Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gong Xi Fa Cai the Snake hisses

To all Chinese readers, correction to all Malaysian readers and especially those of Chinese origin Gong Xi Fa Cai.

We will determine all the good things this year  in the ballot box, i ti snot written in the stars, it is in your minds, your hearts, and your hands  when you cast that all important vote.

Focus on the long term your children and their children and their children's children matter, don't base your vote like the MCA china man who things of no one but himself and sell the interest of our children's children vote wisely and drive out this Barisan Nasional government, Neo Nazis like Mahathir Mohammed so that all of us together can stake claim to this beautiful country and build it together as the best country in the world. 

Believe me the only way to do that is to kick the corrupt UMNO led BN out, the party that is now sen to be bringing in foreigners and making Bumiputeras out of them  keeping the rest of us marginalized. let us put things right let us make Malaysia one our Malaysia and ensure that everyone regardless of race or creed will be looked after. let us make that resolution this Lunar  New Year.

This Lunar New year is a celebration for all Malaysians that is how it was and the likes of Mahathir took it away, we celebrate each others festival, and this man of Indian origin will be attending reunion dinner with his in laws.

The Psy concert

The Colors this Chinese New Year are  Red and Yellow, but this year because of the environment we have added green and all Malaysian especially those going to the Psy concert have to wear any or all three of these colors, it has very special significance to UMNO and the BN so do so.

Hey Penang we are counting on you, do this and do this good, give Najib a rousing welcome in the colors, let him know what we think, if you can have some placards with the picture of Altantuya Shaaribu and Teoh Beng Hock please carry them too, after all Mongols too celebrate the Lunar new Year, so spare her a thought and if you carry a placard there Najib and especially Rosmah may spare her a thought too, something they have not done or, is she occupying their  thoughts day and night.

I am told that Rosmah will be accompanying the PM there, so carrying   pictures of expensive rings and expensive handbags will do some good too, Rosmah just loves those things the more expensive the better, and if any of you are daring enough present her with a picture of Altantuya Shaaribu, she will be greatly touched I am told, she may even weep. ( I can imagine the touching scenes)

The turnout in Penang may well set the tone for the next elections, send Chua Soi  Lek a message, let UMNO know that we do not trust him or his MIC cronies, at the last GE Penangites sent a message to the BN and UMNO in particular get out of Penang, show them nothing has changed.

You Penangites have a saying, "Penang leads" now show the rest of the country that that is not just a saying.

I know it may be too much to ask as the New Year is around, but if every Penangite going to the show made that possible, only wearing the colors  this would set the tone for the General Elections in this Year of the Snake.

Gong XI Fa Cai

May the new year bring all of us good cheer (defeating BN), health, wealth and happiness. 


  1. Penang folks said no to bn

  2. Yes, indeed, Penang has done it, and now the BN has gone to start doctoring tapes to show that the crowd said yes!! how they can lie when thousands heard it loud and clear, there was no section except for Yen Yen and Rosmah who shouted Yes to Najib when he asked "Are you with BN?" the crowd gave a resounding NO, Rosmah and Yen Yen were seen at one side saying yes, but it was all drowned by the emphatic NO!!!! by the crowd, and yet these shameless people can lie about it.

    Oh what a shame