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Najib Going Mad

Screening May 13th film an act of desperation by a mad man.

Nero was referred to as a mad emperor, this blog carried an article about "Najib a Nero of sorts" and it has been proven to be right, the screening of the May 13th film on Najibs' orders is the an act of utter desperation by a truly mad man.

It seems that surely but slowly Najib Abdul Razak is goin mad, we saw it at the Psy concert in Penang where even though the crowd said NO!!!! to him when he asked them if they' wanted BN he continued asking the same question, and when he said   "Janji di? the crowd responded -  "Chapati!!!!" instead of BN's "Tepati," and yet he went on to ask another two more times, he is desperate and he is now being driven to do all kinds of nonsense and  I smell the hand of the architect of May 13th Mahathir Mohamed behind this latest diabolical scheme of his to pent up racial tensions.

Najib ordered the screening  of  a film on May 13th - Tanda Putera a slanted version of the happenings of that day in History  to FELDA settlers.

As is always the case with UMNO historians, they come out with a version to make the wicked look good and the victims look wicked. We've seen that once too often in the Teoh Beng Hock, Kugan and subsequent cases.

We've seen that in the rewriting of the history of Melaka, where Parameswara becomes a Muslim Prince, when in fact he was Hindu, and is given a different name, Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat are now turned into legends when it is discovered that they were Chinese just like Hang Li Po whose well is a tourist attraction in Melaka to this day.
Make no mistake, May 13th 1969 is well recorded but  like all other forms of Malaysian history it is rewritten by UMNO to justify their causes and make excuses for their misdeeds and it is these excuses that were shown in this film to the FELDA settlers and one asks why?

It is the truth that the  violence of May 13th had taken place on the instructions of Abdul Razak,  the then deputy PM of the country  and the father of Najib Razak, whilst the  physical execution of the same was carried out by Harun Idris the Menteri Besar of Selangor together with the aid of the Military on the instructions of the Abdul Razak who was also the Minister of Defence then,  whilst the real architect of this was Mahathir bin Mohammed.

Yes it was Mahahthir who was fanning racial discord in the country at that time, with his group known as the ultras. In fact during the 1969 elections he stood against Yusof Rawa from PAS and in the campaigning period he specifically told the Chinese who went to attend his ceramah not to vote for him as he would not represent them or their rights in Parliament although he stood on an Alliance ticket and the Alliance at that time was made up of UMNO, MCA and MIC, but no MCA man had the guts to tell him off, just  like it is  today with this screening of a lop sided version of May 13th and the MCA just accepting it,  this is the clearest indication that they are nothing but a group of stooges of UMNO just awaiting rich rewards for themselves and  for  which they'll sell the entire Chinese community.

To place the blame on the Chinese for May 13th  is a fabrication of the truth, (MCA has refused to deal with it) the defeat dealt to the then Alliance Government in the 1969 elections where for the first time they lost their two thirds majority was so humiliating that Razak had to go for a mega racial clash to unite the Malays and shut out all opposition.

Following that defeat and before the may 13th clashes Tan Siew Sin the MCA president at that time had declared that the MCA was pulling out of Government, he probably realised the folly because all the Chinese in the country had rejected the MCA, and I think the time has come for it to happen again.

After May 13th Razak suspended parliament and established the National Operations Council, in which he was supreme leader, a foreign reporter who interviewed him and asked him how it felt  like to be a dictator was thrown  out of the country and banned from returning, that reporter was Alex Josey and if my memory serves me right he was from the BBC. Alex Josey witnessed may 13th live in Kuala Lumpur.

The country only got a government of sorts after he convinced Lim Chong Eu of the Gerakan to cross over and join what he called the Barisan Nasional, others that followed suit were SP Seenivasagam who with his brothe, DR Seenivasagam (who had died earlier) formed the backbone of the PPP and were a party to be reckoned with in Perak.

Dr. Tan Chee Khoon, Ahmad Boestaman, of Gerakan then moved out of Gerakan and formed Pekamas and remained in the opposition, Lim Kit Siang was one of those who refused join Razak he was detained under that famous act called the ISA.

After the cross over the PPP never made it back - Malaysians hate traitors, and we are seeing a semblance of some in the MCA today, you do not have to teach the Chinese how to treat traitors they know best.

