Monday, January 30, 2012

Its Rosmah's turn - "Designing the Truth."

CAPTION ME: When Rosmah met Michelle.
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 Is Rosamh Mansor a victim or,  are all Malaysians victims of this continuous programme of  "Designing the Truth," by UMNO and the government of the day?

Yes, "Designing the truth," how true and appropriately put by the Sydney Herald,  that is the sub heading under which you'd find the comments on this story about Rosmah's alleged, "lavish A$100,000 (approximately MYR 322329.70 ) spending spree" in Sydney.

Rosmah's immediate reaction was one of denial, claiming that the report was all "rubbish"   and it was, ''wildly exaggerated' and she was a ''victim'' adding that Kapp (the designer whom she had gone to make her purchases) would be issuing a statement on the affair.

Kapp is the designer who is  caught smack right in the middle of this whole story.

The  story first appeared in  respected Australian fashion journalist Patty Huntington's Frockwriter website after Kapp's Sydney publicity firm, Little Hero, pitched the story to Huntington, along with two other media outlets. So this story had been pitched and publicised before it was picked up by PS the reporter from the SMH.

It is reported that,   "When PS called, Kapp was only too happy to talk about FLOM, even posing for a photo having already crowed about his new VIP muse on his Facebook page, though it was mysteriously deleted" once Rosmah issued her denials saying, "Kapp would be issuing a statement' "

(Notice how things mysteriously  disappear, including some immigration records here in .)

PS also reports that Rosamh was introduced to Kapp on New Year's eve as the First lady of Malaysia.

PS managed to get hold of Kapp's official statement. 
He denied being flown to Malaysia in coming weeks specifically to fit FLOM for her ''massive'' order of 61 garments, for which she paid up front and PS alleges that that is exactly what he Kapp had told him initially. Yet it is reported that Kapp told PS  '' she is flying me to Malaysia for fittings in February''.

 He would not disclose the the exact value for her alleged massive order of 61 garments but did not dispute the sum of AUS$ 100,000 or MYR 322329.70.
Now that is a huge sum for  a lady trying to teach her fellow Malaysians  how to be thrifty in troubled times as her husband increases the price of petrol, sugar and many other essentials.
There was the huge diamond ring episode in which allegations were made which our plastic Rose rubbished, and yet she refused to take anyone to task, why did she not sue?
Then there were the handbags again there was no reaction, every time it's the Court jester Nazri who comes out to make a statement.

All these allegations question the behaviour of the Prime Minsiter and his wife, and their refusal to come out and take the bull by its horns and clear the air by suing those responsible places a lot of doubt about the integrity of the highest office in the land, that of the Prime Minisiter Najib Tun Razak.

The fact that the story appeared on Kapp's blog and was later removed gives credence to the subheading in which this story can be found, "Designing the truth," how often and for that matter when will it stop this designing of the truth.

If it is not the truth sue the SMH and the reporter PS and all involved, you can only sue them in Australia and if you win we are behind you. 
It's time the PM and his wife take  that challenge and restore the dignity and integrity so lacking in the office of the PM instead of using clowns making sex allegations against Anwar.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

RPK a "Marauding Marauder?"

My friend Ajit Singh Jessy always warned me about this chap, he always told me that this fellow only wrote rubbish as he could not  substantiate what he said. Ajit   maintained that RPK could   have a lot of connections within UMNO but that his failure to quote his sources and provide substantial evidence rendered what he said to be hearsay.

I have my own opinion, the fact that he is royalty has given him a passport to say things with almost total immunity, he had angered Muhammad bin Muhammad Taib, the man he so famously called the, " man with two Muhammad's in his name"that Muhammad Taib was actually campaigning for him to be jailed.

He had a hey day with Najib and Rosmah whose reputation he actually took down the drain where it belongs. Then came the crunch the PI Bala case.

The PI Bala case became public knowledge through the announcements made by his lawyer and PI Bala himself through the on line media, Malaysiakini covered that story and so too RPK. It was about this time that he RPK took refuge in London, he was an embarrassment to his cousin,and in the midst of all this  the police conveniently arrested his son.

One thing is certain this Police force if efficient when it wants to fix anyone who is against the government.

Notice how efficient our police force is when it comes to capturing and arresting RPK's son and compare that with the investigations on the disappearance of Shalene the little girl and many other lost children. Till this day our Police force has no clue about the loss of these innocent children, they are nothing int he political equation the police seem to be so preoccupied with.

Where are the priorities of this police force? Is it to safeguard the skin of thick headed and thick skinned politicians or the security of the people, especially the innocent little ones.

Chua Soil Lek a Federal minister was filmed having sex with a lady and till today the police have not arrested anybody in connection with that. The act of filming a sex act for public viewing which was the case in Chua Soi Lek's case is a criminal offense and yet no one has been caught  to this day, although even a schoolboy will tell you it is not possible for a person to affix a camera in a hotel room without the hotel authorities knowledge.

Are the police practicing selective investigation and selective prosecution, it certainly looks so.

What is even more dangerous in the Chua Soi Lek case is  filming a minister in such a compromising situation becomes  a threat to national security, it can be used to blackmail a senior cabinet minister for all sorts of things and yet our efficient police force is yet to arrest those responsible.In fact it can be used to blackmail the entire cabinet.

In the first place was there even an investigation, no police  report is necessary to initiate a police investigation into issues that are a threat to national security, but when it came to RPK's son it was so easy.

Is our attorney general that stupid that he does nto see the huge implications in the Chau Soi Lek case, or was it a case of Chua Soi Lek being framed by members of his own party who themselves were cabinet minsters and so to save face and ensure no harm comes on the party which is a  component of the BN the investigations if there was any bore no fruit.

We have read of RPK's son having swallowed razor blades, we have heard that he was being used as bait to get the dad back to Malaysia, they wanted to jail RPK, Rosmah was mad, he made accusations  about her that had exposed quite a bit, true or untrue we still do not know ( many people like to make all sorts or accusations about Rosmah even the Australians about her excessive shopping- poor Rose), but one thing for certain Najib and his wife never sued or attempted to sue RPK, and the question is why?

