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Doctored in the House

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Top opposition MP caught on video for having sex with East Asian woman. Years ago a top Muslim BN MP was alleged to have been caught in Port Dickson did it make a difference? Oh yes it did he is so high up the heirachy today no one can touch him, a former minister of health was caught on video too, today he is the President of the second largest component of the BN, the MCA. Does it make a difference? Indeed it does at least our own history says so.

"All that glitters is not Gold."

Now with TV and computers even the "Recalcitrant" has said that you can make the unreal seem so real, so do not believe everything you see on TV, especially when it is found by a person who can call in the press and refuse to identify himself. and only wants to be identified as Datuk T, reminds me of Mr. T is this the cheap imitation we see on the Panasonic advertisement.

This Datuk claims that he went to the hotel   to the room used by a  top Malaysian opposition  politician, on the instructions of the politician, to look for his watch which this politician allegedly left behind in the hotel room where he is alleged to have been engaged in sexual activities with an "East Asian" woman when  he stumbled on the video.

His fumbling stumbling story as reported in the Star:;

“As I could not find the watch on the table, I searched for it behind the dresser. I was shocked to find many strands of wires behind the dresser.On close inspection, I found four well-hidden CCTV cameras, I tried to open the two dresser drawers and found one was locked. I prised open the locked drawer using a sharp object. I found an active CCTV recorder. I disconnected the wiring and took the recorder out of the hotel,’’ he said, adding that no one had the recording except him."

Is he claiming that he broke in and entered and stole the recorder from the hotel room?

Then can I claim that the video belonged to one Datuk Z, and he  too knows that person to whom he  lent all these equipment to, its is his  personal property and, Datuk T  in having prised open the drawer and taking it  has stolen property that  belongs to Datuk Z?

Oh come on please! how incredibly ridiculous  can it get?

Remember Saiful going to Najib's house for a scholarship?

This has UMNO written all over it although I am told this Datuk T could be a Chinese.

The East Asian woman could we take a closer look, she could be the lady who has been making false accusations against Anwar since Sodomy 1, that lady looks very looks very East Asian if you mean oriental, I am not saying it is her I am saying we need to see the video to ascertain if it could be her.

Then again I am worried is this an East Asian, as in Indian or an Oriental Asian as in the case of the Asians from the Far East, it seems as confusing as Datuk T himself.

This Datuk seems to be a close confidant of this opposition politician, he was supposed to be someone who was trusted or at least that is what he made this top opposition politician believe, now is this guy trustworthy? Let the facts speak for itself.

Well this is not the first case involving top politicians, a top UMNO politician was allegedly  caught for Khlwat  with a popular Malay lady in Port Dickson some years ago, that politician is now so high up the hierarchy he can't be touched.

Then there is the case of the Doctor, not the recalcitrant, this is a Chinese Doctor, the former health Minsiter who was forced out of his post only to return as the President of the  second largest coalition partner of the BN the MCA.

So what does that tell us, that those caught for sex offences in the BN get more powerful, sex is a political Tongkat Ali to them.

Oh please come out of this, it looks so much like it was "Doctored in House."
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