Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Yes the caretaker Deputy Prime Minister has promised to undermine the will of  the people post GE14.

The people and especially the Malays in the Malay heartland have to seriously consider  what the Deputy Prime Minister has told the people rather arrogantly and without regard of their  wishesin the ballot box, because he actually seems to be taking everybody for a fool, Malay and non Malay alike.


The Malays have rejected Sharizat Abdul Jalil, her attempts to become the candidate for Banda Tun Razak a seat she coveted  was rejected by the UMNO division there as they see her as a liability for
sometimes he struggles to understand what he is talking about.
that position and she and the BN decided rightfully that she will not stand in any seat as she is seen as one of the BN's weakest and most controversial candidates. that being the prime reason the leader of the powerful Wanita wing of UMNO is not standing for elections, it is akin to Khairy the head of UMNO youth not being fielded, or maybe even Najib himself as President of UMNO not being fielded.

The truth be told even UMNO members do not support Sharizat, she may have a strong support in the Wanita Wing but in UMNO as a whole she has lost her sting and is seen as more a liability.

Now the Caretaker Deputy Prime Minster  and the un-elected Deputy President of  UMNO Ahmad Zahid Hamidid has come out and thrown scorn not only on his own organization UMNO, but also on all Malaysians saying that if the BN wins tomorrow's elections Sharizat will be brought into the cabinet via the senate, what is always been referred to as the back door.

A candidate who dares not face the rakyat has no place either in the Dewan Rakyat, or even in the
Partners with similar mental capacities
Senate, both these houses ahve to be treated with respect an not with scorn, the scorn Zahid proposes, it is an insult to the King and the Country.

A people discard, whose own party had lost confidence in to be fielded as a candidate is to be recommended by the un-elected deputy president of UMNO to be brought into the candidate by the back door, a clear indication that the BN has no regard for the wishes of the people.


If you think Sharizat and Parliament are  the only cases look around, today in Malaysia right is wrong and wrong is right, the rich and powerful can do anything they wish and get away with it and will seem to be right, but the right that the ordinary man does is wrong and he will be punished for it.

Rafizi Ramli is going to Jail whilst Sharizat stands a chance fo sneaking into Parliament via the back door like thieves normally do. 

Today I received a rather interesting piece on my whatsap apparently a comment in Malaysiakini which seems to question Tony Fernandes of Air Asia, and just in case you are not privy to this letter
Forgot who sold him that Airline
let me share it with you here it is written by somebody whom I presume is a member of Air Asia as well;

"Tan Sri Dr. Tony Fernandes, please note that pursuant to clause 1.4.11 of the Company's code of Conduct, political activities are okay - but only if done outside Air Asia, and in the Directors own time and not in the capacity of an Air Asia staff. It is further stated that Air Asia does not give support to political parties, either through direct financial support or paid working time. And you shall not let your involvement in such political activities create issues of embarrassment to AirAsia.
Appreciate your clarification of the same.

I'd really like to see this man Tony Fernandes reply the above letter or is the above non existent in his Company's rule and regulations, hand book or policies and is it a figment of the authors imagination,
Is this man Tony Fernandes who wears a cap T-shirt and manages his airline just like any other worker in the airline above the Rules and Regulations of his own Company for if he is this is a clear case of how the BN's philosophies are creeping into our corporate culture and how this culture will eventually ruin Malaysia.

The Barisan Nasional under Najib has allegedly been involved in numerous financial scandals, and in brushing these scandals aside they have never been transparent, to the extent that what has been officially revealed in some of these scandals by way of audits have been made "official secrets" under the Official Secrets Act (OSA). 

Under such circumstances the rakyat have every right to assume that these allegations are much more then mere allegations they are real, very real.

BN buys itself out of almost every crime, the abundance of money being given out to voters in hard cash is plentiful and yet the Elections Commission does nothing about it, and sees nothing wrong with it, at every election there is fixed maximum amount a candidate can spend on the elections and yet even though the amount is so blatantly exceeded the elections commission has over the years done nothing to disqualify such candidates.

I had written on the day Najib took office that he had no right to the office before clearing his name on the Altantuya murder in which he seemed to have been complicit. I said that if he did then the office of tthe PM of Malaysia would be compromised, and I was not wrong. Once that office gets compromised the entire system of government gets compromised and isn't that the case now?
Australia? How he got there? I do not know - Minister of Home Affairs

UMNO's argument at the time was that he had gone to the Mosque and taken an Oath that he was not involved, and that he did not know Altantuya Shaaribu, can every other Malaysia claim the same standard of judgement in the case of murder in the country?

Why, even the police have admitted that they had not investigated Najib, both the accused were his personal bodyguards, in that capacity they took orders from him and from Rosmah Mansor his wife
Altantuya and her two murderers

and yet these two accused who had no motive whatsoever were found guilty and both Najib and Rosmah Mansor were never questioned or investigated by the police. How come?

Altantya was reported to be blackmailing Razak Baginda the Consultant in the Scorpene project, Rosamh was a partner in his Consultancy, Najib was the defense Minister who appointed Razak Baginda and a personal friend of Razak Baginda, it was in the process of the blackmail by Altantuya Sharibu that she was murdered by two of Najib's personal bodyguards, who had absolutely no motive to kill her, and yet all Najib had to do was to go to a Mosque and take an Oath to say he did not do it.

Malaysians must be ridiculously stupid, suddenly one of the accused who was condemned for murder
His wife did make reference of him not wanting to be the PM when arrested.
is now happily living in Australia, it is reported that he has a huge bank deposit there and money sufficient to look after two generation of his in Australia, one keeps wondering if a witch flew there on a broom and deposited that large amount for him there.

Tomorrow we go to the polls are we going to go there with our eyes wide open to what is happening in our country?

Are we going to put the interest of our future
generations before us or are we going to put our own selfish personal short term interest take precedence and vote the BN for a handouts whilst they rob you from the back door?
Don't ask me, I know nothing

Are we going to get rid of tyranny and introduce a system of governance that is fair and equitable to all Malaysians?

Are we going to allow ourselves to be victims of continued rising prices, through low productivity, corruption, and daylight robbery of our national wealth by those in power?

Are we going to say enough enough enough, we want a fair and just Malaysia we want change and we vote change -CHANGE FOR THE BETTER.


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