Never has Najib in his personal capacity sued or attempted to sue RPK and the general consensus is that if he does a lot of dirt will overflow from  courtroom to the streets of the nation,  he used the attorney general instead and was not party to the court cases against RPK.

But since RPK took refuge in London he was free to use his base and as a "dissident in exile" he began his quest and  continued to dig in to Njaib and the government in his usual style.

Then from no where and for no reason this chap RPK turns coat, he attacks the very people whom he supported, he gave interviews to the press that he never respected -the government owned media, the NST, The Utusan and the rest, why?

The answer to this must lie in the fact that the government has his son as a pawn, this is not the first case of such happenings, it has been rumoured that sons of two Judges were used, to get them to toe the line and there are other cases too, is RPK in the same boat, I would suspect so.

RPK is now behaving more like  a Marauding Marauder, but i think he has reasons so pressing he has no choice. I suspect, and I believe  Anwar is aware of this too, and that is why RPK's good friend Zaid Ibrahim of  the Back Zaid party is now making overtures to join DAP and his wishes to Anwar on January 9 wishing that he woudl be acquitted, is this part of a big sinister plan of the BN with these people both RPK and Zaid  as the actorsto plot the downfall of the Pakataqn Rakyat?

Sometimes, no I correct myself not sometimes but ever so often as Malaysians we must learn to read between the lies.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Muhyiddin in pact with old foe


UMNO sources tell me that Muhyiddin Yasin has struck a deal with his old foe and ex Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib aka Mike Tyson.

In the new equation Muhammad will throw his support behind Muhyiddin to ensure that Selangor does not cross over to the BN in the next elections.

That loss of the state for the second time will be attributed to Najib's poor leadership, and the Shah Alam and Klang Hospitals will be at the centre of the whole issue.

The state of the Klang Hospital and the reluctance of the Ministry of Health and the Central Government to step in to provide the funds and take all remedial action to ensure the hospital in Klang is upgraded as recommended by the Hospitals authorities, and the stalled Shah Alam Hospital is completed as soon as possible to ease the terrible congestion in Klang GH , will be the  central issues in exposing  Najib's inability to deal with big fish to  put things right.

All information towards this end is being fed to PAS, PKR and the DAP by supporters of the two men. Muhammad in the meantime is marshaling his resources by gathering his supporters in Selangor UMNO to join him in this quest.

This will leave a huge opportunity  for Muhammad to come back for the position of Deputy at the next UMNO General Assembly and most probably take on Hishamuddin Hussein whilst Muhyiddin will remove Najib or "very reluctantly stand against Najib."

In the process Muhyiddin will endorse Muhammad as his running mate.

The gap in UMNO and the distrust amongst the leadership is getting wider. Whilst Sharizat has been given a lot of assurances from Najib, she is still wondering if this is only for him to buy time as other UMNO sources tell her she is to be sidelined at the next elections, she has become too big a baggage for Najib who is now fighting for political survival.

Whislt Najib is trying his best to assure the Indian and Chinese voters that he is making changes for the better, "others" and it is not very clear who these "others" are, are doing everything to destroy Najib's credibility, and making him look bad in the eyes of both UMNO and the non Malays whose support he is desperately trying to garner.

The recent attack on members of a Hindu organisation who were to attend an ABU (anything but UMNO) meeting is said to have been arranged by persons who want Najib out.

In an immediate response, to try and mend the fences Najib came out with a statement asking Tamil educationist to come out with a blueprint on how to take Tamil schools forward. That is all there is to it, it is yet another government blueprint, a blueprint that will be left somewhere in the PM's files when ulterior motives are met.

Najib seems to be staying clear off Mahathir Mohammed as the Proton issue hots up, and as the ex PM is tryign to "guide" him on how to deal with Sharizat, after all Sharizat is his (Mahathir's) protege, and has now fallen out of favour and is  a nuisance to Najib's future plans.

The fall of Selangor is a foregone conclusion, it is said that some of the strongest BN seats are now very shakey, the Malays are fed up and with so much at stake, FELDA, corruption - which they now can see clearly took away funds that were supposed to uplift them and instead landed in the pockets of a few elite in UMNO.

If you go down to the ground and listen there is this talk of   a huge PETRONAS scandal that is said to have placed billions in the pockets of one or at most two people. These  billions will not  be detected by any audit because it involves an oil field which no longer belongs to us,  and the people of Sarawak are left empty because of this. How true this is, only time will tell. This talk has taken huge proportions in Selangor and it is reported that the news comes from within UMNO.

The PKR coalition are working overtime I am told to uncover this story, it has a lot to do with Najib's ascendency to power that is all we managed to get. If there is a story and it is true, then the East will fall at the next General Elections.

There are scandals galore, the Scorpene issue will be surfaced with the whispers in UMNO getting louder by the day by the opposing factions  it is not the opposition that is using it now it is the rival UMNO factions,  why even now Sharizat supporters are askign what's so big about "Cowgate" when Scorpene was bigger, if Najib  could cover that  and why can't he  cover this up as well.

Whilst Najib is in dire straits the ex PM - Mahathir Mohammed  is wondering where he should park his son Mukhriz' interests, if you notice Mukhriz has been rather quiet, very quiet for anyone's liking, there is trouble brewing in the party, he has ambitions, his father has plans to nuture that ambition but where he parks himself in this controversy and this power struggle in UMNO will determine his future in the party and both him and his father know that and are worried sick on how to solve this power equation.

Muhyddin has no place in the equation and he knows it, Mahathir never liked the fellow anyway, his position as Deputy was because Mahathir decided to place him there and back him and even threaten Najib that Muhyddin  would be President if Najib did not go for Badawi.

