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Bersih 3 is about cleaning out Mahathirism

Bersih is not all about elections only, it's about cleaning up. 

It's spring cleaning of the nation,  so make sure you are there at Bersih 3
Malaysiakini is down hit by violent attacks the BN kind.
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The last few decades have witnessed the decadence of our society, decay brought about by a corrupt and conniving regime whom  we called the  government, led by a man who thought that he and he alone had the prescription to change this country for the better, but instead prescribed practices that has taken this country to the verge of economic destruction, the man we all know as Mahathir Mohammed.

Mahathirism is a vane system that thrives on greed, it is a borrowed  system  whose DNA has the chromosomes  from Hitler and Stalin and born  of Mahathir Mohammed in which he really and truly believes that he and he only has all the prescriptions for Malaysia and everybody else is wrong, should anybody who opposes him be right,  he must be made wrong, and he must be wronged, and that wronging must be made to look right - no matter how many wrongs it takes to do that, we have seen that over and over again it is  the standard practice of this UMNO led government which totally subscribes to Mahathirism. A system created by a psychopath who managed to get into high office, and whose successors seem to be bucking the trend.

Mahathirism is very closely linked to Nazism, in fact there is very little difference between the two and  many  argue that there is none although it has  an infusion of Stalinism in its  form. History tells us that Hitler and Stalin were psychopaths too, now history will include Mahathir to that number.

Like the Nazis who had this hatred for the Jews and believed they were the superior race, Mahathir has and had this inherent hatred for the Chinese though he does not espouse this openly. 

In 1969 when standing on an Alliance ticket (Alliance was a coalition of only UMNO, MCA and MIC), he told the Chinese voters in his constituency not to bother attending his campaign and not to support him as he would not represent them in Parliament and yet after losing he blamed his loss on the Chinese, of course he lost because of the Chinese, because of what he had told them prior to the elections, and yet he had the audacity to blame the Chinese.

This self seeking racialist has no love for the Malay

This same Mahathir hired a Chinese driver to show the Chinese he was boss and a Chinese would be his driver, he would have opted for a Chinese for a lower position if he had one such job and if he  could find a Chinese willing to do that for him. Not that there were no Malays who were more deserving of that  job, but that he wanted it to ridicule the Chinese in his own subtle way and in the process actually deprived more deserving Malays of a job, this is what this self proclaimed champion of the Malays did to quench his ego, he deprived the Malay.

Mahathirism has no love for the Malays, it is nothing but a front to gain their support, Mahathirism is self seeking and it will sacrifice anybody, any institution and anything to achieve its aims including the Malays  and "the father of Mahathirism" is none other than Mahathir Mohammed. I suggest we give him that title and allow history to judge him.

It was he who began this campaign of "Ketuanan Melayu" the master race, and the second class citizenship of other Malaysians, he was quoted as having said that the country belongs to the Malays and that all  the other races got their citizenship with the consent of the Malay and that that consent could be withdrawn, he said this as far back as 1969.

Mahathir’s extreme right wing views stems from the fact that he himself realised he was not a Malay, and to convince the other Malays he was a Malay he had to position  himself radically as Malay, and that he did. In fact he had little trust for the Malays, he was the first prime Minster to have ordered a bullet proof Daimler for himself when he became Prime Minister, because he believed that that there could be attempts on his life by the Malays.
He was responsible for the dropping educational standards in our our schools and universities, so that he could boast of an educated class - educated into ignorance  on which he and  Mahathirism  would thrive. 

Creating an ignorant people who look and place emphasis on the irrelevant was his strength. Many of his ministers are testimony to that, many an UMNO member of Parliament is manifestation of his achievements there, he managed a huge collection of dunces in Parliament, so much so when he retired the best candidate he  could find was Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, and now to succeed him is yet another who goes furhter down the pecking order Najib Tun Razak with a deputy in Muhyuddin Yasin.
He had a total dislike for anyone and anything that was more powerful than him, if he had been in a state like Pakistan or Afghanistan  this man would  have made the likes of Osama bin Laden look like a backstreet gangster.

He had  a dislike for  the royalty and that was shown in the way he treated them at the time of the constitutional crisis, he could not accept the fact that there was an institution that could really pose a challenge to his leadership and that is what initiated that crisis, not the slapping of the hockey coach as he would have us all believe,  that  was the excuse for him to step into the the Royal arena.

