Sunday, September 10, 2017

Will Najib get chewed by Trump?



There seems to be a lot of hype in the government gazettes (media) that is, the NST the Star, The Utusan and all the other government backed media including the TV and Radio stations about Najib's
See you in my office
visit to Trump.

The truth be told he has been summoned to meet Trump who will inevitably play his trump with Najib who in turn may be caught without his pants. Our Prime minister is naive to say the least.

Trump is now in need of support from the Asian countries and especially the  ASEAN countries in dealing with China and North Korea whom he sees as a lackey of not only China but Russia as well.

Putin is making no bones about it and continues to provoke the Americans whilst on the other hand supporting North Korea, and China seems to be using it as a bargaining chip for concessions with its  South China sea expansionist programme from the US which of course the US is unwilling to trade.

Don't fool with us
China has locked Malaysia on its side,  thanks to the lobbying of the MCA who worked together with Yes the Melaka, Kuantaan and Carey Island Port Projects.
the Chinese government and UMNO to literally obtain huge concessions for projects in Malaysia from the Tun Razak exchange project in Sungei Besi to the East coast rail project, and the Melaka and Kuantan Ports.

Why these ports?
Why is China so interested in  developing Kuantan and Melaka Ports?

Any one who controls the Melaka port controls the Straits of Melaka, and China is already now talking about Kra Canal with those two projects under its belt China has the strategic advantage to literally lock out the Straits of Melaka,  control the Kra Canal and control all traffic into the south China Sea coming in via either the Straits of Melaka and the Kra canal - China will control that gateway.

It will be foolhardy to think otherwise, "Port Klang is already expanding despite not running at full capacity, so  it makes no sense to pursue both the Melaka Gateway and Carey Island Port so close to each other in the Malacca Straits unless there is an ulterior motive and of course it has to be strategic because you will control about the narrowest part of the Straits and no vessel can go undetected.

Then with the  Kuantan port again under its control Malaysia will become its most important strategic naval  base West of Hong Kong, this is a piece  strategic maneuvering  to put it mildly strategic excellence at its best.  China will control the South China Sea and traffic into the Sea with more efficiency and effectiveness and Malaysia will be its partner, wonder when the Chinese President will send one of his daughters to Najib. It seems like  the re-visitation of Admiral Jung Ho.

China is also bent on punishing Singapore for not supporting it on the South China sea  issue and is intent on punishing her by taking away the shipping trade from Singapore, that in itself is a form of war against Singapore and will  indicate the kind of control China will have in the region. Even US ships will find  difficulty moving into the the South China Sea area where it enjoyed free movement for so long. The fleets stationed in Diago Garcia will now have to go into the South China Sea via Indonesia.

Moreover Malaysia will have to pay for all these Chinese facilities and China will make sure that Malaysia is not in a position to pay back in order to keep control of these ports. The sums invested by China on these "Malaysian" is so huge e will only continue to pay interest another  way of making Malaysia dcontinue witth the past tradition of paying homeage to China for its "protection."

Well literally that means the Chinese President will have Najib by his two you know what.
Naive to say the least. Worming around as usual
Najib I believe knows the plan and pretends he knows next to nothing. Well he did not graduate in the
UK,  that I heard about as he did not go back to university after his dad's death, but that does not make him the damn fool he pretends to be or is he.

So why is he doing this?

There are many reasons, one is, he suddenly got the money to repay the IPIC, but from whee we have not been told yet, could it be from China funds?

He is collecting taxes all over and is now contemplating imposing estate duty as well to collect money from the masses, besides his GST, his continual rise of petrol prices after having promsed to the run up of the 2013 elections that he would not raise the price fo petrol (liar), and every opportunity he has he is collecting money, that one top government servant told me that it was alright him declaring holidays at the elevent hour because h uis making so much money for the nation.

Najib is going to the US on a very strong wicket or so he thinks. Trump will bow to him and beg him no end or will he.

The Americans are the best at Mafia tactics and Tump is no different. It was George Bush who told Pakistan to take a stand of where they stood after September 11th or get blown to smithereens , Musharaf just caved in.

Trump is no politician so his approach will be more diplomatic. He'll look at Najib and say I believe the DOJ has a case against you?
Najib will reply, " no they've dropped it."
His aid will then tell Trump in Najib's presence, 'yea they ahve dropped it but are now looking into bringing criminal charges against him."
Najib will reply, "well they can try and laugh it off."
Trump will then lead Najib to his seat with a laugh and say,
 "well let's see."

Then Trump will exchange pleasantries with Najib like they usually do and he'd say "well look here Mr. Prime Minister, America is a great country and we look after our partners against any power in the world, our partners are always our greatest concern nd I am sure you know that too."

Then Trump will raise the China issue,.

"Look we need you together with our friends to put pressure on China to abandon its ridiculous claims on territory in the South China Sea and most ASEAN leaders will agree, but when he singles out what each nation should do that is when Njaib will be caught with his pants down.

If Najib thinks he is being caled over to hear the Rohingya problem he is mistaken, Trump has no time for that, he has th Korean crisis on his mind, he wants to exert more influence on the ASEAN countries than China nd for Najib he has his card, it's called the Trump card.

The Trump card for Malaysia to withdraw its support for China and become more vociferous over the South China sea issue, threaten to break links with China, get involved in the N. Korea Boycott, come out in the open and very loudly  object to the North Korean nuclear build up,  and Najib is going to be dumb struck when confronted with thiss, he is not there in a position of strength, there  are criminal charges hanging over his and Rosmah's  son's head so how will he react?

If he decides to renege on China, China has all the ammunition to finish him off in a matter of days.