Once Najib took the position the young guard had moved in, it was time to begin the process of growing Mukhriz, a few stop gap personalities had to be put in place and the first  was Muhyddin of course who would play a Ghaffar Baba type role, then Hishamuddin would come in to unseat him  and Mukhriz would move for the Vice President's slot as a measure towards Presidency.

Najib would be asked to make way for Hisham or face the possibility of an investigation and probable sacking by the opening of the Altantya Sharibu scandal, the Port Dickson khalwat case and a lot more of which Mahathir has a  complete dossier will be used as threats  to get Najib out.

Once Najib moves aside Hisham will take over and appoint Mukhriz his deputy just like Hussein Onn did Mahathir, and the stage will set for Mukhriz to close the curtain on Hishamuddin and take over the PM's post.

If anyone for a moment thought UMNO was united they can  forget it.

The United Malays National Organsiation is no more, it has long gone,  it was deemed illegal and was closed down by the court.

The present day UMNO is not the UMNO of old it is UMNO  Baru.

UMNO Bary is far from being Malay anymore, and it is far from united.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Nazri!!! Stop this criminal intimidation

Bersih 2.0 rally
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Yes,  the defacto law minister Nazri Abdul Aziz can stand in Parliament and shout at the top of his voice,  call his MIC colleagues racist and ask them to shut up, yes he can do that, after all they are of the same stock, even his past boss Mahathir Mohammed a/l Mohammed Iskandar Kutty referred to UMNO as a racist party when replying to Nazri, but this Nazri being a lawyer should know that his criminal intimidation of an NGO is going beyond bounds.

Nazri can go on and  intimidate his  MIC Parliamentary colleagues that is what they are in Parliament for to be UMNO's punching bag to impress the umnoputras and give them this false sense of Ketuanan Melayu,  but leave Ambiga alone she has a following much more than his  as an individual, and if he  really wants to see his face in the mirror he has to go no further but  visit these two sites which displays his street  gangster like personality which he  so frequently uses  and is  attempting to use   now with Ambiga,  he has to see what the people in his  own party think of the likes like him - Nazri.  

The two links only reveal his personality, his lack of etiquette, he lack's  finesse,  he is  a sham and an insult to the Malaysian Cabinet and consequently to our  beloved country, in fact he was  significantly responsible for   the performance of  the BN  at the last elections, people like him  make others not only abhor him but the entire BN too. He is  the most fantastic PR man for  the opposition, he is  branding UMNO for Malaysians the way it should be, for that I say keep up the good work Nazri , but don't intimidate us. Jangnn main main.

The very legitimacy of the elected representatives is now in question, the previous commissioner of the elections commission has openly talked about "other parties" being involved in the running of the elections on the instructions of the government.

Muhydin is talkign about leaving that system alone to safeguard the position of the BN, and all new introductions made up by him, the proposed recommendations so far by the elections commission and the committee headed by Muhydin fall far short from what is to be expected to conduct  a free and fair elections. These changes will only benefit the plan that is being hatched to fix the next General Elections.

And yet Nazri  tells  us, "to follow procedure" and see our elected representatives, just  take a look at this link to know who he is  asking us to see.

The issue of the postal and the military vote has not been addressed.

For a very long time now the opposition has alleged that the military and postal vote has been used to rig the ballot box, but yet till this day there has been no transparency as to how these votes are allocated, reliable sources have told us that this is privy only to the PM and the head of the elections commission and they work in concert. If true, this is rigging of the ballot box.

Once the ballot box is rigged it can't be considered a legal election, the representative should have been disqualified and the legitimacy of that representative is now in question. So when Nazri says  go through proper channels is he saying go through these illegal representatives who sit in Parliament?

This this the future of the nation we are talking about, we are not the type who have embezzled the nation,  sit in Public office and then act in concert with the  boss to pull wool over the peoples eyes.

The PM comes out and says all ministers and members of  their family will have to declare their assets, and on the other hand  Nazri  comes out just after that and says "no" giving all sorts of "Cock and Bull" stories and excuses why the ministers shouldn't.

This is not  the first occasion if you remember the PM saying 1Malaysia and Muhydin saying "I am  Malay first and Malaysian second." This kind of sandiwara goes on and onit is done to confuse the rakyat.

 Nazri's latest statement on declaring of assets came with full blessings of the PM, or is he  telling us he is  challenging the PM?

Is  he is  telling us this PM - his boss  shoots from the hip and is unable to see the big picture which he sees - the big picture which will reveal that almost the entire Barisan machinery is corrupt?

Oh come on Nazri, we may not be very intelligent but our intelligence far exceeds that of you and  your Parliamentary colleagues and the Prime Minster himself, and we do not resort to violence, and criminal intimidation.

Criminal intimidation because the the attacks on  Bersih 2 which was so vehemently denied by the police, the Minster of Home Affairs -  the not so intelligent Hishamuddin Hussein Onn were proven to be lies, the act of firing tear gas from both sides on people who were in a tunnel is tantamount to attempted murder, and can be nothing less and now when you say we have to face the law are you implying this same police force with the same tactics?

Remember one thing we do not want to as much as you, to be out there in the streets, but if that is the only way then that is the way we will have to go.

We are a peaceful lot, we have proved it over and over again in the face of a violent police force,  for us  there can be no other way, so stop trying to fool us with these tools you use to quell dissent, the "peaceful assembly bill" if indeed the intent was good, why the intimidation now. "Peaceful assembly my foot" that is what you call it then send the cops to rain gas and chemically laced water on us, attack us with batons, and jail us for no rhyme or reason, "peaceful assembly bill, huh."

If there is a need for Bersih 3 there will be a Bersih 3 I am sure Ambiga will have it  that way,  and we shall be there  benigno numine and Deo juvante.

I am sure your knowledge of Latin after having read law will make you understand what I am saying here, if I used it in the local context, your local UMNOPUTRAS will accuse me of all types of heresy as they so often do.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Elections Victory is ours,but ......

The next elections in Malaysia will see the downfall of the present government, that is a forgone conclusion, and Najib and the Barisan know  it only too well, but they are not prepared to accept it.

