Thursday, January 24, 2013

Our Missing Children - How Many More?

This government justifies it's money making schemes and makes the rakyat feel that when they are making money for their personal selves it is all for the good of the rakyat, for the good of you and me.

Let us review some of these shortly, we have the AES which has been farmed out to some private organisation and if you were to go into the details you'll discover some minster, or his wife or even other family members or a crony or cronies are involved in these guaranteed to get rich schemes, (It's a no way you lose scheme).  The banks immediately give you a loan, it is too good a deal, and  this is happening  in so many cases from cows to cars (AP), from petroleum to Ports, from ownership of newspapers to the ownership of other media groups including television stations, from toll roads to the issuance of road tax and car insurance and even transfers, from Felda which was built on the backs of hardworking Malaysian individuals to the likes of public corporations, and  all these are grounds for these politicians to ravage from, it is their money making machines, and soon after they retire these people who come into government without a shirt on their back are multimillionaires, and dare I say even multibillionaires and one is now being touted as one of the richest in the world a former Minister.

The smaller fry in their midst are exposed, in fact some are not to do what the master does, so we have seen the railway gatekeeper who built a Palace sacrificed.

They'll go to any extent  to defend their turf and that they do and it is seen, it has been exposed, they have even gone to the extent of selling citizenship in return for votes so that their power they get from these votes allow them to carry out their corrupt practices unfettered,  and that put any way is selling the country to foreigners. These people are plundering the land and we have allowed and continue to allow them free reign to do so.

Malaysians have been losing children by the hundreds each year, yes hundreds each year, and yet this government has done nothing concrete to stamp this out for each time a child is lost all we get is news in the newspapers of  a child lost and that begins to look more like an obituary, and we Malaysians have come out to accept that as one of those things, yes to the majority of us it will be one of those things till it hits us then we'll know how tragic an  experience that  brings.