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Malaysiakini is down hit by violent attacks the BN kind.
Reach Malaysiakini on its mirror site here, pass the word around.

Let it begin the countdown begin we have six days to go and we must make it count.
In view of a hostile reaction by this government, a subtle but nonetheless a hostile reaction, like snot letting us have the Dataran  a job they have given a stooge the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur and which he  so blindly and foolishly follows we have no alternative but to take this one level higher.
Let us have a massive show of strength, everyone should participate and I promise if everyone makes this count this government will fall.
Bring on all adult members of your family as long as you are above 18 years old you are old enough to participate.
6 Days is a very short time, make yourselves available, cancel anything and everything that interferes with this timing, if you are getting married come there in your wedding gowns we'll give you such a big crowd you'll be so delighted, nothing should stop you, unless you are in hospital or overseas.
There is a venue in all major towns go to the one nearest to you.
If you do not have a yellow T-shirt it is okay anything will do, try tying a yellow ribbon for men around your scalp, or a yellow scarf, a yellow cap, anything  yellow, including painting your face yellow.
Remember to be orderly, remember not to allow others to intimidate you into a reaction, we are there with one purpose as Tamrin Ghafar Baba so aptly put it "do not let them steal your country away from you."

"It's now or never come hold my hand
Sit by my side and lets make a stand,
Tomorrow will be too late, its now or never
Lets Bersih the land.

Let not our land be given away,
let not our unity go astray
Lets sit together now
Brother and sister to Bersih the way.


Well I meant for this to be sung to the tune of the  famous song by Elvis Presley "Its now or Never Never."

That however was not the  chorus I am referring too, I am JUST  saying let us make that our sonG, I prefer if the lyrics could be made in Malay, because  suddenly people who are from UMNO who were Najib's peers are now coming out and saying enough is enough and not to let him and UMNO "steal the elections" from Malaysians.

They have described him as "power crazy." yes we all know that that is Najib alright, but when people from UMNO tell us that we have to take note, that is the seriousness in the deterioration of democracy in this country.

The latest entry into this arena is Tamrin Ghafar Baba, speaking at a rally, a run up to the Bersih 3, he said,
“I have a clarification to make, I am still an Umno member, however  today, I have decided to come down to the ground  because I can no longer bear to see the electoral system being manipulated for the sake of maintaining power.”

Tamrin echoed the cry of NGO's and bloggers saying,  "today, I am saddened to see that our country can simply be sold to foreigners for the sake of winning (the general election).”

Tamrin has joined other UMNO members to bring this issue to the forefront,  it is the fear of the people that Najib will compromise the ballot box and compromise the integrity of the nation as well. Now it is something that is no secret, there are voters who have been given citizenship just to vote for the BN. This elections looks like it is being set to be rigged.

Tamrin himself has had virst hand evidence having met a Pakistani National who was given citizenship, and these actions are even defended by MCA members.

Very soon this Pakistani will become a Bumiputra  or at least his children and our children who by then will be fourth and fifth generation wiill still be second class citizens, that is how MCA sells the Chinese, it is the party who works for UMNO to sell the Chinese and this is the proof.

I once wrote about this in the article  "Invading the country the EC way" that was not meant to be a joke and it is now being confirmed by an UMNO member not just any other UMNO member but Tamrin Ghafar Bab himself.

Then the blogs and the electronic media talk about corruption by the billions of ringgit, I have said over and over again that if all the money were taken back we could all, man woman and child receive a million ringgit each and yet have billions more to put back into the National treasure trove.

Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir who urged the audience not to allow BN to “steal the election, ” he reminded all present that even though this government controlled the media and refused to give the opposition fair access to publishing its information at the last elections 48 percent of the electorate voted against the government.

A huge 48 percent and yet that is not reflected in the number of seats in Parliament, because this Elections Commission which is a disgrace to itself has made sure that the BN has safe seats in which the numbers of the electorate are in some instances even less than 2,000 voters but opposition strongholds have as many as 60,000 voters.

Both Abdul Kadir and Tamrin pledged to be there for Bersih 3, and ahve asked other UMNO members to join in, in an effort not to sell this country to foreigners.

Sheik Kadir went on to say, that he was an UMNO member for   for 56 years and it was a party run  by the membership, the leaders he said were then   clean but sadly  as time passed, it appeared that it had become their (selected few) fathers’ party, in a direct reference to Najib, Hishamuddin and Mukhriz.

After leaving the party  I remained silent but the stealing became worse. Millions were no longer enough, it turned to the  the billions as is the case now, in the end I could no longer take it and resigned from  the party."

The chorus has gained momentum,  so do not just do not sit down at home and hope others will do the job for you, get out and come make it the biggest protest in the history of this nation, come out and join us bring your adult children, your spouse, tell your neighbour to come be there we can't afford to let this country go to thieves and power hungry and greedy self seeking people.

the country can't afford to be feudalistic, or dynastic, no dynasty should  rule, Najib is bad enough and we all know that Hishamuddin will be next followed by Mukhriz if we do nothing, if we come out in huge numbers even the police will join us, because there are so many of them there waiting to, so come out and give them the encouragement to join us free our country.

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  1. He can make a better impact then.
    Very good write, `tis the only way left for him.
    That is something I have always said (wits0 will agree) I do agree with that petition to the Brits and all that (it was my idea after all given to Uthaya in B`fields but that was circa `97 long before Hindraf), but since then he has just gone down the drain and whatever support mustered has been increasingly frittered away.

    His self-immolation could help him redeem himself. Here`s another one, or two:

  2. The estate Indians unwittingly also allowed themselves to be more retarded because of the changeover of the English medium to the hopeless Malay medium. Even now they think of Tamil only.

    I remember the city English educated Indians of the fifties and sixties who were more progressive and successful.

    I'm sure I am not mistaken despite being of just schooling age then.

    I suspect that the Dongs of the MCA must have been sniggering at us "bananas" then too. Now they know Chinese education alone just isn't enough. Usually mostly H/P 6 Chinese and H/P 6 English enabled product, miserable expectedly in BM too.

    Tamil is even far less useful at the world's stage.

  3. We are trying to reach out to all malaysians currently residing in Melbourne to come out and support Bersih 3 on the 28/4. Do not feel isolated as we will always support for a change of malaysia government in the GE13.