Friday, March 23, 2012

Camp B and a third force -The Sharizat issue.

The Wanita  is split into two  camps now and they are hurling accusations about each other and here are some of  the things some of them told me.

I shall be meeting a few top people in the team B sometime tomorrow and will publish the whole story as it unfolds from what I have labeled 'team B',  late Saturday night or the wee hours of Sunday morning.

A Selangor delegate, a "supporter of Sharizat," had this to say, "Najib has just cooked the right recipe for the fall of Selangor again."

Another delegate,"it becomes bad if we have to tell her to go, it reflects badly on her, it reflects badly on the party (us) too especially, after what she said and did at the Wanita Assembly, and what is being revealed now, it is better for her to go than to stay, it is better for all of us."

"UMNO has to stop play acting as if nothing is wrong when things are so wrong,  this helps no one, it destroys the party, it has, it is and it is continuing, today's outcomes have made it only worse, I worry for UMNO and I worry especially for the wanita wing all the progress we have made will go down the drain soon and all because of this, " ....a soft spoken intellectual in UMNO.

" Everything is alright, it should be alright,  but there is a third force working in the midst of the wanita issues today, everyone knows who heads this third force, she has a lot to be angry with Sharizat for, she is a typical case of the saying about, hell, fury and the woman? I forgot the saying" when told "hell hat no fury like a woman scorned" she blurted out "yes!! yes!!! yes!!! that's it, this woman was scorned, having said that I wish to add, that even though that be the case, in my opinion Sharizat must go, nothing personal, it is just morally wrong for her to stay."

There is credibility in the  published notion that Najib having compromised his own integrity is powerless in asking Sharizat  to go.

More updates as it comes in.

Received at 9.53 p.m.
"In UMNO,  and sadly even in our wing - that is the wanita, we have reached a stage when we worship our leaders, this is wrong. In UMNO we  have lost the ability to see the good from the bad, the right from the wrong and  this is the attitude of the leadership. It has evolved into a  culture practiced and getting more radical by the day, the hour and the minutes, preached so eloquently by the leadership. Now  think how it affects the grassroots who have been programmed to follow blindly. As an UMNO member I say this is wrong, I hope more will follow me so we can stand up and say it aloud to save the race the religion and the country." ....... taken directly from an sms.

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  1. It's simple to reason this out... Rosmah, Sharizat and Marina Mahatir were all buddies, studying together at the Tunku Kursiah Kolej in NS...
    They know each other's darkest secrets... So Rosmah has instructed Najib, to take care of Sharizat...and that's what he's precisely doing... Otherwise - "pecah lubang' la... mudslinging and " you scald my back, I scald yours.."....... One thief has to cover the other...
    Marina M is watching from the sidelines...????

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