The other institution that could put the brakes on his unlawful plans was the judiciary and he very craftily and deliberately brought that under his control.

Having brought these two Institutions under his control he was now actually the supreme head, that is the reason why today Rosmah Mansor has  proclaimed herself "First Lady" when we have a Queen. Mahathirian Prime Ministers have absolute power.

"Power corrupts and absolute power,  corrupts  absolutely," and this truth manifests itself in Mahathirism.
When he came to power he wanted to create a 1000 millionaires, that was his aim, how he did it did not matter, as long as the means justified the ends, the results of that are now showing in the extensive network of the corrupt we have in in UMNO, in Government and the very government and their governance of this nation.

It so blatant there is no regard for public accountability, the Public should demand transparency for all the revenue from our natural resources and for that matter from Oil especially as that is a national resource. 

It cannot be left to  the confines of the PM alone.  

Is that part of a booty for the office of UMNO Prime Ministers?

Is it true that our biggest oil find, a large find by world standards was actually sold to Brunei by one of our Prime Ministers living today?

Is that why these scoundrels will fight tooth and nail, will use every foul means at their disposal to eliminate anyone who threatens to take over the government from them?

The MCA the biggest crony of UMNO has in  recent weeks being hitting at the DAP for aligning itself with PAS, but if the MCA had only the eyes to see and the ears to hear they would have noticed that it is not PAS who are the extremists but UMNO, the lie of painting PAS as the bogeyman has lost its credibility, Malaysians are not fools and we know PAS is better than UMNO.

PAS gave a dissident Hassan Ali time but eventually sacked him from the party and  Hassan Ali now is championing all UMNO causes he has for quite sometime though, it was a brave decision they did not have to wait and give excuses like UMNO did for Sharizat.

Today Hassan Ali  does the UMNO special, attempts to incite religious trouble by making all sorts of wild allegations against the Christians, make no mistake this man is an UMNO mole although he claims to be an independent. 

He is part of UMNO's strategy  to wrest Selangor, by trying to wreck havoc on the PKR and PAS as an "independent"  when his allegiance to UMNO is public knowledge. 

This is the man who was promised the position of Menteri Besar by Khir Toyo if he could convince sufficient PAS and PKR members of the state assembly to crossover, the plan backfired. He still harbours aspirations for the position of MB and has been assured the same by UMNO if he manages to unseat the Pakatan Rakyat government in Selangor.

This is a clear example of what Mahathirism is all about, UMNO is prepared to let the  likes Hassan Ali become the Menteri Besar of Selangor, the man who is alleged to have taken  RM300,000 to refurbish his office from public funds, the man who makes all kinds of accusations about Christians to incite trouble  between the Muslims and Christians, and against whom Najib will never act even though the Bishop Paul Tan has asked Najib to make a stand on that issue, because it suits his Najib's purpose and is part of his strategy for Selangor, it is the  part of the plan to garner the Malay vote in Selangor.

Now will MCA tell us who the culprits are PAS or UMNO and why is MCA still supporting UMNO?

Why these extensive Mahathirian schemes?

The answer is simple,  Anwar must never become Prime Minster. 


Anwar knows everything he knows what each person in the BN and especially in UMNO has done, it was he who began the campaign to rid this country of "nepotism, cronyism and corruption" and that sent shock waves down the spine of the father of Mahathirism - Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammed. 

Anwar saw what Mahathirism was doing to the country, he knew where it was leading us, he knew it had to stopped or it would destroy all of us -  in fact it is,  even at this very moment, and he knew the price he'd have pay to take on a rouge but he did, anyone else in Anwar's shoes would have caved in today, and either gone into retirement with a golden handshake from this  rogue government, but Anwar is steadfast and thank God for that.
Anwar took on the most pressing and urgent tasks that faced our country after the 1997 financial crisis, he was finance minister, his plans to correct our financial situation then  would have made many cronies bankrupt, knowing full well that many of them sat in Parliament alongside him and that they would  back anything and anyone who wanted to get rid of him in his attempts to reform a corrupt system that would affect them individually,  but he still took Mahathir and Mahathirism  on, and as a result paid the price. 

They stripped him of his dignity brought ridicule to his family, jailed him, had him assaulted and Mahathir claimed it was self inflicted only to be proved wrong, Anwar has paid the price over and over again, and continues to do so.

