Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Proud to be a Sikh."

Symbol of Sikhism, white and golden version.

The letter below was sent to me by an old friend of mine, and he is none other then the son of Joginder Singh Jessy - whose History books were standard issue in schools in my time, my friend's  name is   Ajit Singh Jessy from Jessy &Associates Penang. 

Ajit and his daughters are  prominent Industrial Court Lawyers.

This is no ordinary letter, I like to salute the Sikh Community for their courage in coming out with such a statement, and like Ajit I am proud to post this on ‘Toffeesturn’

Remember they are one of the smallest main stream communities and yet they will not be intimidated and neither will they allow others to be wrongly intimidated.

Ajit this blog salutes the Sikh Community. 


Hi Friends,
Proud to be a Sikh. The Sikhs have   decided that the Government has no right to chop anything in the Bible and stands with the Christians on the issue. .
Who the hell is the Home Ministry to bar me from reading the Bible, Quran or any other religious book? If we fail to stop this in its track, there is nothing to stop the  Home Ministry from taking another step and say that we must all read a particular religious book and not any other.
This is precisely how the campaign against the Jews gained momentum, when people remained silent in the false comfort that the horrible atrocities will never visit them.
If evil is not checked then it will engulf all of us, whether Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhist, Hindus or even non believers.
Evil feeds on fear and cowards.

Wahe Guru has told us, that ,it is the duty of every Sikh to challenge and fight evil and protect the meek. This is momentous decision is in keeping with the teachings o f our Gurus

Ajit Singh Jessy

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