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Col. Gregory Gardner (center), U.S. Army, Comm...THE PICTURE THAT INFURIATED MAHATHIR AND UMNO
 Minister in the Prime Minsiter's Department, Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz (one of the intelligent advocates of the the Trio )  is now calling for the establishment of a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the alleged Anwar Ibrahim Sex tapes.

He was reported by Malaysiakini to have said, "the police have to complete their investigation into the sex video featuring a man purportedly resembling Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and identify the actor before the government moves to form a royal commission of inquiry."

"It was decided that we should allow the police to wrap up their investigation first,  it's not enough to just ascertain if the (video) is authentic or not. We also have to identify the person in the video, We cannot jump the gun... otherwise it would seem like we are being (partisan)."

Can I ask this learned lawyer, what exactly does he mean by this?

Is he saying that no matter who it is, they will move to form a Royal Commission of Inquiry, or is he saying once the police establish it is Anwar they will call for the RCI?

Whichever way you answer the question you will discover something fascinating, you'll discover  why this lawyer is not practicing law and is a   politician and more so - an UMNO politician at that, and why successive Prime Ministers have wanted to "use"  him.

Well, honestly  even if he reads this blog he'll never get it.

If the Police investigation reveals it is Anwar, why on earth will we require  a Royal commission of inquiry to be set up on the initiative of the government?

Is he telling us the government does not trust the force, and so  a Royal Commission needs to establish if they - the Police, are telling us the truth?

Well Nazri, tell this government that they  do not have to tell us this , we have suspected that for sometime now, and thanks for confirming our worst fears.

Now if the Police say it is not Anwar, is he saying the same thing he does not trust the force and a RCI has to determine if the Police are telling us the truth?

I think we need an RCI to look into many other things too if that is the case, including the case of Altantuya Shaaribu, and the related cases like that of PI Bala. .

In the Altantuya case the Police did not investigate the Prime Minsiter although they had good reason to, now considering the stature of the personality involved - the PM,  this certainly  is a case where  the RCI needs to be established.

Then can I also ask him why such a commission was not instituted to look into  Chua Soil Lek's video, in the case of Chua Soil Lek, he was a a senior cabinet minister, he was the minister of health,  a senior member in the MCA supreme council  and the MCA is a senior member of the BN the party that forms the government of Malaysia.

When people can film such a senior minister of  the cabinet in such a compromising position is it not a grave threat to national security?

He could have been blackmailed into giving huge medical supply contracts to the wrong people, he could have been blackmailed into revealing security secrets to which only the cabinet is privy to aren't these serious enough to invoke action, or are the Ministers from MCA and other non UMNO parties only messenger boys who are not privy to real government information?

I do not think anyone would be surprised if they knew the truth on that score anyway.

Think what would have happened if they caught the Prime Minister in such a position with an actress or a singer in a hotel in PD, will that not be a serious breach of security?

Even the filming of an opposition leader of Parliament is a serious breach of security, it is a criminal offence, and what are the police  doing about it.

Let us get this straight once and for all.

The act of having sexual intercourse, even if it happened to be  with Nazri's sister is not a crime as long as it is between two consenting adults and Nazri knows that only too well, he is a lawyer mind you and as a lawyer he knows that damn well, and even if it was his sister in the tape, there is nothing he as minister in the PM's department can do about it except that if he was thick enough get some stooges to bring out in the press, because as long as his sister is over the age of 18 and has consented to have sexual relations with another adult, even if that adult was Anwar  it will be of no consequence. Morally wrong? yes.  A Shariah offence, well Shariah law has some conditions, I am not sure if this will fulfill those conditions. A crime? No.

Murder a crime?  leave that for Nazri to answer.

Intimidating a witness who has made a statutory declaration a crime? Over to you Nazri after all you are the law minister.

However the filming of the act by a third party is a criminal offence, it becomes even a bigger cause for concern if it is a senior cabinet minister who  is  being filmed, or the prime minister or even the head of the opposition, when that happens it moves into another realm, it becomes a threat to national security besides just being the criminal act it is,.

Till today the people who captured Chua Soi Lek on video  have not been caught, and Chua himself is rather quiet about it. Why this silence, this is indeed a National Security risk, but why this quiet?

Are these people the Police, the Minster of Home Affairs, the Prime Minsiter and Chua Soil Lek himself so stupid that they do not realise the gravity  of the offence?

How many times has this issue and its relation  to National Security  even been addressed?

Does this not require the RCI, the RCI to determine why this investigation has not taken place?

It is not easy to wire the premises of a hotel by persons unknown, without the hotel owners and workers being aware that such an operation is going on, and yet today after so long the makers of that DVD have not been brought to the book.

What about Eskay, his real name is SK, he has admitted he was there whilst it was being filmed, it was he in the picture he has admitted, so who made this video is it not easy to establish, we need to know that?

In this present case, yes!! a RCI will be good thing, it will determine the real criminals in the case, the making of the video, the filming of the video for the press to view was that not an offence and the subsequent blackmail.

To top it all the head of police shows his ignorance and or his arrogance by asking the press what he should charge the trio with? If he is really so ignorant he should resign from his post, or the minister of home affairs should have taken him to task, that minister is of the same pedigree and we'll talk about him later.

Prime Minster after Prime Minsiter have found Nazri useful, he was the official court jester, and if you do not believe me click on the link see what Mahahtir had to say about Nazri,  he knew Nazri's limited abilities and what it could be used for,  so Mahathir  kept him, with people like Nazri you can do about anything you personally would not  want to.

Even Pak La discovered this,  and now Najib too, so why do you think they require a Minsiter in the Prime Minster's department, when the PM is already there?

Malaysian  Prime Ministers since Mahathir have found it necessary to talk nonsense and discovered they   require someone to shout on their  behalf, and who better then Nazri,  because when Nazri opens his mouth everyone knows what to expect. Nazri is the extreme, there are other ministers who come close, very close to Nazri,  we'll deal with them later.

All  anyone has to do is to just google some of these Minsiters and  you'll get enough of sex scandals involving them and their family members, and yet these fellows  shout without thinking, they should google before shouting.

Do we really  need to go down that road? Will it solve our political problems?

Think Nazri, Think.

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