Saturday, May 23, 2015

Najib desperate, may drop Muhyiddin and promote Zahid


Najib Razak is being advised  to drop Muhyiddin by his very closest aides, who feel the time has come for him to show his mettle and play hard ball.

Following that drop Najib is expected announce a cabinet reshuffle which will see the appointment of yet another Finance Minister - Finance Minister II and according to sources this person will be brought in via the senate.

Our sourcews in UMNO tells us that Rafidah may make a come back in a very special position and although this may anger Sharizat but  Najib is not too worried about that mooed  as he feels Sharizat owes her allegiance more to Mahathir then to him and it will be good to give her a signal about who controls the roost right now, he is confident Sharizatr will react in his favour, but Rafidah stays.

Rafidah on the other hand is all out to shut Mahathir out of the Malaysian political landscape for good, although she sees Najib as a Junior she is willing to lend him a helping hand.

Rafidah is being roped in to help out in a strategy to rope in more FDI an area she excelled in in the Mahatherian years and Rafidah has expressed her willingness to do so.

With Muhyiddin out of the way Najib is expected to make other changes, Education will go to Hishamuddin and his job at the helm will be to show the whole world what a mess Muhyiddin has made in Education.

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