Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hudud no longer a fear factor - MERDEKA!!!!!

If Chua Soi Lek thinks he can get the people to vote the MCA by frightening them with  the Hudud he is wrong, terribly wrong, in fact he is bordering on madness and should be sent for some serious checking at the Tanjung Rambutan Hospital.

He should be looking at the PKFZ scandal,  a scandal that involved his  party, that has suddenly gone out of the governments screen together with the MCA leader Ong Tee Keat (whom he replaced) who mooted action against all those involved in that scandal.

Ong Tee Keat was moved out and in came Chua Soi Lek.

Everyone knows that Ong Tee Keat was moved out so that the PKFZ scandal under the leadership of Najib creating  his usual sandiwaras could be swept   carpet which is what has actually happened,  but to do that they had to remove one stubborn MCA leader Ong Tee Keat and Chua whose sexual episodes actually cost him the presidency now saw the opportunity to capitalize which he did.

If Tee Keat had handled it many people would have been taken to task and many people in the BN might have been exposed  and that is one reason I'd assume Chua in his new role of MCA chief is so focused on hudud as  many of  partymen, many Barisan MPs including senior ministers  and party leaders will be armless not only for the PKFZ scandal but an accumulation of scandals.

There is a serious fear that both arms may be chopped off, but I really wonder why they are so scared, with the amount of illicit wealth these people have accumulated they could purchase artificial limbs, this country will be full of bionic people.

Like all other scandals of this regime that scandal is being swept under the carpet, it now seems that after Mahahthir Mohamed's testimony everything is alright in the PKFZ.

Any surprise?

That of course  is what everybody expected with our current attorney general at the helm anyway,  so really nothing of this magnitude ever surprises Malaysians these days,  it is the norm,  the norm we are waiting to rid ourselves of,and now with Mahathir Mohammed as the AG's chief witness the whole case falls apart and PKFZ is no longer a scandal.

Chua Soi Lek's  actual position is "Minister agaisnt Hudud," he is placed there to ensure that the hands of many BN Parliamentarians and their cronies are remain safe after the next General elections, but Chua should examine the situation as a whole and ask himself will Malaysians be more worried bout Hudud or the type of government we have today?

This ministerial position has been given to  Chua on the quiet, he is tryign to do a good job with it, but he will fail. It has to be quiet as it may anger the Malays and Muhyiddin in particular who has come out many a time to silence Chua.

Look at what Chua is so preoccupied with these days,  he has nothing but Hudud on his mind. He has asked the Bar council to study Hudud, since when did this government give the bar council any such recognition, now in desperation they have turned to the Malaysian Bar, he should ask Rais Yatim and Nazri instead, he should ask Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and they  Home Minister Hishamuddin instead they re all well versed. Dr. Rais Yatim is a lawyer, Nazri is a lawyer, Hishamuddin is a lawyer (all less intelligent though) and of course the former PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi a Muslim scholar. Why is he asking the Bar Council?

Why?  Because many people in  UMNO and the rest of BN are afraid they may be doomed to walk the town as one arm bandits if the Hudud is implemented. UMNO ministers and MPs can't come out in the open and oppose Hudud because that will be against Islam, so they get Chua to do the shouting for them and he in turn tries to get the Malaysian Bar to assist him.

Consider this.

Weren't dead bodies snatched from bereaving  families claiming the dead had converted to Islam when even their next of kin were not aware of it?

One wonders why so many Muslims are converting to Islam without letting their next kin know about the same, should they not be proud of the fact they converted?

These dead body kidnappings have gone unchecked by this government, what has Chua done about it?

He talks so much about Hudud what has he done agaisnt the body snatching.

Has he ever come out openly to oppose and condemn these actions?

Has he won on any of those occasions?

Has he got any assurances that this will not occur again?

Has he managed to put a stop to it?

The truth is as we all know this man is nothing but an UMNO lackey, his position even in MCA is UMNO controlled and in fact MCA is the extension of UMNO - its subversion wing to ensure that the Chinese aspirations are controlled.

Every time he opens his mouth, and each time his son opens his mouth more and more people get angry and turn away from the MCA and the BN in general.

Chua has a lot of things to consider when he tries to scare the people with Hudud.

