Wednesday, April 18, 2012

When it is better to trust a pariah dog

If you are thinking of voting the Barisan Nasional this time around let me give you a piece of  advice and believe me it is better then all the advice you have ever received in your entire lifetime if you are a Malaysian. This advice comes sincerely from the heart and it is said with no malice as it is the truth.The advice is:

"It is better to trust the pariah dog roaming your neighbourhood than to trust Barisan Nasional."

 Malaysiakini is down hit by violent attacks the BN kind.
Reach Malaysiakini on its mirror site here, pass the word around.

If there is none,  no pariah dog go adopt one from another neighbourhood, and if you still can't find one call the RSPCA they have many, put that misplaced trust you have on the BN on that creature and you will be better off.

If you read yesterday's Sun, and if you read citizen Nades in the Sun you'll notice that the Port Klang scandal is slowly and surely fading away, the BN knows that with time Malaysians will forget and forget so much that they may still opt to vote for the BN.

Why? Hasn't that been the case since day one, since our independence?

Not to mention names but if you have read your history books carefully, (wonder if it is recorded in history) one senior  minister of the BN government in the sixties, (then called the Alliance government) had the had the audacity to sue  DR Seenivasagam the prominent Ipoh lawyer and member of Parliament and President of the PPP a prominent opposition party in those days.

DR as he was fondly known made  allegations of corruption against that minister  in Parliament and he - the minister challenged  DR to repeat his allegations outside Parliament, so that he could sue DR.

This was sometime in 1964, I was in form 3,  I can still remember the year. DR took up the challenge and was duly sued by that minister.