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Former IGP's Gang links - Is Najib an accomplice?

Musa Hassan, Ketua Polis Negara
Musa Hassan, is he more powerful even in his retirement than the Home Minister and the PM?(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 Could Najib be an accomplice of the former IGP who is being accused of having links with top gangsters?


Could Najib the Prime Minister of this country be victim of blackmail by this former IGP himself?

Remember Najib's position as PM could well be compromised as the truths of his association or disassociation with the Altantuya murder case and the related Scorpene case were never investigated by the Police although there are strong grounds to do so.

Or Could it have been investigated and incriminating results kept in secret files, accessible only to maybe Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Mahahtir Mohammed and of which this IGP and the AG have full knowledge?

Malaysiakini reports today of gang links between the former IGP and  the people giving the evidence under oath about such links are those who have had the  closest links with Musa Hassan the former IGP. They are cops who served under Musa and during his tenure of service before he was promoted.

This man has been reported to have links with other underworld bosses, and it has been alleged by former top police personnel that the it was not him alone in his capacity as the Inspector General of Police but also the Attorney General  Gani Patel and  they are being accused of acting in concert.

It is alleged that in his quest  to either serve the underworld and to serve his own purposes  he fixed  the former Commercial Crimes InvestigationDepartment director Ramli Yusuff, and six of his men five years ago.
Ramli Yusuff was initially linked with the investigation of one top underworld figure against whom he laid charges and who was  later left of the hook by  the attorney general and Musa  and instead charged him - Ramli Yusoff. 

When Ramli Yusuff was charged in court, Musa who was then still  serving as   IGP was described as an "untruthful and unreliable witness" - in short the court called this former IGP a liar, when  he presented himself as the 75th witness in a desperate attempt to get Ramli convicted,  but alas it was not to be so, so our former IGP was described as an untruthful person by the court, a Malaysian court in Sabah.

Hishammuddin's act of waving the keris (tradit...
Hishammuddin's act of waving the keris is he only good for that? have the Police upstaged him?  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In the case these underworld figures was one "Tengku" Goh. These people are actually referred to by their friends, their associates and I am told  even by Musa as "Tengku" and to me that is a treasonable offence, as it is a direct affront to our royalty and the  institution they represent we have all got a duty to  protect it and more so the Police and if Musa had indeed referred to this man as “Tengku” whilst in his capacity as IGP it is a treasonable offence, calling a top gangster a "Tengku?"

Where is UMNO now they always find means to accuse people fo treason fro no rhyme or reason but when there is an actual case they remain silent because it suits their purpose to remain silent or this man may squeal.

Now there is another twist, an underworld Minister of Home Affairs has surfaced, one BK Tan, this man it is reported was the man behind the promotions in the police force, he according to the sources either dictated to Musa or at least influenced him on who should and should not be promoted, now isn't that the job of the IGP's boss -the Minister of Home Affairs, I mean our "less intelligent" Hishamuddin Hussein Onn? what does he plan to do about this?

If these allegations are true then the integrity of the Police force has been compromised and indeed by the outward signs of the going ons and the number of alleged Police criminal cases itself it looks as though it is so, this means that our Minister of Home affairs is  in no position to give orders to the Police and other departments under his purview, but rather it’s the thugs who do that,. and such a situation can only arise if we have a government whose integrity has been compromised, now is that the case here? Hisham does not seem to have any power in his own ministry.

Wasn't that the case when the head of the MACCI recently put his boss Hishamuddin in his place when he openly and rightly said that the MACCI was not the right agency to investigate the Attorney General and Musa but rather the Police, but with  a tainted police force  in which s the public has no confidence the right body in this case should be a an independent commission of inquiry a - Royal Commission of Inquiry. 

A look at Kugan's death, the investigation of Teoh Beng Hock's death, all while in custody seems to indicate that our police force has connections with the underworld, it also seems to indicate that some of them could be working with the underworld.  

Remember Kugan had knowledge of car theft syndicates could Musa's links have had connections with them too and was that the reasons Kugan had to be finished, because he knew too much? 

These are questions that will linger in the minds of many Malaysians, they will sit and wonder, will anyone in his right mind now have the courage to go to the police to seek help when in trouble. 

Even if the present IGP is the cleanest cop the people will not be prepared to do so unless a full and transparent investigations into these allegations are carried out, preceded by a full RCI is carried out to allow the people to know the truth.

The Prime Minister has come out saying there is no reason to have an inquiry, to me that is because I suspect his integrity has been compromised in the Altantuya case, and Musa knows a lot about it and just fixed two of his own  cops like he did Ramli to save the PM, and the PM can't do anything about Musa now even if he wants to as Musa will  then in defence fix the  PM with the Altantuya case.

The two cops who have been sentenced to die will escape the gallows and maybe even set free, the courts have delayed the appeal so that it can be held after the elections, that looks like the most possible scenario and that is what will take place. 

Well rightfully they should not be hanged, because even if they did - kill Altantuya, it must have been on the instructions of some superior, these were Najib's personal bodyguards, they are trained to take orders from only one person and that is Najib, they trained to blindly obey and that is exactly what they do. Is that what they did in the Altantuya case? That is why it is hard to accept the reasoning of the Judge who said there is no requirement of a motive in this murder case.

This is  the state of the country, everyone is corrupt, and the corrupt protect the corrupt and the criminals because they are all in league with each other, and we are left at their mercy.

If we do not see it we must be blind, totally blind or we have decided that it is best to leave it alone.
Well that is what the Jews did to Hitler and at the end of the day six million of them were killed. 

A  Gangster has become a self appointed "Tengku" even the Police refer to him as "Tengku Goh" this is what UMNO practices the politics of convenience, it really cheats the Malays and make them think they have enemies all around when UMNO in itself is the biggest enemy of the Malay.

It is UMNO that is giving this Police Chief  and the attorney general the protection, it is this police chief and the AG that gives these big gangsters the protection they require. 

Now is it a surprise that we never found the killer or killers of the daughter of the Taxi Driver -Nurin the little 8 year old girl was tortured killed, her body placed in a plastic bag and they have never found the killers, then there is the case of the  little Chinese boy who went missing and has not been heard of since, and so many other criminal cases left unsolved.

Now how can we solve criminal cases if our top cops and the attorney general are themselves involved with top criminals? 

I am not saying they are but at least that seems to be the perception, it is being said by people who know them intimately and all their movements. There can be no smoke without fire, and unless Najib calls for a full inquiry into the case of the Attorney General and the ex Police chief,  he Najib Tun Razak becomes an accomplice if these allegations are true and public opinion has it that it is true.

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