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All said and done Lim Guan Eng is in the clear, even if there was an element of corruption there it is

Attraction in the centre distraction by the sides
really nothing absolutely nothing even compared to some of UMNO and BN backbenches leave  leave alone the likes of Zahid and  Najib.

It is the suspicion of the people that man of Najib's closest allies woudl have received many more millions at least 500 percent more that what Guan Eng's house is worth.

Having said that I think it is time for all MP's. Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Menteris Besar and even state assemblymen to now come out and show us their houses they occupied after begin elected into office. This is a demand that must be made by every citizen regardless of his political inclinations and it will be good for the UMNO members to lead this call.

Anyone who owns a home beyond his means must explain in detail where he got the money and the means  tod do so, and if the MACC is really anti-corruption this should have been dealt with long, long ago.

I remember the early head of the Anti-Corruption Agency as it was then called , the late Justice Harun, he did not wait for any government official to tell him who to go after, not even the Tungku could stop him to the extent that they transferred him out and made him a judge. That was the beginning of days when corruption began creeping into the system, the day we compromised and
Removed from the ACA
removed  Harun Hashim form his position of ACA head and made him Justice Harun Hashim, what a shame, that is part of our history, especially for those of you who do not know as this fact is not registered in our history books like many others and like many others make believe history has taken its place.

Now what matters is what the people of Penang who matter believe, just go down to the ground in Penang and ask the ordinary folk,. not necessary Penang anywhere in Malaysia in Guan Eng UMNO and the BN has found a distraction a factor to get people distracted from looking at the bigger picture where the 1MDB activities which I am so tempted to call criminal, but shall refrain from doing so for the time being.

firstly the man who made the allegation lacks the guts top repeat his allegations outside the walls of Parliament but to hide behind that Parliamentary privilege what does that make him, a man with integrity or a man without any integrity, I'll leave it you, the reader  to decide.

This Guan Eng tactic is a desperate measure especially with tomorrow's March 27th rally behind closed doors, following which a massive meet and talk to the people session will proceed nationwide.
It is believed that following road show the demand on Najib stepping dow is expected o grow even wider and following that there is a likelihood of nationwide demands by the people to get Najib to step down.

The vote of no confidence will take place and the planning of putting it in place in the house is already in motion, the speaker will have little or no choice as there is to be a sizeable majority of members who have even admitted receiving money from Najib for their loyalty.

The Najib camp is aware of this and it si this awareness that has brought about the investigations against Kit Siang and Guan Eng, PKR is playing a big part in this  campaign and so is DAP, it is to weaken DAPthat this move has been put in place by Najib's henchmen.

What is going to be more damaging to Najib will be the results of the investigations goin on in New York, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland and France where the prosecutors are bent on revealing the facts as they have seen it and thsi will not only involve the 1MDB and the 2.6 billion Ringgit scandal which is now actually in the excess 4 billion ringgit, bt also the murder of one Altantuya Shaaribu.

In France a judge  Bernard Baiocco is conducting  a probe to find out if former president of French defence group Thales International Asia, paid illegal kickbacks to Mr Najib via an associate of the prime minister to win a 2002 contract for two submarines, according to people close to the case. What has been revealed so far seems t indicate that there were kickbacks and it went to the highest decision maker in this case the then defence minister of Malaysia - Najib son of Tun Razak.

According to a Reuters report on 1 February, the Swiss Attorney General Michael Lauber had confirmed that they had asked Malaysia's attorney General for assistance and at time of writing thsi report we have been informed by our sources that there has been no sharing with Swiss authorities as yet.

Switzerland's chief prosecutor s reported to have said, criminal investigation into state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) had revealed that about $4 billion appeared to have been misappropriated from Malaysian state companies. The Swiss are experts in this kind of investigation and have even offered to assist the Malaysians in the same, but with Arul there in 1MDB who needs the Swiss, I guess.

The noose seems to be tightening and is in the investigation of the plane crash that took the life of Fuad (Donald) Stevens which Australia have long completed but have not revealed the results, the
Ask Ku Li what happened to him
Australian Government is holding back to its part of the investigations into 1MDB. Can we really trust the Australians, now does not get you into thinking why Australia for MH370?

The ghost of Altantuya returns and as s one shenanigan put it, "she will not rest till everyone involved in her murder are brought to justice" and it certainly is looking like this female shenanigan is right.

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