Sunday, February 21, 2016


Now that the Bangladeshi  Secretary Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment, Begum Shamsunnahar had yesterday reportedly described the announcement by the Deputy PM that the hiring of Bangladeshi workers are frozen as an “eyewash”, and insisted that its citizens will continue
their plans to work in Malaysia following the agreement signed, the Acting Secretary is clearly saying that Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is telling us Malaysians a lie.

What have you to say to this Ahmad Sahid Hamidi?

We are concerned we need you to come out and rebuke the Secretary Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment and clear your name, as otherwise you'd look like a liar, and we can't have a liar as our Deputy PM as we are already need urgent answers  with our PM on credibility issues. Credible answers that is.

This is not the first instance that affects your credibility,  there is the announcement you made that you had met the "donor" of the RM2.6 Billion in Najib's account, then you changed your story to donors, and later we were told by others that the "donor" was the late King of Saudi Arabia, who died long before you were supposed to have met him and this tares your credibility apart, your integrity is at stake you need to come out and clear it for all Malaysians and more so for yourself the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia.

There are more instances for which the Malaysian Public requires you to come out and give an account of yourself, there is also an assault case that was "settled" it was alleged that you had personally assaulted a chap over an issue with your daughter. What were the terms of  that settlement?

There is litany of issues on your part that relate to your the Deputy PM and probably the PM in waiting if UMNO really wants you there, we Malaysians are faced with a huge crisis of integrity in the office of the PM and if you do not clear it we will find ourselves sinking into a deeper hole.

The Bangladesh Expatriate Ministry's acting secretary Begum Shamsunnahar has virtually called you liar, now what have you to say about that?

Now my member of Parliament,  Klang MP Charles Santiago, has thrown a dare to you to disclose the details of the memorandum of understanding (MOU), which your government had signed with Bangladesh in relation to the 1.5 million Bangladeshi workers controversy, will you dare do that?

This is no small issue, it involves not just 150 workers but 1.5 million workers.

The government does not even have proper statistics of the number of illegal Bangladeshi workers in the country, but one thing is certain the numbers are huge, parts of Kualal Lumpur are already almost exclusive Bangla towns. Bangla businessmen operate in the vicinity of Low Yat, around the Central market area, with many more operating as subcontractors, owners of car workshops, hundreds if not thousands of Tandoori stall keepers, operators of  travel agencies, car wash, community money changers including repatriating of funds to Bangladesh via the black market etc. and all this without a bona fide license and if they have one, one wonders how, and whilst living in this country illegally.

Many of these Bangladeshi men have Malay (Bumiputra) girlfriends and some even wives, others marry Indonesian girls and have children born in Malaysia with Malaysian birth certificates.

Children of these Bangladeshis will become Bumiputras and then the trouble will begin.

Malays will be undermined this are hardened people, they know how to fight for a living unlike the Malay Bumiputra who has always had the advantage of government support just because they are Bumiputras, they will sweep all Bumi entitlements like the Indian Bumiputra have done and leave the Kampung Malay still backward they will then become the elite of the Bumi Class and the Malays Bumi will then become second class and non Muslim citizens will become 3rd class citizens.

Just as is being done now, they shall take over all the riches of the country and claim that the Bumiputra is still underprivileged using the statistics of the Malay Bumiputra whom they will want to retain at that level so that they can claim more Bumi rights and grab all the opportunities for themselves. I don't have to give examples, many of these people exist even at the highest levels in UMNO.
One million five hundred thousand Bangladeshis with the already approximately 3 million of them in the country makes the numbers of foreigners even higher than population of the Malaysian Iban, Dayak, Duzun, and other indigenous peoples of Malaysia, so what is this government trying to achieve?

The lower strata of the Malaysian Chinese and Indians will be deprived opportunities and be marginalised too.

It really looks like there is another agenda, and there must be one come out and tell us what it is?

Ask the agents how much money is paid to the agent of an employer of Bangla workers and you'll realise the huge amount that can be made from this transaction,  for 1.5 million there is I am told more than 1.5 billion what I am told is it can go to three times that mount, and the Bangla worker will have to pay for that even before he arrives in Malaysia.

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