Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Election Campaign Begins.

It's Toffee’s Turn
Goes on the campaign Trail 


UMNO in real threat

There is a real threat that UMNO will break up into tiny fragments after this GE win or lose.  The battle being waged with for seat allocation is not only between Najib and Muhyiddin as previously thought  but according Zainuddin Atan an UMNO  member from Kedah,  Mukhriz who is only a deputy minister has entered the fray with his aged and senile father, and other factions especially in Negeri Sembilan and Melaka are fighting ferociously for their people to come aboard.

The Negeri Sembilan team is the strongest but hey are only concentrating in Negeri Sembilan they say, "Najib can do what he likes with other states we do not care, but leave NS to us," said a former strong man from Negeri Sembilan.
If  Najib has his own way and does not return with the two third majority he is minced meat, not only him the factions are threatening to ensure that even Muyiddin steps down and it smells of a conspiracy by the father of all conspirators and that you'll know who? 

Najib confided with one of his close aids, 'it is easier to take on the opposition than sort out this seat issue."

 Pakatan unveils its manifesto
Pakatan has released its elections manifesto and is on the go throughout Malaysia.

Pakatan's rallies begin with a recording of Najibs famous slap in the face question of, "Are you Ready of BN" and he  get's  that resounding slap in the face with "NO!!!!"  it only got louder with each call indicating the rakyats anger over UMNO and all its cronies in the BN.

The Pakatan manifesto amongst other things talks about free education, lower car prices to stop Mahahtir and other UMNO lackeys from profiting  at the rakyat's expense, abolishing of the PTPN loan, recovering wealth (money) taken illegally from the people, read al about it here.........read more


MCA's Desperate Ng Yen Yen screws up big time.

Like Chua Soi Lek says,  "the big crowds at MCA functions indicate that we have  the support of the Chinese," trying desperately to sound  like Kong Fuzi (孔夫子)  and then his lady in waiting Ng Yen Yen goes out to show him he is no Confucius, he is not even a pale shadow of that sage,   in fact he and the rest of BN are utterly stupid and confused and this article will show how a Doctor could make a fol of herself in desperation.

"Big crowds?" not really, but even then those in that crowd who came  for what was supposed to be a Chap Goh Mei party which Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen turned into a political rally, gave this woman Minister of Tourism a piece of their mind.

Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen
According to Nanyang Siang PauYen Yen said that the BN Government would organise a bigger Chap Goh Meh festival celebration if ti won the next General Elections and asked the crowd to show their  *appreciation by saying "yes" for which she received a unanimous "No!!!!" she kept on asking and all she got was the repeated "NO!! NO!!!!!! NO!!!!!!" .

She outdid her boss according to the Chinese who observed the show, they claim that the crowd responded "NO!!!!!" more times than they did for Najib.
She said the BN government would organise a bigger Chap Goh Meh celebration if it won the coming general election, and asked the crowd to concur with her by saying "yes".

For sure the Pakatan  will use this at their elections rallies in Melaka.

The Pakatan is already using Najib's "Are you ready for BN!!!?" for their rallies and all they get is a resounding "NO!!" and now Yen Yen has added more to that.
*click to see video

Pakatan announces it is ready for Putrajaya

Pakatan leaders are going around the country announcing that they are ready for GE 13, they are in the midst of agreeing on seat allocation for the various Parliamentary and State seats to ensure a one-on one contest with the BN.

PAS has warned illegal immigrants and foreigners of the so-called citizenship-for-votes scheme not to come out and try to vote as a group called Asalkan Bukan Umno (ABU) are looking into the matter to ensure that only bona fide voters turn up to vote.

DAP deputy chairperson Tan Kok Wai said, "The BN thinks it will remain in power forever. We are united in defeating BN, and not only that, we will have a big win with a thumping majority.”

In a clear reference to the government controlled media all Pakaktan parties are urging the people not to be taken in by what they read and hear in the media, as it is full of lies and slanted truths, like what yous see in the YEN Yen report above, it has not been reported in any of the government controlled media.


Najib to stand in Putrajaya?

The question of who will become prime minister - should Pakatan Rakyat form the federal government - is “not an issue”, according to opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

No one makes such announcements, and it should  not be a big issue.

Anwar asked if the BN manifesto stated that Najib would  be the next PM.

It  is rather obvious to become the next PM Najib must first win Pekan and even that looks shaky at the moment, the people of Pekan are fed up of the way of its most famous son is being dictated along by a woman and it is rumored that Najib  will stand in Putrajaya this time around.

Husaimah Mohammed a small trader in Pekan said,  " it is rather a disgrace, that he should behave that way, even on the TV she takes over from him, after all she is not so big, she has been married three times, she was not a virgin bride to him,  we have no issues with that  but that with all that she  she controls him, we all feel shameful and wonder why he does not feel that way, his family should tell him to learn to take control, we have decided  we will not vote for this son of Tun Razak, he is even afraid to let University boys come around here to campaign, we all feel his is afraid they will expose more of those secrets."

One opposition candidate suggested he stand in Sulu when he was asked if Najib would stand in Putrajaya?


 Muhyiddin Get's tough with Najib

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyidn bin Yassin is getting tough with Najib on seat allocations,  the seat allocations could either make or break either of them after the GE.
It is no secret that Muhyidin is waiting to ask Najib to vacate his seat and Muhyiddin's  chances seem very bright, especially after the kind of response the BN is receiving all over the country.
On the other hand Najib is tryign to build his own power base from which  he can remove Muhyiddin even if he only scrapes through, and that is what he is expecting to happen this time around and this hass created a dead lock, and Najib is holding firm to his choices whilst Muhyiddin is not giving in either.
If Najib has his way Muhyiddin is as good as politically dead, he will be removed from his Deputy Minsters position at the very next UMNO general assembly the mechanics have long been in  place and the candidates to stand in safe seats have all been selected from the Najib camp an dMuhyiddin is fully aware of this.
Mahahtir as usual in his all so creepy way is only interested in his son, and feels whichever way it goes Mukhriz shoudl get promoted within sight of the PM's seat.
Old foes now hitting the campaign trail together

This battle royal has jsut begun to unfold and it is in Selangor, there are big players and old supporters, Muhyiddin on his part has an old foe former Rural and Regional Development Minister Muhammad bin Haji Muhammad Taib ( Mat Taib aka Mike Tyson ) on his side and although his grassroots support has dwindle a little over the years it is still significant not only in Selangor but all over the  country.
Not all is going well in UMNO and the MCA too, internal politics  seems to be heating up with a view of seat allocation...........watch for updates on this story.