Now Najib and his not so intelligent cousin Hishamuddin of course are at their wits end trying to see how to manipulate the situation such that they can win the elections even if they lose it. It sounds like a joke, but it isn't, this is a real possibility.

Najib tries to portray himself as a moderate, and used his office to hoodwink unsuspecting Malaysians over and over again.

Bersih an independent body had asked for electoral reforms especially in the aftermath of the Sarawak Elections where Ambiga was refused entry into Sarawak by its notorious Chief Minsiter and Najib's close friend. Little needs to be said about this man his reputation speaks for itself, he is now an internationally known character and if you read the international press you'll know for what.

All changes taking place right now is to suit the present regime and not to ensure a free and fair elections.

Now like never before ex-government people who have held high office are begining to reveal that  something sinister is about to happen.

Former minister and veteran Umno member Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir said that introducing indelible ink would not ensure free and fair elections and there are more pressing issues that need to be addressed, although he did not  go into specifics about these "pressing issues," one thing is certain, he has made it clear that the Government uses the mass media to propagate lies against the opposition. This has come from an UMNO vetran in his own right.

Kadir has recommended the  electoral reforms of  Bersih 2 which were mostly ignored during the first round of recent reforms to the electoral system be introduced, he went on further to say that the recommendations so far were very minor and insignificant in ensuring a free and fair election. This is not coming from Chen Man Hin, the former DAP chairman but from Abdul Kadir Sheik Fadzir a former Minster in the UMNO cabinet.

The passing in haste of the "Peaceful Assembly Bill in Parliament" is to curtail the ability of the people to protest any scam at the next General Elections. Najib is getting prepared to do  just that - rig and cheat at the next elections, he has to become PM by hook or by crook, like his father did in 1969, when he gave the country an ultimatum, that the opposition joins him or there will be no democracy. He was crazy for power just like his son is today, in fact Najib is even more crazy.

Crazy people do crazy things, they'll even kill to achieve their aims and we have seen that happen.

The former EC chairperson Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman has  called for the EC to be given full powers in conducting elections without having to "share it with other agencies."

This man has come out now and spoken, he has said that he dared not do things in full accordance with the law and utilising the full powers bestowed on him by his position  because he was afraid of the government of the day. Now after his retirement  he says,  he answers only to God and does not have to fear the political masters, a clear indication that the EC is controlled by the government.

Abdul Rashid asked that  EC  be given full powers in conducting elections without having to share it with other agencies something this government is rather fond of doing and which is illegal, as the conduct of election is the prerogative of an independent Elections Commission without interference from other bodies. It is an independent body and does not even have to report to the PM.

In response our Deputy Prime Minster has come out an said, "its current form has proven effective therefore overhauling it is unnecessary."

Isn't  he meddling with the powers of the EC?

Who is he to make that call?

Isn't the EC an independent body?

Is this not clear evidence that the government actually meddles with the functions of the EC?

Well that was the impression given to Malaysians by Abdul Rashid Rahman now that he is not in office and does not have to kow tow to all those UMNO big wigs, and Muhydin seems to be confirming just that.

Who decides where the postal votes goes, and when and on what basis? Well no one knows, that, I am told is privy only to the Prime Minster who decides where it is dropped and in what proportions.

The threats to Ambiga during the Bersi rally and the allegations made out by her on the threats to her life being   endorsed  by the Prime Minster himself, which she corroborated with evidence in her testimony to Suhakam shows the extent to which Najib will go to, to remain in office.

Ambiga  is lucky that Najib did not see four her, (pun intended)  Najib has a reputation of seeing four.

What  she called ambush by police  is  what I  refer to as banditry by our criminal police force during the Bersih 2 rally, which  was denied by the Minsiter of Home affairs. All his lies have now been revealed in the findings of the inquiries in the aftermath of his lie campaign following police criminal attacks on innocent citizens.

This is something I'll never forget, I suffered and I am willing to do it again come what may, I was sprayed by chemically laced water attacked with tear gas and I had young Malay girls cover me and say "Uncle lari sini" that brought more tears to my eyes then the tear gas did, and for their sake and the sake of my children I'll be there if there is a need for Bersih 3.

After having experienced the tear gas in the attack I read for the first time  today Ambiga's experience, and I salute this lady, that was really attempted mass murder, firing from two ends of a tunnel and trapping people within, there was a motive, I am sure they expected Anwar to be there, and like Aquino, they wanted him dead, knowing that a man in his  physical condition would not survive it. Ambiga survived it, I might have died with my asthma, my diabetes and hypertension, but if there is a need for a Bersih 3 I'll be there, some of us must die for change  to take place, to save our country.

With all this in place and the sentiments of the people after Anwar's release, this government is capable of the worst case scenario, and we must be prepared to answer the call of the nation if that happens, not so much for our sakes but for the sake of our children and their children's children.

This is the most beautiful country in the world, it is worth dying for and the only way to ensure a free and fair elections  is to ask for UN intervention to ensure a free and fair elections.

Now I think we all get clear picture why Mahathir championed the junta in Myanmar, he knew one day he'd have to resort to the same tactics, and it's is happening now.

Let us with one voice cry Anwar for PM,  the road to Putrajaya like Hadi Awang put it is a long and winding one, but Deo volente (for want of saying it in Malay and creating a political fuss with UMNOputras) we will be there.

Is "Halal labelling " being used as a monopolistic tool?

A question lingering in the coffee shops is, "is 'Halal' being used as a monopolistic tool," by some sectors in the country?

Yes, this talk is very much coffee shop today, it is coffee shop today and people are beginning to have serious doubts.

 I did not realise this when I wrote the article on Jonker street some time back, it could  very well go along these lines the takeover of Jonker street I mean.

