consequences of what Mahathir can do we come back to the issue at hand and ask the question again.

Shoudl Najib stay?
And the answer is a definitive NO!!! he must GO.

The solution

How do we stop a Mahathir from running riot after he disposes of Najib?
We must first realise that we need him to oust Najib, and we have to give him that privelage, after  all Najib is his making,  he cloned Najib out of a bunch of ill equipped followers, who were the scum bags of Malaysian politics.

Ask Kit Siang and he'll tell you jut prior to operations lallang Kit Siang was questioning Najib on the allocation of a Timber concession to a person or company that had either his/or the Company's registered address in a low cost home, the pressure was on Najib then and as now he was not replying the next we know was that he went with Muhyiddin and Mohammed Taib to the Tun Razak stadium and threatened a racial riot after which Mahathir closed in and arrested many opposition parliamentarians including Kit Siang and Karpal under the ops lallang.
If you rememebrr PD Mahathir saved him more than just once.

So we need Mahathri now to undo those favours and get him out, that  he must do.

Power is with the people

The real power lies with us the rakyat, we are the powers behind that office in Putra Jaya and we must use that power effectively.

And how do we use it?

Come 1st of May there is to be a rally in KL to protest the GST,  let us muster 2 million people on the streets if we can do that then everybody in this government will know their time of reckoning has come and they will have to govern rather then oppress their people.

I would especially like to address thsi to those of you who are workers, those of you who have your monies in the EPF. Najib has his eyes on that money and make no bones about it, forget what the star says about withdrawal at age 55 it is only for the short term.

It has already been announced that he intends to start a Islamic pension fund, the biggest in the world with the EPF funds, which means that you will not be able to withdraw your funds at 55, but rather the money will be given to you as a monthly pension.

This was attempted before and we saw how low the payouts were that it had to be scrapped, looks like Najib is desperate to lay his hands on EPF. Could it be to balance the books on the 1MDB.

Moreover the purchase of the 1MDB as Tony Pua has put it is going to cost every Malaysian as with the purchase of the various Independent Power Producers the electricity tariff is expected to go up and   all Malaysian will be affected as a result.

With 2 million people on the streets we will show Putrajaya where the real power rests, with us, wit us the people and then anyone who takes power after that will have to be wary of the people, only make sure that you may be called on again and again and if you respond each time b the end of this year we will get clean and efficient governance that is a surety.

We'll send a message to all quarters including the Elections commission that they just can't trample on peoples rights and get away with it.

One and a two million people on the streets will make a difference, a huge difference in a peaceful assembly the way that that only we Malaysians know ow to conduct.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

UMNO's top Espionage Agent - Hadi Awang fights back.

Did the UMNO sanction the Hudud move in Kelantan?

When asked this question by the press Kelantan Umno head Mustapa Mohamed began speaking "UMNO" ( the language of deciet) that is,  to steer  off the issue give answers that do not make any sense but refuse to deny or admit that UMNO had in fact sanctioned PAS Hudud move as claimed by the PAS membership.

Since Anwar's attempt to move into the Kajang seat PAS had been behaving very differently towards the Pakatan rakyat coalition they are part of, the party showed that it was more inclined to agree with UMNO then with Keadillan and Pakatan as a whole.

Even after a decison was made to have Wan Azizah become Menteri Besar this man in particlar Hadi Awang  and his  associate Harun Din were adamant about not letting it happeneven though PAS members in the Selangor State assembly supported the move.

Hadi was uncomfortable with Anwar becoming MB for one reaosn that would have brought him closer to Putrajaya, because he, Hadi has always been vying he position of PM or oppostion head at least and wanted Anwar out of his way.

It is believed that the Kelantan Hudud deal was hatched with Najib if Hadi supported him in making sure that Wan Azizah did not become Menteri Besar of Selangor.  A woman MB or for that matter a PM is not in UMNO's DNA that is why they removed Rafidah so ungracefully , the best Minsiter in the psot Mahathir Cabinet.There was also talk about coopoeration between the two parties headign towards the next General elections.

These claims that the  Hudud was given the backing of Najib is now becoming clearer by the day in fact there are others who had actually said it was initiated by Najib and this is not strange to believe, rememebr UMNO Selangor wanting to table a similar motion in the Selangor State assembly? Whilst Najib is "quiet" both he and Hadi  have hatched the paln.

the plan was toe use Hudud to split Keadillan and that is exactly what Hadi is now set out to do withthe blessings of Najib.

