Monday, February 15, 2016


by Toffee

 The Huffington Post has among other prominent American Newspapers welcomed Najib Tun Razak to the US by publicly insulting him.

This time around there were no  full page advertisements in leading US papers welcoming the   "First Lady of Malaysia," I wonder if she even accompanied him, and if she didn't I don't think we have to speculate why, she is after all now a sought after personality by the international press, especially in countries like the US, and I am sure the Journalists from the Wall Street Journal would love to interview her.
Alone without Rosmah?. Why?

To get back to the issue at hand the articles in the Huffington Post.  How to Lose Friends and Alienate People: The Stymied Progress of U.S.-Malaysia Relations

Will he sue the Huffington Post? 
I am sure he will not as there is nothing he can sue them for.

Will his Inspector General of Police (IGP) lodge a  report with Interpol to issue a "Red Notice" for the journalist who penned this article?
Well you can't discount that probability, it has been done before by the current sitting Police Chief  only to be publicly told off by Interpol.

It is abundantly clear that Obama is a Najib accomplice and that all he is interested in is;
what he has got to gain by being friendly with the Malaysian PM, after all his Presidency is almost all but over, and he is only interested in achieving the TPPA that will be a feather on his cap and hsi Presidency at our expense.

The bunkum that Najib si a close ally because of his commitment to fight ISIL is nothing but an excuse for Obama's own convenience, for after all it was Najib who had actually asked his own UMNO supporters to emulate ISIL born out of a combined support of Saudi Arabia and other Sunni nations to destroy the Assad regime of Syria and fight the Shite influence in the middle east.

That is why there was a sudden anti Shite campaign in Malaysia with the current deputy Prime Minister accusing Mat Sabu of being a Shite and followed by UMNO big wigs referring to the Shite as not just deviants but Satanic.

One time regarded as another Islamic country, Iran was almost immediately sidelined by this anti Shite rhetoric by UMNO and judging from the circumstances one can only guess it was at the prompting of the US who were then very aggressively stepping up an anti Iran and anti Syria campaign at the beckoning of its great ally Saudi Arabia.

One has only got to look at Saudi Arabia, and Brunei where the monarchs exercise absolute control to realize how really interested Obama and the US administration are  in freedom and democracy, surely China and Russia has more credibility than the US, they are consistent with what they say and do.

Now in the US Najib still has the audacity to move around after having promised to take the Wall street Journal to court and then chickening out, it was nothing but hogwash as he knows he'll be faced with the full wrath of the American press, and a host of investigative journalists if he tries and will be internationally exposed.

Talking about being Internationally exposed, let us hope that the US, Switzerland, France and Singapore carry out thorough investigations into the 1MDB sovereign fund and the ill gotten money of the rascals involved.

If it was a Russian, an Iranian, a Syrian a North Korean or a Zimbabwean there will be no doubt that not only will the FBI and CIA drag a nit comb type of investigation leaving no stone turned and adding on more propaganda like the did "the weapons of mass destruction" for Iraq. to get rid of their target at all costs even lying, but as long as it is one of their lackeys there is the  tendency to even not pretend sometimes that they are  they are investigating.

In this case I believe they are pretending and suspect Najib is there to get Obama to cooperate with him

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