Now let us get to some facts, for the many of you who have heard and consumed  "Golden Churn" Butter, which has been around in Malaysia for a very long while, you might have noticed that this butter is labelled "Hallal."  In fact this  was the only butter available in Malaysia at one time until the Cold Storage came out with the "SCS" butter  in the late fifties or early sixties. SCS actually stands for  for Singapore Cold Storage, now it is just SCS and later followed by butter varieties from every part of the  butter world

The packaging of this butter - "Golden Churn" carries a halal sign from Australia, and yet it is said that our authorities have discovered that this butter contains "pig DNA."  What a load of rubbish.

Butter comes from cows milk, anything else introduced to it will contaminate the butter, and this butter comes from Australia and has been sold alongside other products like IXL jam for ages. Golden Churn for those of you who can still remember came in two packings originally,  one in   a blue tin and the other  in Golden tin in those days.

We are so used to seeing the Halal Certification sign on food products that we tend to forget that it is even there, but on closer scrutiny one will notice that the sign is issued by varying authorities.

Of course the the Halal certification for Golden Churn must have been issued in Australia, by the Australian Halal authorities, who must of course  be Muslims.

Are our authorities saying that these people are not doing a good job?

There is talk about a certain business- a "Coffee Shop Buisness" that is being targeted, and this explains why this talk is so rampant in coffee shops.

Hainanese Coffee shops have long been the .favourite of Malay Muslims, as is "Mee Hailam" it is pork free and these shops go to great lengths to ensure that there is no pork served on their premises.

This particular coffee shop that is being targeted is Hainanaese, I am told, and it is an old and famous "Coffee Shop" famous for its coffee, situated in a Railway station and has created a brand name that has become popular all over the country. Ant the coffee is referred to as the XXXXXX railway station coffee.

For a long time people frequented this shop because of the quality of its coffee, the coffee beans were roasted with "Golden Churn Butter," and because of its popularity and its strategic location in a rather inconspicuous   town on the Malaysian landscape, this coffee shop was the ideal brand to promote another major "Kopitiam Franchise" (Kopitiam means Coffee shop in Chinese) business.

Due to it being located at a rather strategic railway station,  the ordinary citizen  who commutes the length of the peninsular is bound to see if  not visit it and why else go to a coffee shop if not for coffee? A fantastic coffee, known to so many in a coffee-shop located in a very inconspicuous town  what an ideal brand, a brand whose time has arrived and  now ready for the picking with the growing demand for the typical Hainanese Kopitiams which now create their own brand identity and franchise these shops all over the country, there is much to be made, it will give other Kopi Tiams a run for their money, and there are people who want to do just that, but the owner is adamant that he'll keep it and why not he has built it, it is his own why should anyone else benefit at his expense?

Yet  there are people who want to take it over and it looks like they'll go to any extent to get it, but  the owner refuses to budge he wants to keep his business.

Now the talk in the coffee-shops is that the case of the Golden Churn butter not being "Halal" has a link with this takeover bid.

The news of course cannot be verified although it came out from the horses mouth, the horse refuses to be identified for obvious reasons, but this goes to show what I talked about, in my article on Jonker Street.

If you remember clearly there was a time when the Halal issue came into play  with KFC, the people who were interested in the take over, could not steam roll the then owners and then the question of Halal became an issue.

Similarly thousand of Malays have frequented this coffee shop, and getting it certified non Halal is the best bet to get it closed down through lack of business. I am told that although that is the case here, the business which was affected seems to be picking up again, many Malays know the ploy and refuse to be part of the game.

The question is,.are these sinister moves by  certain quarters, done  to put others out of business by using the 'Halal Certification,?"

Another product that has been certified non Halal is HP Sauce, I took a close look at the bottle and the only reason I can identify why it is so,  is the presence of Spirit  Vinegar.  For goodness sake it is still vinegar, and for that matter if that is not Halal for that reason  then it should apply to tapai the fermented tapiocca that is popular with the Malay Muslim community, is this "HALAL?"  The liquid that seeps out of tapai is nothing but Tapiocca Wine with a high level of alcohol.

From what has been happening it seems quite evident that certain parties will go to any lengths to take over businesses and what better way when the Muslims make up more than 60 percent of the population and are the biggest consumers of the product.

Halal certainly seems to be used as an economic tool, why even plain drinking water needs certification too.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

On the one side UMNO says Sharizat is out

 Sharizat going!! going!!!!go.......

It is crucial times in UMNO, the Sharizat detractors are crying for blood, they want Sharizat out, they believe she is corrupt and that her husband's position as Chief executive of the National Feedlot corporation was because of her position in the UMNO, now they want her held responsible and they want her out.

The part of the wanita wing that wants her out are saying that Mohamed Salleh Ismail - Sharizat's husband, would not have been in  the position CEO of the National feedlot Corporation,  if not for her position and that is very clear.

One UMNO Wanita leader even went as far as telling us, "If she thinks the UMNO wanita is stupid, then she is really stupid, all the play acting might have won the hearts of some people who had come there to the assembly well rehearsed by her for the occasion,  we were taken aback by her stupidity then and she thought she came out with flying colours, we want to save UMNO not destroy it, she like some others are taking us down the drain, and we shall not rest till she is sacked." This comes from an rather well informed and respectable person in the wanita who prefers not to be quoted.

It is not surprising that these days if you begin a blog so many UMNO people will come to you to volunteer information, these umnoputras, are not the type who will cross over but who will gloat over the destruction of any person up the hierarchy, because it gives them scope to move up and this lady readily admitted to that when asked. It is a dog eat dog party now.

Najib is being pressured to get to the bottom of this issue, it's not only the Wanita that want blood here, the other wings including the the youth have decided to fold their sleeves and do the same, as in the youth movement there is Khairy to be implicated as a result and in the highest echelons of the party the Deputy Party head can also get implicated.

Najib is toying with the idea of getting Muhyuddin smeared by this exercise, he is somewhat worried about the implications with Sharizaat as this may send the old man, the mamak on a spin, and whichever one way it goes with Khairy he really does not care.

