Tuesday, April 24, 2012

At the Dataran of course and we'll be there.

Yes let it begin, start a vigil it is only a mere 4 days from today and we'll all be there.
( Malaysiakini is down hit by violent attacks the BN kind.
Reach Malaysiakini on its mirror site here, pass the word around.

In the midst of our preparations the desperate Barisan is going bonkers and are trying hard to throw us into confusion, but little do they realise  that each move they make to stifle this rally more and more  people are pledging to turn up. the determination to go to the Dataran is getting hotter.

To the invite I got from Melaka, I am sorry I can't join you I have to be here in the Dataran.

Why is it the people can't have the Dataran?

After all  it is ours,  it is our heritage, we own it and we want to be there, Bersih announced it earlier than anyone else and the announcement was public, so that is exactly where it will be and we will all be there, rain, hail, tear gas, chemically laced water shot from water canons, we'll be there  that is a promise.

I have begun receiving emails aplenty  from people telling me they will be there, I have received at least 116 that was my last count telling me they have changed their mind and that now they have decided they'll be there.

My average daily readership is in the region of 300 so if 116 tell me they have changed their mind and that they'll be there, there must be many many more who feel the same ask the statisticians they'll give you are fair reading, they know how to interpret that kind of figures.

This is the best campaign tool , in the last elections I thanked Nazri he was responsible for the Barisan losing so much votes, this time Hishamuddin has taken over that role, I hope he continues his stupid rhetoric it gets people worked up and they want to show him a thing or two so they are now coming, lets shout hurray for Hishamuddin when we are at the Dataran, he may not realise it but, he is our biggest campaigner.

The Police have to be there, they have to be there not to intimidate us, not to attack us but to guide and protect us,  that is what they should be there for, they must let us feel easy, they must let us feel comfortable with them, they have to respect our right to be there, they must play fair,   they already have a bad reputation with the people and there is no better opportunity than now to mend that,  so the Police have to be there for us and not agaisnt us.

We the people will be orderly we are there to ensure that our vote at the next General Elections counts and that we will not be robbed of it, that is what Bersih wants and that is what every responsible Malaysian wants.

We do not want foreigners coming to vote, we do not want phantoms of the ballot box, we do not want any form of cheating to take place all we want is free and fair elections.

As it is we have to write, we have to spend our time to keep people informed about the truth, the national media is full of lies, half truths and twisted reporting, we have no choice but to resort to the electronic media.

So stop trying to bully us Hishamuddin Hussein Onn,  we are not afraid of you, you  were not even born when I learned to sing the Negara Ku that was before Merdeka was proclaimed, and I sang it on the 31st of August 1957 at the Klang Padang  I was there I proudly saluted the National flag  as it was raised that morning, even when Malaysia was formed in 1963 you were probably running around your house without your pants you were were only two then, and even though you are the grandson of the founder of UMNO who eventually left the party, and the son of one of our former Prime Ministers noted for his integrity, you seem to lack it  all.

No leadership, no Charisma, seemingly no brains too.  What a shame.

Hey Hishamudiin tell you something go to Selangor Club and enjoy the view of the Dataran on Saturday 28th august 2012 at 2.00 P.M. I'll personally lead the hurray for you how about it?