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Amid talks and reports that Najib's Presidency may not last his return to Malaysia from the US, there is a growing appetite for Jho Low now, with the International Press hungry to be the first to reveal the first big time exposes on this close aide of Najib Tun Razak.

Apa lagi Cina mahu
Malays in Malaysia and especially disgruntled UMNO members are questioning Najib's generosity to this "Chinaman" at the expense of poor Malays in Malaysia with one branch chairman saying, "Najib could have made hundreds of millionaires by giving them only a tiny fraction of what Jho Low has inherited via the 1MDB", and that saying is now resonating within the walls of almost every UMNO Division and Branch.

Yet more are questioning Rosmah Mansor's riches and Najib's ability to provide for Rosmah the luxuries that seems to have overtaken that of Imelda Marcos, whilst many urban and rural Malays and other Malaysians are struggling to make ends meet, since the implementation of the GST and continuing rising costs are now are beginning to see little relevance in UMNO.

The dissatisfaction within UMNO, especially among the grassroots is now growing and growing rapidly, that there is a real possibility that Najib's Premiership is not going to last the next General Elections especially as some of the Divisional leaders who are reported to have received handouts from Najib are now prepared to turncoat for what they claim to be "the good of the nation" although it is understood that they ahve been given a tacit undertaking that they will not face any prosecution for the monies takeen or will not have to return what has been given to them.

In the meantime the former Prime Minster Mahathir Mohammed has accepted to the become patron of this group of UMNO Branch leaders and grassroots who are now demanding Najib's ouster.
Will he succeed in righting his wrongs
What is even more worrying for some Najib loyalists is that the supporters of the Deputy PM are now pushing him to oust Najib whilst he is away, this they see as the greatest opportunity to take over
rather than wait till Najib is kicked out unceremoniously by the party or the people and going by Najib politics that could take a life time by when even Zahid will be replaced they say.

Watching the whole situation hawkishly is Najib's cousin who has remained quiet all this time, Hishamuddin Hussein is the Minister of Defence.
Can the Minister of Defence remain a faithful cousin?
Hishamuddin has been quiet for a long time now and has been hardly heard of, sme UMNO sources believe that Deputy PM Ahmad Zahid Bin Hamidi is only a stop gap deputy and will be dropped once Najib feels strong enough.
UMNO sources speculate that Hamidi will dropped the same way Anwar was only that in his case there will be both criminal charges and also charges of criminal breach of trust, after all Njaib it is
rather apparent has full control over the office of the Attorney General and, the judicial system in the country today seems to suit the Najib agenda.

Ahmad Zahid is aware of this plot and plans his moves carefully, even having thoughts of dropping the 1.5 million intake of Bangladeshi workers as that could be turned into an issue for Najib to turn on him with.

These moves are not being planned for the immediate future .but for a later date, Najib has a been a
Will History repeat itself or will he act first?
good student he has learned well from Mahathir and is moving slowly, he has no plans to relinquish his position in the near future and is there for the long haul by hook or by crook.

Zahid's move has to be planned for now or it will be a little too late too soon.
Will Zahid make his move or will he moved out either by way of the next elections or an extraordinary general meeting which is now being mooted by the grassroots?

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