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The minister of Governemnt of Najib Tun Razak  has committed Treason of the highest order by looking to give "safe passage" as the less intelligent minister of Home Afairs put it, to the armed men who claim to be from the "Royal Sulu Army" who landed in Sabah and then took over a whole village and pronounced they were not going back, warning the people not to drive them out.

 Al Jazeera reports today that no one is allowed near the village, the Al Jazeera reporter who attempted to get near was detained by the police for six hours and he has reported that the Prime Minister is handling the issue.

 How many Sultans are there claiming the rights of being the Sultan of Sabah, today's Star reports that  a 45 year old businessman  Datu Abdul Rajak Aliuddin has now proclaimed himself the Sultan of North Borneo

He has been detained and charged for burning the Sabah flag, and raising a  flag of the Sultanate of North Borneo a grave offence indeed, but compared with what the invaders are doing  his is a petty offence.

We have a group of between 100 to 200 armed men in military fatigues claiming to be from the Royal Sulu Sultaanate holed up in the seaside village of Tanduo on the East Coast of Sabah. These men came in armed and remain armed and our security forces are "negotiating" with people who have literally declared war on the nation.

What is there to negotiate with invaders, what are the grounds for negotiations, they should be treated as invaders and flushed out by the full power of the military.

Why are the Police handling this case when in the first place it should be the Army?

FMT  reports that the Army has been sidelined in this issue. Why should that be the casewhen it is an invasion we are dealing with?

What is the use of purchasing armaments for billions of ringgit, making money in the process and then allow invaders privileges that even Malaysians do not have.

Any Malaysian trying that will be tried and if found guilty sentenced  to death for, treason, for possession of dangerous weapons, and even for an uprising against the King and country and these people, foreigners  can circumvent all that because Najib wants to talk. Foreigners are more important than us.

These men in every sense of the word are invaders,  they have  invaded that part of our sovereign territory, and Hishamuddin is now arranging "safe passage" for them back to where they came from, he seems to abetting them, are there hidden issues that prevents this government from acting.

Truly less intelligent
We are told they are not from any militant group, and that is extremely hard to swallow when they land on your shores with machine guns fixed to their boats, forcefully take over a village we are told they,  "are not militants,"  but rather a group loyal to the Sultanate of Sulu, then it must be an act of  war by the Sulu Sultanate agaisnt our sovereignty, and if that is the case Hishamuddin, the Minister Defence and the prime Minster are either totally ignorant of what they are doing or are in some way compromised here and for that reason cannot act as must be normally done.

This  action by the Governemnt of  najib Tun Razak will set dangerous precedents for others to follow, in the face of a real enemy they are being cowed down to sit down and talk wit the enemy and the enemy is making monkeys of Malaysians.

Hismauddin has warned the people not to spread talk about compromising the safety of the people of Sabah, what nonsense, does he not realise that that is exactly what he and the Government  is doing najib is doing?

There seems to be an issue where the UMNO led Malaysian governemtn is compromised on this issue and that is the reason why it is being treated such.

 Malaysians are only too aware of  the covert  operations that goes on between the Sultanate and the Malaysian Government behind the back of the Philippine government, we are aware that some of the people of this  Sultanate are already Malaysian citizens, one in particular worked at San Miguel in the Philippines and claims that through his efforts managed to secure One billion dollars of Halal food exports to the middle east for San Miguel, this individual would later join a very notable Malaysian organization's  marketing team and refers to one of our former Prime Minster's as "Uncle *^%*&#@%."

Now this same uncle claims he did not know anything about the blue identity card scandals in Sabah.

Getting away from this Uncle and nephew thing,  I'd like to focus on the less intelligent of the species we have parked in such an important portfolio in the Malaysian Cabinet - Hishamuddin Hussein Onn, now it loos like the PM has joined his ranks too.

Should not the PM have taken responsibility here? This is no ordinary matter for the incompetent police force to deal with and why has the PM decided to go dancing and doing Lo Sang instead of placing the top most priority here?

Their attitude here implies that if there is an attempt to invade this country, they'd just surrender and ask of safe passage to a third country, or even as many of their fathers did with the Japanese - become collaborates for a price to live here happily ever after, or be granted safe passage and for one of the biggest crooks who sat in the Malaysian Parliament - it will be Spain or Argentina where he owns considerable property held by "front" persons.

Now this less intelligent of our species found it fitting to say, “there's nothing special or political" about Xenophon’s case.

If there was nothing special or political why did you have to detain a senator of a friendly nation, a 'Senator" not a drug dealer,  at the airport and have him so unceremoniously deported?

Hishamuddin was reported to have said, “There is no political element behind the detention. I believe the detention is in accordance with the law.”

Whilst he was saying that the Director General of the Malaysian Immigration Department  Alias Ahmad is reported to have told a local daily, that the name of this senator "popped up"in the department's blacklist of prohibited individuals.

“Prohibited immigrants are also those who could cause disorder in the country," this is the view of the Director General of Immigration in the country, he is a senior officer of the Ministry of home affairs, and now I'd like to ask him what about armed intruders who claim the be from the Armed forces of a Sultan of a neighboring state, which of the two are more dangerous.?

Was the Australian senator Xenophon armed with machine guns, did he hole himself up at one of  the terminals in our airport? Did you have to call the Australian Government to  assure them that you'd arrange "safe passage" for him?

That the armed men in Sabah are a definite threat to the security of Sabah is a foregone conclusion, they have to be deal as invaders, the army should use its full might and drive them out and if any are taken prisoner to be treated accordingly, but the exercise must be a lesson to other nations not to fool around with our sovereignty.

During his visit here as a member of a fact finding mission in April of 2012, Australian Senator Xenophon and a seven member foreign delegation who were here on the invitation of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, visited Nazri at Parliament house he raised the following issues;

The discrepancies in the size of electoral constituencies which range from just less than 2,000 to as high as 100,00 in others.

The mission also raised concern that there is access to media is imbalanced between the opposition and government parties this includes radio and television and the local dailies.

The short campaigning time for the parties outside the government.

When asked if the mission are acting on opposition complaints, Xenophon said that the information was collected from public domain and that the mission comes with goodwill to hear all sides of the story.

"I cannot stress enough that we come as friends of Malaysia... Friends tell each other the truth," Senator Xenophon was reported to have said.

This man who cam as a friend was seen as a danger to the state, that is what on would gather after reading the statements of the  Director General Of Immigration.

Now the Sabah Police chief on the other hand tells us this about those armed friends who took over a village in Sabah, ""Based on intelligence sources, they are not from a militant or terrorist group. They are supporters of the Sulu Sultanate and I hope, and pray, that they can be deported soon," 

The police chief went on to say, "We have told them we cannot entertain them because they chose the wrong platform to voice what they want."

Why does this Police chief  take such a  conciliatory  against these armed militants,  "soldiers loyal to the Sultan of Sulu," Hamzah Taib need to explain to Malaysians and especially the people of Sabah his attitude to this whole case. Is he saying he recognises the claims of the Sultan of Sulu?

Hishamuddin should  stop threatening Malaysians by warning them not to spread "false  information" when in fact a comparison of these two cases will prove otherwise, it is he who seems to be giving us,  "false information."

These armed men who breached the sovereignty of this nation first by coming into our territorial waters without authorisation, heavily armed, and claiming territory form where they did not want to get disturbed, are being seen as meek and humble souls whilst a Senator from a friendly nation is seen as threat to our security.

The act by this government is bordering on Treason!!!! they are entrusted withth4e responsibility of ensuring that such acts are dealt with in accordance of our la w and international law and that they have failed to do.


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