One party insider says  he can go for all three provided he inflicts as much damage on Khairy as he does Sharizat, paving the way for Mukhriz'  upward opportunity. Notice Mukhriz has been quiet all this while, he's been rather too quiet, so too has his father, and the scheming goes on.

If they successfully remove all three, then Muhyudin goes out and Hisham will be appointed  DPM in his place, that will create an exacting scenario, and pave the way for Mukhriz to remove Hishamuddin after a short spell. See how history repeats itself.?

The idea will receive Mahathir's backing, and Najib does not have to worry about Mahathir, then accept that  he (Najib)can't stay in office as long as he (Mahathir) did..

UMNO's troubles are from within, the party members want what they feel they are entitled to, many who  know they are to be dropped by Najib for the next General Elections, now  question, "why me if Sharizat is to stand."

Sharizat has to go or there will be too much discontent within UMNO   and UMNO will work against UMNO.

In the current scenario Najib must of course see both sides of the coin, Muhyiddin has been a thorn in his flesh, if he can take him out without inflicting any harm on the party he'll be glad, if he can't he may be thinking of inflicting some harm so as to destroy his credibility, so that at the next UMNO General Assembly the deputy can be removed.

Najib does not  think too much about Sharizat, to him she is just a nobody, and she knows that,she is a problem he'd rather see her go, but he keeps wondering how he'll pull that off without hurting the other part of the Wanita - the pro Sharizat part, mending fences with the Mamak tua is easy as long as whatever he does leads to an elevation of position of Mukhriz, other wise he is dead meat.

This is really like the tape from the beginning of a "mission impossible" movie, "UMNO will self destruct at the next General Elections."

For those of you who think it is good news, yes it is, but remember you are dealing with the son of the  man who  used  the armed forces, rural UMNO youth to massacre hundreds in Kuala Lumpur on May 13 1969 in Kuala Lumpur, when the position of UMNO was threatened after the General Elections then, only that this time some Generals are not in agreement with him, they are more educated and they are reasonable gentlemen, not all, but some.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Anwar's freedom a strategic excercise by Najib

The acquittal of Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim seems to have been an exercise to lend credence to a judicial system that has been seen to be lopsided, pro UMNO, and one that was controlled by the executive.

In an immediate response to Anwar being freed, the Malaysian Information Minister is quoted to have said,
"Malaysia has an independent judiciary and this verdict proves that the government does not hold sway over judges' decisions."

Was the judgement so planned to showcase the world that we have a credible judiciary? The response of the Minster looked like it came from a prepared text, it was almost immediate on a day journalist were busy covering the Anwar trial.If only the government could respond as swiftly on other issues, there will be less cows to talk about.

As soon as the court handed down its verdict an Anwar supporter had already predicted such a statement. Kamarulzaman Mohd Dia yelled,"they'll now say we have an independent judiciary, and they expect us to believe that now, never!! never !!!" he yelled,  "not till we take Putrajaya." much to the delight of the listeners.

Kamarulzaman's view is shared by many Malaysians , many are of the view that this case absurd though it be was brought about to discredit Anwar. This case and the sex video produced by the infamous trio of "Datuk,T" of which included  former Menteri Besar of Melaka, was part of  UMNO invented scandals to discredit, destroy and in the process make Anwar Ibrahim irrelevant,  as he  is  a real threat to the survival of  UMNO and the BN as a whole.

Could the unfolding events,  Raja Petra Kamaruddin's  statements, Zaid Ibrahims sudden about turns, Uni Hafilda's "sins" campaign  be targeted at Anwar and the opposition?

I once wrote to leave RPK alone because I really believe  he could be pressured to do so, after all the government has d his son to bargain with him with.

Zaid Ibrahim has been making overtures, is he an UMNO Trojan horse attempting the same trick twice?

The Anwar  scandals will continue to be manufactured, Umi Hafilda has already made an announcement to the effect, one wonders if she and the others  were privy to this judgement, that she came out with this statement only days before the judgment was pronounced, in anticipation of beginning another chapter on the incarceration of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, or could they be directed by their political masters?

This is a poor UMNO strategy, and Umi Hafilda is someone the general public is fed up of anyway.

The whole idea of these UMNO strategies against the opposition targeted at Anwar was to destroy Anwar morally and politically, it seems to have had the  reverse effect, it has made him and the oppositon even stronger.

Photographs are not allowed in courtrooms in Malaysia, we are told that Dr. Datin Seri Wan Azizah wept as the she heard the judgement and embraced her husband, the news of this alone touched the hearts of so many Malaysians who heard it because this lady stood steadfast by her man through all this, it was truly an emotional moment for all Malaysians to share but then as I said no photographs in the courtrooms.

This entire case only shows the lengths this government will go through to discredit anyone who stands up to them. Anwar Ibrahim represented all Malaysians and the response for standing up  was what was dished out to Anwar from a tyrannical regime fearing its very existence.

The person who literally ran a one man campaign to get rid of Anwar - the former prime minster of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohammed must today be the most worried person in the country,  he is worried of reprisals from Anwar, but Anwar has said it before, he will not follow what Mahahtir did, when dealing with him, he is not going to go on a vendetta,  that would bring him to the same level as Mahathir.

If there is a case to be heard against Mahathir and his cronies it will be done in a very transparent manner to ensure that all Malaysians get to see what actually happened as a result of nepotism, cronyism, and corruption, how this country was robbed and is being robbed.

The Anwar victory is a victory of the people, surely this euphoria can only mean one thing it will now get more people behind Pakatan Rakyat and the cry "Anwar for PM" has already been sounded it was echoed, when the DAP openly  declared that they fully support him for PM.

In a latest development five people suffered minor injuries in three explosions at the vicinity of the Jalan Duta court complex here Monday morning, said City police chief DCP Mohamad Salleh

The bombings occurred between 10.20 a.m and 10.55 a.m well after the Anwar verdict which was delivered at 9.30 a.m. and was int he vicinity of the courts where Anwar's supporters were. The police then advised the crowd to disperse which they did.

