Friday, April 27, 2012

Remember it is an important day in History

 Malaysiakini is down hit by violent attacks the BN kind.
Reach Malaysiakini on its mirror site here, pass the word around.

April 28th 2012 will go down in the History of Malaysia as one of its most important days. Our Children will remember this day for one reason or another, and make sure they remember it for the right reasons, because they will equate this day with your contribution for them and their future.

Yes,  if we turn out in huge numbers you will be  telling the government we are not going to allow them undermine the ballot box the way  they are going to.

Even an International observer team has raised concerns about our elections process, they have seen Nazri and Tengku Adnan about it but our media has failed to report it and one can only wonder why.

Tomorrow,  if it is a success - it has to be such a roving success that it will get this government to adhere to the principles of free and fair elections and ensure that the democratic process is not compromised or circumvented as it is right now with unequal distribution of electoral boundaries, Tengku Adnan's seat is a classic example.

If that is achieved this government may lose this elections, remember at the last elections the opposition obtained 48 percent of the vote and yet obtained only about one third of the seats, that is how the democratic process is circumvented in their favour.

Now tomorrow will also be a curtain raiser for fence sitters and others they will sit up and take notice, and they'll take notice of what is really happening, they will then have to get involved one way or the other and that is only if you show up.

Tomorrow the whole world will focus on Malaysia because tomorrow we will have CCTV here, we'll have CNN, BBC and al Jazeera will be here too and most important is that TASS the Russian equivalent of BERNAMA will be here too.

The Egyptian and middle eastern press will be represented by agencies from the middle east, the Indians are here and so too the Germans and the French so tomorrow is a big day and you can make a difference if you are present, you can also make a difference if you are not present.

Remember the cost of your presence or absence, it is not for you that you should be there, it is for your children, you brought them into this world, they are your responsibility and it is you who should ensure their well being.

Mahathir has ensured the well being of his children, well they are millionaires if not billionaires, after all that was part of his dream when he became Prime Minster to make one thousand Malays millionaires and hsi children are in that one thousand and they are not small fish they are big ones I am told.

Now Mahahtir is working hard to ensure that one of his sons has a sound political career, probably become a Prime Minister soon too, so that everything will be in order.

What a good father he has been, take  cue from him, seethe sacrifices he has made to make them rich, he has been insulted  all sorts of things have been siad but he does not care, because it is his children.
Many of our minsters have their children overseas, they have the riches to look after them there and they do not even need to return.

Your children are around, jobs are not easy to come by, people are finding  it difficult, your children who are working are finding it difficult, they can't keep up with their peers especially if their peers are political appointees. What more if they are classmates of  children whose parents get a 250 million ringgit grant to start up some farm  and their children become instant  directors without any experience earning big money spending it like as though public funds are their ATM machines,  when your children who have done so much better at school have to scrape a living.

Are you going to let this happen or are you going to act. I am sure as responsible parents and grandparents you will act, you will show up tomorrow at the various Bersih rallies to ensure a change for their future.

For goodness sake come out and be counted, let your children remember this day in history when you did something for them to make their future better.

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