Monday, April 16, 2012

Campaigning has begun - beware a BN Victory?

The campaigns have kicked off, the BN is out giving people public money and telling them it is Najib giving out this money and as they hand out this money to old folk they say "Undi Najib ya, Undi Barisan Nasional" and you have Indians, Chinese and Malays doing this, in Klang in Sri Andalas over the weekend I witnessed this first hand.

These Indian and Chinese are of  course the running dogs of  Mahathirism, they belong to the  scum of their societies, the are the MIC, MCA and UMNO  people, chasing a pipe dream of "rewards" if they help the BN win, dirty  "rewards" at the the expense of their own communities.

Think of the millions that they have already taken, the total sum of the money they took in form of corruption beginning with the Bank Bumiputra scandal, the Perwaja case, the Port Klang case and many many more would  have been more than sufficient to pay each Malaysian more than one million ringgit.yes I million ringgit in your pocket, your money gone to BN leaders and their cronies and not accounted for.

Now to hoodwink all of us they have come out with this plan to give people whose household income is less than RM3000 ringgit a mere  RM500 as a one off payment which they will collect back.

Where did this money come from?

Of course it came from Public funds, but where is the government going to get the money to repay this in the first place?

They give you the money so you vote them in, this government is on the verge of bankruptcy and yet they can give this money out, some weeks ago it was reported that an MCA Datuk had claimed this money and when it was exposed he said he took the money to give it to a charity.

In the first place how did this Datuk become eligible? He even went for this RM500, that is the BN and that is how they behave when they see money although it is not theirs.

That has always been the case with public accountability, these people think money in public coffers belong to them and they can do as thy please.

Now does that explain how minisiters become super rich, not only ministers but state assemblymen, mentris besar, and even UMNO branch and division heads?

So how will the government - the BN government get all this money they have  paid out  back?

Yes pay back, if you thought you got this for free think again, you are going to pay it back and with with interest too, they will make sure they fill the coffers again with your money, because if there is no money there won't be enough for them  to take.


No way that money belongs to the Prime Minsiter Incorporated, there is no public accountability for that money and it could well go into the pockets of the Prime Minsiters and we'll know nothing about it.

Then  question still goes a begging. . Where will the money come from?

The answer I am sorry to tell you is you!!!, YES!!! YOU!!!

Who?? Yes you my friend you, your father, your mother, your siblings even your grandfather though he does not work, your grandmother poor thing and even your little children.

Ever heard of Najib's shelved plan of surtax, that is a tax on almost everything and  anything you purchase or for services  you receive? It can also be called VAT or value added tax.

Well that has been in the pipeline for a long time, to save a bankrupt government.

He can't impose that tax as yet, if he does it the public will get mad and vote him out, so he has to wait for the General Elections and if he wins he will impose that tax almost immediately.

If  we vote the Barisan that is his only alternative.

Petronas funds can't be touched it is for the PM incorporated as I said earlier. They the BN will never touch it as long as they can milk you and me and get us to cough out funds.

Petronas is to ensure they end up rich, and that is why we do not have the accounts, it is their own treasure trove.

If we had the accounts we'll notice that the states who should receive this money, Kelantan and even Sarawak are poor states by any reckoning.

Sarawak which is a BN state has a super rich Chief Minister and very poor natives (Bumiputras) and Kelantan that is an opposition state has nothing.

Petronas will be protected too, so that profits will be big enough for them,  as soon as they win that is the BN government the  petrol price will go up very high, if you think it is high now you must be out of touch.

We are net petroleum exporter, that means the petrol we export is more than our own consumption, we import the petrol we use and export ours because ours is of a superior grade, the money from our sales of petrol should be used to subsidize our petrol, but then that will affect the profits of Petronas and it will not  give PM incorporated the money it can milk form there so no way, you pay morem, that is BN economics.

Moreover the biggest find of oil off the shore of Sarawak has been sold,  I am told to Brunei, where  the money from this sale went to and what are the details no one knows, that find was supposed to be world class find with resources as big as those in Saudi Arabia, it was revealed by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, and Abdullah Badawai came out and said,  "no it belongs to Brunei." Could we know more please?

In one month the amount of surtax collected will be sufficient to pay back the money  they have given you, than they will mercilessly  continue bleeding you, that is the plan the grand BN plan.

There are other forms of milking you in the pipeline too, the national health insurance plan, and why suddenly all this when we are supposed to be doing so well under the BN. Why are we being asked to pay for everything?

Toll, now surtax, then medical insurance, pay more for water,  your electricity because they have given one company a  monopoly it buys from independent power plants and sells it back to you at a profit, look around you and ask if the government is really doing so well why are we being asked to pay so much for so little whilst ministers become super rich, that the some of them have children who can even toy aroudn with the stock market and affect our little  investments.

Is this Government really all that good?

Dare Najib to say this, that  he will not bring in the surtax issue, raise the price of petrol, not introduce the National health Insurance, lower the tariff on electricity,  ask him to go take an oath on the Koran before the elections like he is famous for doing and I can promise you he will not dare do it because this is already in the pipeline as as usual some minister or some official or some relative of his is to benefit out of these schemes in one way or another.

If you look at the  traveling expenses of this PM you'll notice it is exorbitant, there is a lot of money alleged to have gone to Rosmah's shopping and with those bills alone the PM's travel bills to attend the graduation of his daughter under guise of official government work and another to a former Soveit nation to attend his daughters wedding was funded by the government using our money.

All that money alone would  have been more than the sum total of what has been given out to buy you vote, your mother's vote, your father's your grandmother's vote and your grandfather's vote not forgetting that of your siblings and your children if any.

He'll give you 500 and take back much much more than that when he becomes PM that is his deceitful plan so do not fall for it.