No motive was established, and the police are investigating, "will this be used by the home ministry to disallow future rallies and assemblies by the people, is this a precursor to that?"  asked a  lady apparently a lawyer asked.

Well we'll never know, in Malaysia today you can expect weird things to happen, after all the rulign party is now fighting for its life, and our only hope is that fight is clean, it hasn't been so far, the opposition has just cleared one hurdle of the many more to come.

Even if the judiciary comes out looking good Najib can take no credit for it, he has yet to appoint an independent commission to investigate his role in the Altantuya murder case and the  related Scorpene scandal without which he is suspect and the office of the Prime Minister in the eyes of the Malaysians compromised as a result.

Even at the Altantuya murder trial the questions pertaining to Altantuya's missing immigration records of her entry into the country were disallowed, whenever anything came up that would bring Najib into the scene both the defence and the prosecution objected, the judge who began the case was replaced the whole trial seemed like a sham. 

After setting Anwar  free it is impossible to accept that this government will now play  fair, we have to be extremely watchful, there are other more sinister tricks they'd pull, to remain in power.

When will elections be called? Why is Najib taking so long, what is he preparing?

His deputy is at loggerheads with him, now the head of the women's sing in his party is creating problems for him, he is trying his best to appease both  of them and in the process mapping out strategies to rid himself o the opposition.
What is the journey to Putrajaya going to be like, I reckon it will be a rough ride for the opposition, we need an important element at the next elections, foreign observers, yes foreign observers, from truly democratic countries, or that is where the people will be robbed of their rights lock, stock and barrel, we experienced it at the last Sarawak elections.

How many foreigners are there now on our electoral rolls, many illegals were given citizenship by this government to ensure victory it happened in Sabah, is it happening here? 

Will it happen allover the country?

With a government as desperate as this one anything can, and that is what they aim to do just about anything to remain in power, but no government however brutal can crush the will of the people.

If all is clean the prospects of taking over Putrajaya are real this time around and for the first time in the nations history, there will be a new party leading this country, but the word clean is not in the Barisan dictionary.



Friday, January 6, 2012

Anwar first Putrajaya next

In Malaysia homosexuality is a crime.

In Malaysia Performing Oral Sex is also a crime.

In Malaysia Blackmail is crime.

Case 1. Anwar Ibrahim is charged with  having committed sodomy with Saiful a charge Anwar denies, and any layman, the man in the street, finds it difficult to believe this  given the course of events, which I shall deal with later. Anwar has denied the charge, if he is found guilty he can be jailed and fined and be disqualified from Parliament.

Case 2. Chua Soi Lek was filmed performing oral sex with a lady in a hotel in Batu Pahat. It is generally suspected that the persons responsible for that filming this video,  were from his own party,  and that is why even to this day the Police have not arrested those responsible for producing this video. Chua Soi Lek did not deny that it was him on the video, in fact he openly admitted that it was him, and to this day he is not charged, he continues to be the President of the MCA the second biggest component of the Barisan Nasional.

Case 3. Ummi Hafilda, has come out again.
It was supposedly on the evidence given by this woman that the then Prime Minister decided to ask the Police to act against Anwar Ibrahim, for what is today referred to as Sodomy 1.
This woman is  in the the same mould as the other  Mahathirian  lackey Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa,
She is reported in the Star of Friday 6 January 2012, to have threatened to "unveil a "secret" that would expose more wrongdoings allegedly involving PKR leaders one of whom is her brother, Azmin Ali. She referred to these wrongdoings as "sins" as says that unless they - Anwar Ibrahim, Datin Seri  Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and her brother Azmin Ali, "repent" she will expose these "sins."

"Such evidence will be saved for the coming General Elections, unless the three As continue to be a threat to the nation and race, my allies and I will go all out to attack them." Now isn't this blackmail, andisn't blackmail a crime in this country?

Why the next General Elections is she standing against any of the three, is she an UMNO candidate?

Case 1
In Anwar's case it was very evident that the frivolous charges brought out against him in Sodomy 1 was to allow others to prevent him from implementing reforms he had publicly spoken about before the then UMNO general assembly on nepotism, cronyism and corruption. Anwar was then a powerful Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, all UMNO Chieftains had decided before this to back his candidacy for Deputy Head of UMNO, which would automatically make him the Deputy Prime Minister, and he did this not through greed of the position, but to prevent this country going to the dogs through what he very factually referred to as nepotism, cronyism and corruption.

Mahahtir had not read Anwar's intentions, he still thought Anwar was his man, but he failed to realise that before Anwar joined UMNO he was reformist, it was on the tacit understanding that he would be allowed to   carry out those reforms from within UMNO from Mahathir that Anwar joined the government.
Musa was against the idea of admitting Anwar,  so too were a lot of UMNO top dogs then, but with Musa's resignation these UMNO men, typical of UMNO men, decided to throw their weight behind Anwar, and so when Anwar contested the position of Deputy in UMNO no one  dared to object except for a then close Mahahtir aide, "the fat lady" Rafidah Aziz.

Mahathir complained then when Anwar challenged Ghaffar that people do not listen to him anymore.

He would have preferred Ghaffar in the position of DPM so that he could continue to lead unchallenged. Rafidah probably spoke on Mahahtir's advice to test the UMNO mood, but then in UMNO people do not display their mood unless the leadership tells them what to do, and no one was sure who was the leader at that time, Anwar or Mahathir, and Mahathir was caught unaware when this young Malaysian leader whom he claims to have personally groomed talked about Nepotism, Cronyism and Corruption under his leadership, it was an affront to the boss himself, and that was when Mahathir decided to get Anwar.

In UMNO at that time Anwar was very powerful, any attempt to remove him would mean the general membership would have rallied behind Anwar and removed Mahathir, and so the only way to get at Anwar was to discredit him so badly no one would dare challenge the authoritiies.