The effects of  it is written all around his face, he has aged,  he is tired but he keeps pushing on this agenda to save the country, from the evils  of Mahathirism are we going to leave him to do  that alone or are we as Malaysians regardless of race going t come out and support him?

Let's cross over to DAP for a while, take a look at Lim Kit Siang a seasoned ISA detainee, once in 1969 and the other at operation Lallang both incidents had a lot to do with Mahathir, I'll not dwell on that though, this man was not only detained  under the ISA for long periods of time but also had his son jailed by the Mahathir in accordance with Mahathirian justice. That son of his is now Chief Minister or Penang and what a fine CM Guan Eng  makes and the people who claim otherwise are from UMNO who have come out in the same mould as their leader Mahathir.

UMNO has a philosophy, it is Mahathirism, and in it every UMNO leader feels and is convinced that it is his birthright to dig into public funds for his own benefit. 

The latest scandal of the NFC is one such case, the kick backs for the purchase of  the Scorpene Submarines under the guise of consultancy fees is yet another, the list goes on, and even if the actions of these cronies Bankrupt companies which are literally given to them they get rewarded for it. 

Children of Ministers become millionaires although these Ministers were nobodies prior to assuming public office. They drive around in expensive cars, they allegedly even manipulate counters in the stock exchange,   have a license to assault and do anything they want to normal people, on has even been alleged to have murdered a citizen, only an allegation though for which the public feel uncomfortable with the  explanation of the Police force, considering the reputation this force has created for itself.

Even during the May 13 riots, when it is alleged that Razak called in the Malay Regiment to take part in the chaos to support Harun Idris' men, the Malaysian Police force came out clean, the Chinese will tell you that the police carried out their jobs in an exemplary manner, very well,  with the exception of  few incidents from  newly hired field force personnel at that time. 

In order to appease the Malays Razak recruited thousands of Malay Youth and placed them in the Police Field force, these young men who were active participants of the May 13 riots were the main culprits for the minor skirmishes with the law that came from the police side.

Today as a result of Mahathirism the decay has even crept into  this reputable  Police force, it is seen as corrupt and criminal it has deteriorated, it got sucked into the system that compromises almost everone and every institution in Government. It thrives on   a "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours policy" with senior ministers, in which senior ministers  become untouchables reciprocally  the top brass in the police  force, the legal departments and even some of the judiciary have become untouchables too, and one minister went  to great lengths to lie for the Police  to try and keep their image intact, as was seen in the aftermath of Police handling of Bersih 2.

That was a classic case of righting a wrong, and it did not matter how many lies were told in between, it could not stand this time because of the thousands of witnesses and yet how many wrongs were  created to try and right that wrong.

Hishamuddin Hussein Onn revealed himself in his true element in that one case, but rest assured he will be in Najibs' next line up, after all he is Najib's cousin.

Bersih 3 is coming soon, get prepared to be there, it is not only about free and fair elections, it is about us, you and me, it is about our children and their children, let it not be said by our future generations that, "everything would have been good had our parents  the guts to stand up and fight then," meaning now, so it's time to commit yourself to Bersih 3, make sure you are there.

After the rally, shop at Jalan Tuanku Abul Rahman, go for a drink or steak at the Coliseum,  the shops in Jalan Tuanku abdul Rahman are famous for their bajus Melayu so take some time and patronize them,  I am sure that whenever we have a rally like this business in KL will pick up contrary to what UMNO says.

Let our children, their children and their children's  children,  not regret our inaction.


Venue: Dataran  Merdeka

Date: 28/04/2011 



How to get there if you live outside Kuala Lumpur?

Do not drive please do not drive they'll drive you crazy, if you try. They, meaning the police.

If you can get there a day earlier the better, if you need to drive park your cars far away from the venue.

If you live in KL and have a place to offer a visitor from another state, please tie a yellow ribbon round the gate of your home, office building etc.

Do not worry about being gassed,  sprayed with chemically laced water, or even being hurt, I endured the water and the gas the last time around, small Malays girls were protecting me from the spray when I was trying to protect them instead, shielding me and shouting "uncle lari, uncle lari" and even as I write this now tears fill my eyes, I am touched by that incident and it will never  be erased from my memory, I'll treasure it, till I die, I'll pass it on to my children and their childrens children, that experience  will be a great reflection when we defeat Mahthirism and save our country.

Be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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