Yes,  UMNO has not introduced the Hudud, so did this make the "devil" to quote Mahathir any better?

They have done terrible things and that is why they can't even think about the hudud, they dread the hudud more than anyone else.

Isn't making non Muslims appear in the Syariah court to settle their grouses in divorce cases solemnized at the registrar of marriages a secular body, not a case of Hudud being imposed on the non Muslim Malaysians?

If the non Muslims want to build a temple, a Church or any other place of worship it is almost impossible the government will give them no end of trouble. Today they  are given places in Industrial Zones next to factories to build places of worship.

In Shah Alam a Church was given land near an oxidation pond, the community went ahead nevertheless to  build the Church, for some reason the oxidation pond was removed, and after the Christian Community  had completed the piling and as the building was work in progress the the entire structure was torn down by the the then Menteri Besar Muhamad Taib bin Muhamad, and after long delays and shifting of sites from one place to another the Church was finally given a piece of land in an Industrial site with rules that it should not look like a Church from the outside.

The next Menteri Besar of Selangor became the Champion of destroying Hindu temples, he got destroyed in the process.

Even the Bhori Muslims are not alowed to place a sign to indicate that their Mosque in Klang is a Masjid, they are Shite Muslims and they are not allowed this.

Nik Aziz and many leading Muslim scholars in the world have upheld the right of the non Muslims especially the Christians to use the word Allah for God,it predates Islam and th Christians having been using it long before the Muslims, and yet  the likes of Syed Hamid the former Minister of Home Affairs, Mahathir Mohammed and even Naajib think otherwise, although the God has been referred to as Allah by the Christians in Malaysia since the days of Francis Xavier.

We all know how UMNO and its supporters marched with a cows head in blatant disregard for the feelings of the Hindus in protesting about a Hindu Temple, that was not PAS led neither was it PAS initiated, although some UMNo infiltrators into PAS championed the cause. All this was not Hudud it was UMNO so why frighten us with Hudud?

Chua Soi Lek just like his boss Najib Tun Razak are desperate and bankrupt for ideas  and will try anything now to win the popular vote.

It is the opinion of the people that if the Barisan looses this elections many of their  leaders will flee the country, one ex leader a top figure I do not have to mention the name is so afraid he has come out and positioned the BN as the Devil and  the opposition head as an Angel, saying "it is better the known devil than an unknown angel."

Some people are just so darn scared they'd try anything from letting the Pakatan win, but a Pakatan victory is a foregone conclusion and nothing must be done to undermine the coming elections, if that is done this government has to be held responsible.

Hudud seems a better alternative than UMNO and we have all seen it, UMNOs' governance is nothing but deceit, in Hudud if you steal you'll have your hand chopped off, I reckon the corrupt have a lot to fear because they have stolen and hudud will not take that lightly and that is why the BN is so scared of Hudud.

We shall see many a retired BN  politicians with only one arm if the hudud is implemented, then in UMNO elections when the vote is carried out by a show of hands some UMNO men may not have hands to show,  and these are the people who are making a lot of noise about the Hudud using their new unofficial minister - Dr. Chua Soi Lek.

PAS would begin with only implementing Hudud for the Malays, the Syariah courts will implement Hudud law for the Malays to begin with. After all that is already in place with the present day Syariah Courts and PAS is not too happy with the adminsitration of justice in the Islamic context in these courts.

So Hudud  is no bogeyman to us the electorate right now everything seems better an alternative than UMNO and its lackeys.

So Chua Soi Lek please ensure your hands are clean, if it is not, come out in the open and admit it now like you did your sex case, or if you have anything to  hide that can be construed as theft, you may be walking  tight rope, the Pakatan is going to win.

Everything said it is the Pakatan that is going for victory, not  PAS alone, so PAS  will not be able to implement  hudud without the support of the other parties as PAS by itself will not command a majority just like UMNO has right now, anyway compared with what we have now under the BN I think any other alternative looks better.

Now if the BN politicians want their hands saved they had better be fair with the opposition.   I can only sit and wonder many generous UMNO and BN men donating arms to the armless,and Malaysian Doctors becoming specialist in that trad, but alas will our dear Dr. Mahathir have the natural resource to carry  out such operations, and you too Dr. Chua.

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