Nothing can justify May 13th it was the work of Razak and now his son is showing his fathers true colours by screening this with FELDA settlers in what is seen as move to pent up racial sentiments. One can  only hope and pray  the FELDA settlers are more matured than to fall for this diabolical scheme to pent up racial sentiments,  for if that happens this country will be ruined forever, it may even prompt foreign intervention, and we may lose  some of our biggest trading partners as a consequence.

Now do you see the sandiwara of Najib's son learning mandarin, he should be learning the Uzbek language instead. Wasn't this the PM who only days ago told the Chinese  that his son learnt Mandarin so he can be closer to you and  understand the Chinese better?  Now witness for yourselves the lies that he will tell you,  he will go to any extent just to get what he wants and Deepak has told us that.

China is a huge trading partner of Malaysia, such actions will not go unnoticed, and the consequences can be very bad for economic relationships between both countries.
Najib had always had this streak in him he was aided by Muhyiddin at the rally held in KL where he is alleged to have  raised a Keris and threaten to spill Chinese blood,  prior to the operations lallang carried out by Mahathir Mohammed again, after which the - that time  Star (Not owned by MCA then) had its publishing license suspended.

You'll notice that Mahathir has  a hidden hand in all these racial cases,  and Najib and his family have that violent racial streak in them. Mahathir knows how to use Najib and he is using him extremely well, this senile old man thinks he can get away with everything.

MCA has a huge responsibility here, and rather than pulling wool over peoples eyes with Hudud they should address this issue in no uncertain terms, but of course the interests of the Chinese community is not the interest of MCA, that is not what MCA politics is about an I am surprised over all these that there are still Chinese who do not see it or just refuse to see it for their own benefit,   their only interest is to sell the interest of the Chinese Community in this country for the Ringgit's and contract that UMNO gives them in return.

The alleged throwing of pork into the mosque in 1969 was an excuse that never happened, it was tried again and the prime suspect was again a former Menteri Besar of Selangor at the height of the Allah issue if you remember, one Ustaz even came out and warned the people not to react saying it could be the work of a Muslim, and I am sure that Ustaz was not from UMNO or the BN, but to this day our efficient police force have yet to arrest anyone in connection with that, their efficiency I suppose is measured by their willingness to turn a blind eye when it comes to UMNO or Barisan people, for which people in custody could die and they will be given all the protection, including the stopping of a  foreign pathologist of repute from performing autopsies to determine the cause of death.

This is UMNO in its element, but today it can't  use these  scare tactics to intimidate the people, the Malays in PAS and PKR will protect us, many in the armed forces and police do not subscribe to this behaviour of the government and they are losing patience too.

Abdul Razak went to China to establish diplomatic relations after the May 13th racial clashes to try and appease the Chinese at home,  only because he knew what he had done would never ever be forgotten by Malaysian Chinese, he wanted to neutralise the mischief he had done, and it has not, forgiven maybe, but forgotten no never ever many Chinese paid with their lives then on may 13th 1969.

This diplomatic relations could take a turn for the worse and the Prime Minisiter had better be forewarned, he is like a small boy playing with fire and I am most certain he is being instigated by a senile old idiot whom we all know,  and who should  instead of wallowing in politics prepare his death bed. He needs the mercies of Allah for all his misdeeds.

Now Najib starring at an elections defeat frantically  resorts to this, Malaysian of all races should stand up against him, and his cronies.  Is this better than Hudud???? The fear put in all of you by Chua Soi Lek.
Rememebr that PAS cannot go it alone on Hudud, they require a two thirds majority, and that they will not get, it is being used as a scare tactic, that is all the BN knows, this May 13th film, the PAS Hudud and what next.

MCA Chinese should join ranks with the opposition and give up racial politics, discard the MCA,  see yourselves as Malaysian first the way the Pakatan parties do,  do not let your greed for contracts and other monitory gain make you sell out your own brothers and sisters.
Reject the likes of Chua Soi Lek, the likes of Ng Yen Yen people driven by greed rather than service to the nation and its  people. Reject fence sitters like Ong Ka Teng, he can't expect the better of two worlds, at the same time the Indians should reject the MIC and Najib's new toy HINDRAF.

Racialism is engrained in the very fabric of the BN and all its parties, let this be the lesson, reject them outright now and let us begin anew a new Malaysia where all Malaysians can stand proud of his/her own homeland.

Long Live Malaysia, and Long live Malaysians. One people one destiny and let no one ever deny us that.

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