Thursday, March 28, 2013

Muhyiddin Pushes Najib to Breaking Point.

 New TV Channel - Inde3pendent and Democratic.
Malaysia's newest democratic TV channel on line:  invites Najib to address Malaysians first.
The channel is run and managed by the DAP and Guan Eng has offered Najib Tun Razak a Prime time slot to address the nation even if it is to be a BN campaign.
 Announcement on dissolution of Parliament on 29th or 30th March the latest.

The battle cry is resonating all over Johor and if you are thinking it is between the BN and Pakatan you could be right,  but the bigger battle is now to have Najib thrown out and this is being waged between Tan Sri Muhyiddin bin Yassin's  supporters and Najib it's all an UMNO affair.

In a fierce argument that pursued between Najib and his deputy,  it has been reported that there was an understanding that Najib would announce the dissolution of parliament after the closing of the LIMA Air show in Langkawi, the reports seemed a bit sketchy but it is supposed to be after a Dinner for the LIMA delegates or something to that effect we were told by our sources on the 29th of March but LIMA closes on the 30th.

Warned Najib
Muhyiddin's supporters who had been routing for an early elections since about two years ago,  are disappointed with the undue delays,  Najib has been stalling the whole process for what he said was "unfinished business," and now that has cost him a real uphill task in the state as Pakatan has gained solid ground in this UMNO fortress. The walls of Fortress Johor or rather fortress UMNO in Johor are crumbling and is weakening more and more by the day and the finger is being pointed in the direction of Najib to the extent that Mahathir has come out and said that he could lose the Prime Minstership.

Muhyiddin Planning a take over

PM In waiting!!!
Muhyddin it is reported has told his supporters to prepare for him taking over the position after this elections, he is confident that the BN will secure the  majority required to form the government but the
overall results will be even worse than what they experienced in 2008 and as a result Najib will be asked to step aside.

According to Johor UMNO Najib has done nothing and consequently achieved nothing and the people of Johor have realised this.

The promise of Iskandar is all another lie to deceive the Johoreans and lull them into some form of complacency but  now they realise it only too well that all this is nothing but a BN ploy.

Too many business outlets in Johor Baru are closing down, the once bustling town is now a pale shadow of what it once was and now the opposition is coming in big guns to take Johor and the people of Johor are looking at them for redemption from a corrupt regime that has rendered Johor Baru a once bustling Metropolis to a silent back lane of Singapore as they  see it now, the Singapore Dollars are fast disappearing and the Barisan Government is now bankrupt of ideas of how to get Singapore back on its feet.

The Zone complex built with hope of attracting Singapore Dollars is now almost empty, a duty free outlet meant only for the drunkards who are fast becoming an endangered species.

The Casinos of Singapore have become a big draw to Malaysians, a visit to the Golden sands and you'll see some familiar faces some may even be on  on Barisan Nasioanl posters for the next General Elections due soon as, and some of them from UMNO probably gambling easy money from Malaysia.

Muslims visiting Singapore have no restrictions regarding gambling in the island state so Muslims who may have otherwise spent their money in Malaysian casinos are now to be seen in neighbouring Singapore.

Trying to become a Chavez
One UMNO branch head complained, he said, "the delay has affected us so much, every day there is a scandal being exposed, if it does not involve Najib it involves his wife or some other UMNO member like Shaarizat, this has affected our credibility, in fact if you were to ask me I will not blame the Malays especially those in Majedee and other Johor Baru districts, they are all literate people they know what is happening and with all this they now feel they have  been cheated and it is time they have to change, you can't tell them lies like before anymore and because of this delay we in Johor can expect to lose many seats."

Johor UMNO is confident that after this elections Muhyuddin will become Prime Minister that is the only issue that is stopping them from making a huge hue and cry now at the eve of elections, but the huge argument that ensued between Najib and his Deputy has been reproted in Najib agreeing to call for the dissolution of parliament on the night of Friday  the 29th or the Saturday the 30th of March the latest.

All BN operations centres have been put on alert to get ready to move with lightening speed, to get the posters up as soon as posisible.

Johor UMNO is to send one of its sabotage groups to work on Najib being returned with at least a significantly reduced majority if they can't get him to lose.

So contrary to the report in today's Star be prepared for an announcement tomorrow or on Saturday.

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