Anwar was not only seen as a strong UMNO leader, he was seen as a strong Muslim leader too, the people in general were fed up of Mahathir. There was corruption all around and it was so blatant, if anybody dared to expose it they were caught and charged, one such person was Irene Fernandez of Teniganita, when she questioned the government's task force and the illegal worker problem. Anwar realised the problem then and that will explain why Irene was one of the first people at the scene when Anwar was sacked from his position as DPM by Mahathir.

That charge of sodomy had to be brought, it would ruin Anwar politically, morally, and make  him an outcast  with the general Malay population.

The stage was set for the worst performance of a Kangaroo Court, the  person who would make the allegations would be woman, she woudl be related to a close Anwar aide, that would make the case very strong,  that would make everything believable, that lady is Umi Hafilda.

As soon as he was sacked Mahathir realised Anwar's  popularity, a huge section of the UMNO faithful rose up against Mahathir,  those who supported him were those who were beholden ot UMNO as they were beneficiaries of the system  of cronyism, nepotism and corruption.

 Mahathir knew he had to put Anwar away for good and he thougt he had managed that when Anwar was jailed and when in the subsequent General Elections Anwar's party PKR were unable to present a real challenge.In fact when Badawi went to the polls the first time Mahathir was convinced that he had buried Anwar and the opposition, he was feeling very comfortable indeed, his retirement plans were intact he could now use all his time to expand the empire of his sons and enrich the Mahahtirian clan. His favourite project reminds me of  the poem in elementary  school, " there was a crooked man who walked a crooked mile," here we had a crooked bridge.

Under Badawi however the crooked bridge went straight, Proton was not given the same kind of preferential treatment it once enjoyed, Mahathir could not even get representative rights to the UMNO General Assembly Badawi made sure of that. The Lingam case in which Badawi allowed for a RCI made ematters worse, it exposed Mahathir and  to make matters worse  Anwar was back in contention, and as Badawi slept, the empire began to crumble as Anwar began attacking him from all fronts.

After that tsunami general elections Anwar poised a real challenge, there was the real possibility of UMNO men crossing over to the PKR side to form the next government,  it was really a tsunami, never since 1969 had the situation been so bad for UMNO,  Mahathir was shivering, he was desperate he needed first to get Badawi out of the way, an needed to get Najib in . He even lied when  he said that there was a tacit understanding that Badawi would serve only one term, that he would  be a stop gap PM.

Even if Mahathir was telling the truth, then it is evident that he had plans to run UMNO from behind the scenes, if he wanted Najib in, then he was also planning for the ascension of  his son Mukhriz, and that would explain why Khairy who was an elected youth chief was left with out and not given a cabinet posting, but his son Mukhriz, who was defeated by Khairy was.

Now it is apparent  Anwar has to be put off for good, he poses a reasl challenge, the Malays are fed up of all the corruption, the people do nto see PAS as the bogeyman - UMNO has always made them out to be, When Anwar wins in the next general elections all that cases of nepotism, cronyism and corruption will become public domain, many will be charged for the ill gotten gains they acquired under the patronage of Mahathir Mohammed who as usual will deny he had any knowledge of it. Mahathir will be in serious problems, the Mahathirian dynasty will be in trouble, so too will Najib's, Badawi's, Muhyudin's, Sharizat's and the list goes on, even the cows in UMNO will be taken to task and no one in UMNOis ready for that. Now that does that explain Najib's cry that they'd defend UMNO with their lives, is he threatening us Malaysians at large?

The only way out for Najib, Mahathir and UMNO including their lackeys is to lock Anwar up and put him away for good, sometimes I am under the impression they'd  do an Aquino on him. And that explains Sodomy 2.

Case 2
Now does that explain why Chua Soi Lek is not charged as well, they may not like him, he may be an irritant, but then he is not anti UMNO, in fact they can use him to the fullest extent to serve their own purposes a dagger hangs over his head,  and they are doing just that.There is no necessity to charge Chua Soi Lek, it will not serve UMNO's purpose.

 Case 3.
Umi Hafilda has made the UMNO operations  it quite apparent, she is quoted as saying, "she and her 'allies' will attack the three A's and they are waiting for the next General Elections.

Our courts have been far from fair, the judge in Anwar's case has not allowed him a proper defense, he was denied the  Najib's testimony in court, it was, the PM as we all know had claimed that Saiful went to his house to apply for a "scholarship," we'd like to know more about that absurd story in open court, Anwar would wnat to know that for an effective defence, Rosmah  had even told Karpal to stop threatening her, both of them are key players in the case and the defence has  to be given every avenue at to defend Anwar, they were not. How fair is this trial.

 Response Needed
For these reasons and most of all for our beloved King and country we must all be there come January 9, the Chief of Police has allowed us the Court Car park for the assembly let us all be there, let us  display our live for Justice, and our beloved country.

9th January morning at the Duta Court car park, I'll be there, will you join me, will you ask your friends to join me and be counted.

Justice for Anwar first, he represent all of us in the matter of justice, and only  then Putrajaya.

Anwar is confident that Putrajaya will be rid of  UMNO and its cronies come the next General elections and aren't we all?

For details on the event please follow this page we shall keep you informed,

Malaysiakini reports
Police have also allowed Malay rights group Perkasa to gather as well on Monday, but within the compound of the Federal Territory mosque.

The mosque is located 300 metres from the Jalan Duta court complex, where Pakatan aims to gather 100,000 supporters to show solidarity with Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, who will know his second sodomy trial verdict that day.

Rahman said Perkasa, together with other Malay right wing NGOs such as Pertubuhan Kebajikan dan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia (Pekida) and Pertubuhan Permufakatan Majlis Ayahanda Malaysia (Permas), would hold prayer sessions and ceramah in the mosque from Sunday until Monday, to pray for national peace.

He expects 2,000 members to turn up.

Perkasa does not need a permit,  and under the latest amendments we are under the impression that you can't gather for such purposes in Mosques, Temples and Churches. Notice how UMNO supporters and cronies can do as they please and the law does not apply to them.

anwar confident of taking over Putrajaya

Police okay Pro Anwar rally on 9 January