Thursday, August 13, 2009

The poll time to act

93.3% do not read the NST, only a mere 2.9 percent read the paper.

Yes the poll is over, this blog has an estimated estimated 773 readers, of this 105 or 13.6percent responded to this survey.

Of the 105 who responded , 3 readers or 2.9 percent of respondents say they still read the New Straits Times; (What an achievement for the NST)
of the remaining votes 102 votes, 90 readers of this blog, or 85.7 percent say they do not read the paper;
that leaves a balance of 12 votes and of this 4 readers or 3.8 percent are thinking of stopping their subscription;
and of the remaining 8 readers or 7.6 percent of the voters ask the question, "The New Straits What?" indicating that they are totally disgusted with the paper.

The New Straits Times must be very proud of its accomplishments, this paper in the days it was the 'Straits Times' was the leading and most authoritative voice in this country, has now under the direction of its present editorial management successfully dwindled the readership so low that people feel its better not to advertise in it, lets do them a favour help them shut down permanently.

In the days of the "Straits Times" its headlines used to include the views of opposition leaders, the late Seenivasagam brothers, Dr. Tan Chee Khoon, Ahmad Boestaman, Karam Singh and in full and the context in which they said it, including the views of Lee Kuan Yew who was at one time on the opposition bench of our Parliament.

This newspaper the NST which claims to be the successor of the Straits Times is nothing better than trash, a kind of "UMNO mad magazine," which lacks substance and takes the rakyat to be fools, now the rakyat will take it back on them. The advertising pages will tell the story.

"A worthy successor of the Straits Times?" A sucker to UMNO more like it. What utter rubbish, "worthy successor!" Rubbish is trash.

This blog says "STOP READING" Trash, trash belongs in the rubbish bins, let the paper die a sudden death, a natural death sometimes takes too long we can make it sudden, read anything else but the NST.

This will send an unequivocal message to the other dailies to give us news with integrity, especially political news, if it is not there we shall continue with the next paper, this will open the front for web based papers and many people with the cash will start just that, on top of that you may not need a KDN permit to publish it, that will be good for real journalism and good and respectable reports to read every morning.

Operation "Sudden Death."

Use what you have at your disposal, the 'SMS,' the internet, the phone, or as you meet your friends tell them "I've stopped reading the NST," then ask them "have you?" The 'SMS' text should read, "I've stopped reading the NST, have you?"

All respondents use the net, all are from the English medium and the only logical conclusion is they know the New Straits Times and of this according to the sample 93.3 percent (includes those who ask New Straits what?) have categorically said in one way or another that they do not read the paper. The NST is on a limp the

We have to stop papers that propagate lies, let's begin with the NST, we need to win back the integrity of information in this country, we should stop useless UMNO propaganda, we have to restore the integrity of the Malaysian government, it has been seen to be compromising, because the corrupt can't possibly catch the corrupt without exposing themselves, and with this weak and corrupt leadership that is all one can expect, and this press by its stance seems to support this effort.

We have to target the machinery they use to undermine the people, and paralyze it, we can make the NST and economically nonviable unit.

Please pass this message on, go on the net, go on your phone and it should read, "I have stopped reading the NST, have you? " And if they need know why send them another message, tell them to visit this blog.

Let it begin.

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  1. So, the New Straits Times is planning some corporate moves again! This time the company is to be taken private. The ang pow journalists at The Edge can be expected to go to town with this story and do an upbeat series and watch the lolly roll in.

    The problem with the Nst is that mere reporters who were apple polishers were catapulted over the years into the Group Editor’s position. How can people who have not been through the mill lead the Editorial Department?

    Ahmad Talib, the latest appointment at Nst, is a case in point. He’s a simpleton who was put there as a proxy by a former Group Editor, an ex-reporter whose grammar is more than suspect, and who (the former Group Editor) tells anyone who is gullible enough to listen that he’s the doyen of Malaysian journalists. Many sub-editors who have bravely laboured through his copy have gone to an early grave laughing over this claim.

    Ahmad Talib has also previously been Group Editor of the Nst but was forced to quit when the circulation of the newspaper continued to decline. The Nst seems to have a short memory. Melayu mudah lupa? Ahmad Talib, according to the grapevine, plans to prove himself by kicking out all retired journalists who are still holding the fort at Nst since the young ones come and go.

    These Group Editors’ even systematically pursued racist policies like having only Malay bylines on the front page. I don’t know whether this is still the case since I have stopped reading the Nst.

    There were other idiocies at the Nst like someone in management deciding one day that they had to “teach the Keling a lesson” and decided to phase out the Indian vendors by replacing them with Malays. The Nst demanded that the Indian vendors hand over their list of subscribers since “the lists belong to the company”. The vendors refused to do so. At that time, in 1992/93, the Nst was selling 185,000 copies daily and the New Sunday Times about 250,000 copies, the Malay Mail 65, 000 copies, my last paper Sunday Mail 110,000 copies, Berita Harian about 300,000 copies and the Berita Minggu 350,000 copies.

    Nevertheless, the Indian vendors fought back by promoting the Star, and later the newly-launched Sun. By the time that Nst sued for peace with the Indian vendors at the Holiday Villa in Subang Jaya, the damage had been done and the Star was laughing all the way to the bank. The Nst has never recovered to this day and continues to have an uneasy relationship with the Indian vendors.

    It has been downhill all the way for the Nst since then and the Star has never looked back. The Star, although it’s an even more shitier paper than the Nst, is where it is today by default. Even the shity Sun has a bigger circulation than the Nst.

    I doubt very much that the Nst is selling 120,000 copies daily despite the upbeat stories by the ang pow business journalists at The Edge who are forever trying to jack up the shares of practically worthless companies run by white collar criminals who should be beaten to death like Kugan. The Nst is probably selling closer to 80,000 copies daily and this includes copies sponsored by big companies who are obviously forced to do these things. The sponsored copies are distributed free to schools under the guise of promoting better English.

    Re the latest corporate moves at Nst, I doubt the shares of the company are worth anything at all. The people are not with the Nst. In the past, every Group Editor indulged in the favourite game of musical chairs or so-called management buy-outs i.e. basically a shifting around of assets after revaluation to arrest the rot in share values. Generally, these are incestuous exercises that will put even Madoff to shame.