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The shape of the future UMNO will depend on the how drastic the change will be in the coming UMNO elections, and it is gratifying to know that there are those in UMNO who are not prepared to "kow tow" to the leadership's every wish to remain in power by 'proposing' that there should be no contest for the top positions.
Looks like the only choice for now

The branches and divisions that "propose" no contest for top positions are those that are really vying power themselves, hoping that the leadership will throw their support behind these branch/division  leaders  in their quest to get into the supreme council or other important committees of the organisation, or that the division leaders are cronies of the top leadership and are being prompted to do so.

Unless UMNO breaks this tradition of patronising, cronyism and nepotism it will suffer and become even weaker in the next elections.

Whoever moves into the leadership in UMNO must be willing to face reality, and give the membership the blunt truth, they have ti be brutal in revealing it, the corruption and how the 1MDB
Kalau ta suka pulak Jawa 
and the meddling of a wife destroyed UMNO and how if left unchecked it will destroy the party again.

All members who are tainted must not be allowed even up the rostrum at branch and division meetings, they should be shown the exit door and must be made to understand that they are not welcomed, this will show the those vying for the top that the new UMNO members are serious about revitalizing their party.

If members are vying top positions they must be brave to face the truth and take the leadership by storm, they must be brave to challenge the status quo, and tell the present crop that they are in this predicament because of them and there can be no excuse.

There are such members in the party today they sit on the sidelines as observers, they are intimidated
Yes Sir!!!! Typical Hussein Onn stuff clueless
but with UMNO's loss the leaders are seen as cowards who can't be intimidate any more, they do not have the influence of either the police or the law to go and intimidate these young uns  who are now rearing to go.

What about Khairy?

Well honestly in the Supreme Council he looks like the best bet for the UMNO President, but then there are others who are just waiting for the prompting of the membership to be counted. These chaps were not born into the Abdullah Badawi family, but have the qualities to lead an organisation like UMNO.

They may be green horns, but that is exactly what UMNO requires, politically green horns, they do not need the seasoned politician because the seasoned politician in UMNO is as corrupt as can be, either by way of having received gratification or having backed Najib in the full knowledge of what was happening.

Green horns will come with new ideas, they will ahve no notions of personally enriching themselves or their spouses either with cows or with cash, they will come with the idea of enriching the country by crafting good policies in the party that that they will lead to make it an organisation that the people will trust and not just follow out of fear as was the case with UMNO over the years.

Can this happen in UMNO?

According to a Melaka UMNO man yes sit can, but he reckons it will begin less radically, with Khairy Jamaluddin ousting the Ahmad Zahid/ Hishamuddin pairing and beginning his own line up.and he reckons it will begin at the next UMNO General Assembly.

This man suggests that Khairy should seek as much support from the non radical seniors in the party and he singled out Mustapa Moahmad, as "he is senior with broad experience and like Khairy is academically accomplished, if these two men click they'll rock the boat at least," he said
Mustapa was a close adviser to Najib but being a religious man kept his distance from Najib as their habits were not the same.
Broad experience, finance, education, entrepreneur Development, trade, agriculture.

He says the fight will be the most ferocious, it will be even worse than that between the BN and the Harapan at the last elections, but it will happen, and winner will take all. It will have to be even more ferocious than that betwen the Kuli and Mahathir, because this si the ultimate survival of UMNO adn if Khairy is defeated so too will UMNO be.

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