Friday, April 27, 2012

Our date with Destiny-BERSIH 3

The police have a duty to protect, do not allow a Benigno Aquino to be staged here by UMNO, I am not saying it will happen, but it could, and they have  to be ready.

Whatever religion you belong to God be with you, today is a day that will go down in History, Bersih 2 is already become a day in History when  the government denied the atrocities committed there and now all that  has been exposed, Bersih 3 like the opium wars of China will go down in History as a greater day than Bersih 2.

Today they will try the same things they did in Bersih 2, but with excuses at hand, we have endured it before we can again, do not be intimidated by Najib, his extremely stupid cousin Hishamuddin and  the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur. That is why the Mayor said, "we are ready, " and may I respond, "and so are we."

I am tempted to say the Police chief, but I shall give him the benefit of doubt, he is not Musa so he gets the benefit of doubt everybody is entitled to that including the Malaysian Police Chief, if God is with him he'll do what is right and not allow himself to be used, he will protect the people whilst they exercise their constitutional rights.

The Police have a duty to respect and guard our political leaders and to ensure that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Nik Aziz, Lim Kit Siang and others are not made Benigno Aquinos in UMNO's quest for power.

They have to ensure that all their C4 explosives are well secured and not left loose.

Will Marina Mahathir be there? I really like to know this? She comes to atone for her father's sins I believe and so that should anything happen she will come in to save her father.

Today whatever happens happens, like I said before it will go down in History of this nation, our nation under God, it will unite us the people, as one.

The irony of the whole issue is that in most countries that were colonialised the people had to fight the colonialists, they had to fight them tooth and nail to win their freedom, here we are fighting tyrants in our midst, we did nto really fight the colonialists to get our independence as much as we will ahve to fight these thieves, robbers and pseudo politicians who have robbed us of our independence.

If anything happens today, the Chief of the Elections Commission will have to bear thisresponsibility, Ongkili will have it on him and he will have to account for this, the day he sold Malaysians to tyrants, so Ongkili take note.

The map below lists the areas to assemble in.

God be with you and our leaders for the day, Ambiga Sreenivasan I thank God for this brave lady, the almighty has given us, I thank God for  A Samad Said, if he can be thre there is no excuse for any of us not being there, he has shown us that everyone should be there to protect the nation being robbed and cheated by this band of hoodlums.

Najib and Hishamuddin I reckon are now getting their stories for planned atrocities right, so that they can responsdto the press better this time then they did the last.

The mayor will be on the front line any mistake he makes will be corrected by Hishamuddin and any mistake Hishamuddin makes which I assure you he will Najib will attempt to correct and only make it worse on them.

We have a cause, a noble cause, it has to be done and we shall do it today, get to your respective Bersih destinations for the day.
Our children must remember us for the right reasons, when we stood against injustice, corruption,  and saved the nation.

This day 28th April 2012 will go down in History, be part of it for the right reasons.