The UMNO paln is working to perfection, and Hadi is the ,  "Chief  of UMNO's espionage division," whilst PAS is being turned into UMNO's Islamic wing.

Hadi's job now is to use religion and confuse the memebrs of Keadillan Rakyat to support his cause and in the process if he can muster enoiugh support UMNo will prvide the rest to ensure the Kelantan Hudud introduction becomes  a reality.

Now Hadi has targeted PKR's Muslims memebrs of Parliament, in his latest call to them to listen to him and not be parrots, Hadi has trained his guns to the more gullible Pakatan MPs' and membership at large to confuse them into believing htat this is indeed a call of God and a sacred duty.

We all  know how easy it is to confuse Muslims it has happened in PAS and in UMNO and now Hadi is continuing the mission and taking it into Keadillan. If Anwar were around Hadi would have  walked out with his tail between his legs, but now that Anwar isout of the way - jailed, one begins to ask;  was Hadi in that game plan too? That is jailing Anwar so he could execute this UMNO plan.
A careful look at the events may reveal that he well could have been.

Many Malay Muslims just like Muslims elsewhere can be confused,if the seeds of that confusion come from sources they perceive to be authoritative  and that is no secret, even over an issue like  Allah they could  confuse the whole nation or at least a substantial part, when the entire remaining  Islamic world views what they have done as stupid and ridiculous it has happened in Malaysia, that is how gullible  a good number of Muslims are? Maybe they do not fall into the majority, but the ones that subscribe to these sometimes ridiculous teachings are so voiceferous that the other Muslims just  choose to remain silent for fear of reprisals.

Najib has  remained silent and does  not even talk about the issue, heprefers to work with Hadi from behind the scenes, all this Hudud bit  is being done to undermine the charge agaisnt him by Mahathir Mohammed, and because of the religious factos behind the whole issue both Mahahtir and Najib have decided to keep quiet waiting for the other to make the move,  although Najib is fanning the flames from behind to see if Mahathir makes the  wrong move so he can wipe him out without even having to lift a finger.

This espionage excercise is multi pronged, it has firstly to break up Pakatan Rakyat once, that is done Najib will find it easy to deal with Mahathir he will not be a pain anymore, Mahathir will become history so will the 1MDB and all other scandals, Altantuya will be laid to rest because it is not too big a crime to kill a non Muslim.

Getting Keadillan to split with DAP is the primary objective and in this respect many a Keadillan man becomes suspect, once that is done the war between Keadillan and PAS will begin and that will create fighting between alliance partneres and the Malay vote will be split and PKR will never be what it is today.

Now the reaons to get Anwar jailed becomes more visible, for Hadi to play his game he needed Anwar
out and Najib did him the favour, now he Hadi assumes he   is seen as the biggest power in Pakatan, but DAP has him plugged if he gets Keadillan's MP's on his side he'll move to kick DAP out.

So what's up with this move.

It gives the PAS  semblance of crediobility with its membership and supporters, it will show that PAS has lioved to its promsie of an Islamic state this is beiung done because, in governance and performance  they have not come anywhere near the  Pakatan in Selangor and Penang both non PAS states extremely well goveremed, so with this  they hope to raise their image as an effective party, but what PAS does not  realise is a substantial part of the Malay vote they received were actually Keadillan's and not theirs.PAS never came near to its present performances prior to joining Keadillan.

Well of course to UMNO if hey damage Pakatan they ahve no one to answer to for all their sins, corruption, nepositsm, the 1MDB and all other events, it gives UMNO a free ride.

If Keadillandn the DAP move and decide to sack PAS their alliance will become stronger. PAS will be forced to field candidates in UMNO areas where even UMNO will be in and in so doing will split the Malay vote into three only to see a Keadillan victory or UMNO will be forced to accept PAS into Barisan, a move that may not be acceptable to its other members, but  do the other members really have a choice if UMNO decides.

Keadillan and the DAPmsut act now or at least till after the Parliamentary vote on Hudud, and prepare sufficient candidates for the next General elections, as PAS may pullout at the eleventh hour, no pointhaving PAS ge trid of them and beign the new push, with such a corrupt  governemtn it is easy to take over Putrajaya.

Hadi Awang is most certainly an UMNO mole  stationed  in Pakatan with special instructions to  carryout "Operation Hudud" and split the party.