Saturday, March 24, 2012

Najib made no decisions, it was Sharizat's call all the way.

The wanita members of team B have revealed that all decisions of yesterday's meetings were decided by Sharizat and that Najib had no say in the final outcome.

The entire deal was worked out by Sharizat, even Najib's statement was carefully worded by Sharizat's aides, this was all because as one source put it, "she was prepared to defy Najib and expose him if he wanted her out."

The indications were there when Sharizat said she would step down on 8 April, that was the end of her senatorial term so there is no question about stepping down, it's just that her term expires on that day unless renewed, it was nothing more than a face saving proposition, that turned out  to make Najib look like a coward.

"He had suggested she leave,  he used Mahathir to put pressure on Sharizat," but Sharizat just refused and her statement about stepping down on April 8th was nothing more than just plain defiance.

She had then hinted through her emissaries that she was prepared to go for broke, and spill the beans on more UMNO scandals, and attack all and sundry and the PM caved in.

Sharizat has also asked for an assurance of a Parliamemtary seat at the next General Elections and team B suspects that Najib has already accepted this, so what is this stepping down about?

Sharizat's supporters were pushing the PM for a favorable decision they got a part of what was asked for, there is now pressure to make sure her husband's case is handled favorably, in fact this is old news they had already visited Hishamuddin and Najib on these issues earlier and it was reported in the official media. 

They have been asking the government of Najib Tun Razak to refuse to bring up this case at all they even cited his case and hurled accusations of so many in the party including Mahathir Mohamed,  asking him  if they could be given such privileges, why couldn't Sharizat's family? immunity from prosecution is what they are seeking.

Well we now have Nazri's son's case will that be prosecuted now? In Sharizat's case it is a mother and her sons together with her husband, how about Nazri and son will there be a thorough no holds barred investigation?

Najib is  helpless in the face fo Sharizat's  faction threatening to expose him if he refused to make her deputy toe the line, and he did just that. This is one smart cookie, a true blooded  mammak, they have ruled and will continue to rule this way.

Meanwhile the opposition loves what is happening because they are not finished with this case , there are more scandals associated with this one case alone and this is but one card  they have to play come the next elections, even a member fo Sharizat's team has said they can forget Selangor now.

Will Najib call for elections now? I think he will soon because he plans to use the ghost of May 13 to scare the Malaysian voter, and because the EC is on his side to do what he bids them to.

I think the opposition has to call for international observers, its going to be dirty, 10 times worse than it was in Sarawak.

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