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Desperate BN - "Sarawak Report" under Attack

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 Najib says Taib will go in his own time.
 Ours is a government of checks and balances. The Mafia and crooked businessmen make out checks, and the politicians and other compromised officials improve their bank balances.
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 Sarawak Report that has been providing Sarawakians  with news has  come under heavy cyber attack, the site is almost unreachable, and we have asked our sources  overseas  to try and log into Sarawak Report  to see if the current cyber blockage is confined to only to Malaysia.

Replies coming in from Canada, the US, Germany, India and Australia confirm they are facing the same problem.

Judging from the way "Sarawak Report" has come under massive cyber attack which Brown the owner of the site has described as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, the type that brought down Wikileaks at one time, shows the extent Taib and the BN will go to deny Sarawakians their right to unfettered and uncensored news, and we all know why.

This is a very sophisticated mode of attack and in a DDoS attack, multiple bots, or programmes running on servers or personal computers will bombard a site's server with requests to view the site reports Malaysiakini.

Such an attack is costly it could costs those who order it millions of ringgit,  and can only be carried out by people with huge funds at their disposal, and who do you think they are? Certainly not the Butcher nor the Baker and it can't be the Candle Stick Maker either.  

Now who would want to such a thing, it surely has to be those who have the most to loose with the revelations from this blog. If the BN says it's not thee BN then we know who its, an if Taib says it is not him we still know who it is.

Sarawak Report is the site and the radio station that  has exposed the business dealings of the Sarawak Chief Minister and his children, and the billions they are alleged to own which he has come out to deny in very one sided news reports and interviews recently.

Just the other day Nazri told us rather unwittingly that the government does not trust the police force,
and now his boss has come out to seemingly admit what we are hearing from the Sarawak Report.

The Star reports that, Najib has said , "Taib  has agreed to step down as Sarawak CM some time after state election, leadership change will be done in a planned manner."

This 'Star" report comes on the heels of this  massive DDoS cyber attack on "Sarawak Report," so does identifying the cyber attackers pose such a huge problem?

Well the BN has always taken us for fools so, this is not anything new.

.If you notice the words Najib used,".....agreed to step down as CM  some time after state elections...." so that "sometime" can be three years later and he will step down as CM, and can remain senior Minster.

Beware the BN, they have  all the tricks to cheat the electorate with, and this is but one of them in the making.
We should have learned our lessons by now, so Sarawak vote wisely.

Another read  a must read.

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  1. i experiencing some slowness when trying to access sarawak report since last week/nomination day... maybe the traffic is very high + DDOS attack... The owner should open a blogspot sarawak report backup site...