Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"President of Unity Party WA to Najib Tun Razak":

BY Anonymous

Special privileges (CISO) for the umnoisation in Peninsular Malaysia cover four items only: Malay representation in the Civil service; intake into institutions of higher learning; scholarships; and opportunities in business. Nowhere is it stated that these four areas are only for the Malays of Peninsular Malaysia. Other items concerning the Malays are covered by the Federal Constitution. The Malays of Sabah and Sarawak and other Natives are not entitled to Special Privileges. Their rights are protected by the King under the Federal Constitution.If Anwar Ibrahim is a traitor to the Malays, as claimed by Umno, how did he betray them?

As PM, Mahathir was noted for his UMNOisation policy. He believed that everything in Malaysia should be run by his bunch of UMNO elite and the others reduced to irrelevance. That’s why he started the Buy British Last and Look East policies i.e. to replace the Chinese role in Malaysia with the Japanese provided they helped the Malays to replace the Chinese role in Malaysia. It has nothing to do with imbibing Japanese work ethics. However, the Japanese were not interested in screwing up anybody especially the Chinese who they felt worked hard for their living. Besides, the Japanese themselves were not interested in helping the Malays for various reasons.

According to Penang Chief Minister 2 Professor Ramasamy’s Phd thesis, it was Mahathir who advised the civil service to throw away the application forms of non-Malays. The result is that 90 per cent of the civil service today is Malay.

What the Umnoputras have today is way above what has been provided for by the Special Privileges for the Malays and that's because of Mahathir.

The Police Force used to have a lot of Indian officers. Mahathir got rid of all of them.

True, Mahathir did not disturb the Indians like Badawi who presided over the demolishment of Hindu temples etc. Mahathir just ignored the Indians and took away whatever little they had and gave it to the Umnoputeras. It was easier for the Umnoputeras to grab from the Indians than from the Chinese. It became even more difficult after the Look East Policy failed and the Chinese business community reduced the NEP to Ali Babaism. Mahathir resigned a very disappointed man because he could not help the Malays (or rather his group) replace the Chinese role in business. All the Umnoputeras he helped in business eventually went bankrupt and things would have been even worse if he had not set up Danaharta after kicking out Anwar whom he felt was a stumbling block to his grandiose plans. Mahathir cares two hoots about Anwar’s sexual preferences, if any.
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The only relationship that Mahathir has had with an Indian was with Samy Vellu.

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  1. This guy is telling the story behind the story. As a Malay, I hope every Malay would read this post and not continue to be conned by Umno.