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Will Sharizat become defacto Prime Minster after the next General Elections?

CAPTION ME: When Rosmah met Michelle.
 Rosmah Mansor & Michelle Obama . (Photo credit: qwazymonkey)
We all know that right now Rosmah Nansor is the defacto Prime Minster of Malaysia.

Anything she wants she gets and Najib is powerless, as all the reins of power are held by Malaysia's most powerful lady Rosmah Mansor.

She is already making Imelda Marcos and Maria Antoinette look like novices, she has Najib at her feet and the  press at her beck and call.

She has appeared in the local dailies more often than Tun  Siti Hasmaha has in Mahahtir's entire tenure  as Prime Minister of Malaysia, she has proclaimed herself or has been bestowed the title by her fearful husband "The First Lady" of Malaysia.

Now  has anyone else amongst our Prime Minister's wives ever, ever dared call themselves that? First lady!!!

Where did she get the audacity to let herself be referred to that way?

Did the Press suddenly decide to give her that title or were they asked to refer to her that way?

Whatever I say about Mahathir, I think Siti Hasmah was a fine wife of a Prime Minister and she carried out her  responsibilities in the best manner fitting a Prime Minster's wife, and no one can deny that, she was graceful,  a very motherly figure and the type that Rosmah can't stand up to. That is something I say without any reservations whatsoever. Even in all their political rivalry both she and Wan Azizah have a cordial relationship, and that is well known, not that they go out of their way to meet each other these days, but that is because of the kind of person she is -Siti Hasmah.

Anyway I think rosmah Abdul Jalil  is about to alleviate herself, or go into some sort of hiding soon as it is rumoured that Sharizat Abdul Jalil has suddenly assumed so much power in her "stepping down deal" with Najib,  that she would soon be in a position to pull the strings at Putrajaya.

What will happen to Rosmah then is anybody's guess, but Rosmah is no pushover either,  especially as when it comes to Najib, so Sharizat Abdul Jalil has to make her moves without  her knowledge, or she may just "see four" (whatever way you spell it) if you know what I mean.

MUNICH, GERMANY - JUNE 29:  Malaysian Minister...
Shahrizat Abdul Jalil . (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
Sharizat has got to this enviable position through the deal, which was, "you do not drop me and phase me out or I will have to try the same number with you and I have the necessary ammo to hit back at you with a vengence," as  she may be  left without a position after the next General Elections, but she still wants her political clout  in the Wanita, and the only way she can ensure that happens is to have a hold on Najib, which she nowy has, what exactly that hold is, is anybody's guess, because that is how compromised the integrity of the office of the Prime Minister is.

Rosmah realises that there are somethings not right between her husband and Sharizat Abdul Jalil, but she is also aware of Sharizat's links with Mahathir and any sinister move against Sharizat may get her on the wrong side of Mahathir.

The talk in UMNO circles is that Mahathir feels she is an embarrassment to the party and the race, and they Rosmah and Mahahtir aren't all that close too. She is aware that Mahathir sees her as an irresponsible irritant, he is not used to highty flighty  ladies and to him Rosmah is one.

Tagalog: Ang larawang ito ay kinunan ko noong ...
Imelda Romualdez-Marcos  a pale  shadow of  our Rosmah (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. I just love this photo of Rosmah, she looks like the Government midwife's assistant who used to come to my kampung in Nurses Uniform that looked something like what she is wearing on a bicycle. She is a picture of that lady, only that that lady was better looking, wore her clothes smartly and more presentable.

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