Take the money for goodness sake, if you can go twice and take it do it, but do not vote the BN that is the message this time around.

Does UMNO care for you if you are a Malay, well that's  what they make you believe, they'll give you some handouts yes,  and they'll rob you of everything else that is what they  have done all these years.

They give the Malays  peanuts and take away the rest that is why the rich in UMNO are super rich, they own in the billions, and yet with all that they can still go bankrupt.

The  Malays  have a classical saying for these instant millionaires, who actually rob you of what was supposed to be Bumiputra funds, "they are like monkeys receiving flowers," that is how they bankrupt themselves.

Any wonder about Sharizat's husband's case it was another Malay who initially presented the plan to the government, but Muhydin and and Khairy plotted and gave to Sharizat's husband who knew next to nothing about cows,  and see what they  did with the business.

It is the same for many more mega projects, but all that is kept under wraps and this is supposed to be Bumiputra money, think you as an ordinary Malay is going to get it? No way, you are not in their gang.

If you are Chinese and you think MCA will do you good do not kid yourself, it's only the top brass in MCA who will make the money,  you'll get nothing, the MACC can  kill you like they did Teoh Beng Hock they'll keep quiet and join the police to say you committed suicide.

If the police bash you up like they did the poor chap in the Saga toll gate issue in Cheras they'll probably join the police and whack you too.

In the  Lynas case , and because it is election time Chua Soi Lek is making some noise to look like a hero, when he was dared that he should threaten to withdraw his support for the BN if they do not call off the project, he uses one of his ma chyes   to reply and say that was mischievous.

Mischievous? Who? Of course the MCA they are just trying to pull wool over your eyes, they project will go on for sure Chua Soi Lek is doing the usual BN sandiwara, but we are not fools it has been done over and over again. if he is serious in his call he should issue an ultimatum to Najib, but he can't he is only MCA and they only say what Najib tells them they can say, to them he his is Najibgoh mei.

MCA is a toothless tiger in the BN, UMNO calls the shots and they dance, the same goes with the MIC another pathetic excuse, the scourge of the Indian community in this country.

Nothing much needs to be said about them, how can you have an Indian party in this country? Which Parliamentary or state seat in this country commands an Indian majority vote? None and yet you have Indian members of Parliament supposedly representing Indians? UMNO sacrifices a few seats for them, so they can control them and these slaves take it and sell their community to UMNO.

It's not about race, we are Malaysians first and we must bear that in mind, look at a fellow Malaysian as a Malaysian just like you and that is what it is, that is what it was till Mahathirism divided us and racial polarization took root.

Fight it like we did in the last elections and we'll win, we are Malaysians we are all Anak Malaysia.

A the last elections for the first time in History of this country a record number of candidates of Indian origin were voted in,  not because they were Indians, not because UMNO gave them seats,  but because they were Malaysians.

This time around there be none, there may be more there be more Chinese less Chinese more Malays, less Malays - who cares as long as they are Malaysians, and the best to serve us asMalaysians.

Are we not Malaysians? So why care unless we feel that being and owning up to the fact that we are Malaysians is not worth it.

We  had Najib talk about 1 Malaysia, every banner that came out had a piece of our flag on it with the number  1 and Najib's face, the message was,  "I Najib am number 1 in this country," now does that explain why Muhydin came out and said "I am Malay first and Malaysian second" and Najib could do nothing about it, bcause it is a fact the 1 Malaysia is not about a 1 race Malaysia, but a message that spells, Najib is the number 1 in Malaysia.

Talking about Muhydin, you'll notice he's gone into his shell once again, the Sharizat case has put him in bad light, he was responsible for it  and with that he got her support, now that support base has gone Najib has struck a deal with Sharizat, but whatever happened to the big scheme to get 30 percent of women into top positions in this country when UMNO has lost its woman chief's position in the cabinet, one that she was given via the back door and  now when she has lost it no replacement has been announced but instead Najib has taken the position. That is how serious BN is with its pronouncements.

Like I said in an earlier article it was Sharizat all they way and Najib just did what she wanted, now here's the proof you've got it.

Najib is not supposed to replace her, she will stand at the next elections and come in via the front door, with this  deal struck he has acquired Sharizat's support, for the next UMNO elections as well as put paid Muhyidin's hopes of ousting him.

Muhyidin is now at his mercy, but there will be no mercy  and the deputy head of UMNO will be challenged at the next UMNO General assembly and will be kicked out, Muhydin will be Deputy PM only till the next General elections that has been more or less confirmed by this move and the UMNO top brass aligned to Mahathir knows this very well, the next moves in UMNO are even now as I write  being hatched by Mahathir it will not be hard to guess what will happen.

The latest I  heard is that 20 containers of BN flags had reached Perak on Saturday morning, how big each container is I have no clue, but I know it was sent to Perak and it was received on Saturday 14th April  morning, isn't this a sign that the elections is at hand?

Get prepared tell everyone you know vote PKR save this country and let us progress as a nation were integrity  foremost in the hearts of everyone. You have a duty to, to tell everyone you knwo why they shoudl not vote the BN. the Malays are already doing a fine job, and Najib is countering it with UMNO cronies going out saying vote the BN, it has never happen before, it is now, so counter it, keep passing the message. In other words begin your own small campaign, many small campaigns will amount to many big campaigns so start now.

Do not listen to  an UMNO man if he tells you PAS is dangerous he is lying he is the dangerous one, don't listen to the MCA man and the MIC man either they only echo what UMNO says they have no license to say what they think, UMNO thinks for them.

The MCA the MIC and UMNO have told us stories for fifty years, stories to make us happy whist they robbed us, it's pay back time - Kick the BN  out!!!!!

The link above is Nazri shouting at an MIC member of Parliament take a look that is how they control the component parties. Representation my foot, click on the link to see what happens.

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