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Muhyiddin preparing to be PM as UMNO faction plans Najib's downfall

 Are we to witness the fall of the first Prime Minster in office, it certainly looks like that is going to be the case, the young UMNO group I have been following are very confident that Najib will not make it in Pekan, does this mean what was reported earlier is true, will he stand in Putrajaya?
UMNO's new breed the 'young turks' in Johor have taken Pekan by storm, they are doing what they call "underground work" in Pekan to ensure Najib's downfall.

A group in johor stated their intentions earlier
"BN will win albeit by a smaller margin,  it will be by a hairs breadth,"  said Daud, "and we are there to make sure that Najib loses, we do not want him to claim the PM's position."

Quoting the Sabah elections when Harris Salleh lost, Daud told us he was aware that Najib may try and get the king to appoint him PM by virtue of his position in UMNO, and these 'young turks' have pledged that they'll start a revolution in UMNO if that happens a special group is following Mahathir Mohammed he is seen as the strategist, they call him,  "the father of doom."

Zainuddin not his real name  a Chemical Engineer  from Kuantan also aligned with this group said that they are sure that if Haidi stands in Pahang they'll make "Najib and the Razak clan History, it will be a real episode of  'this day in history' " he said and the group clapped and cheered.

One member of the group seemingly elder than the rest claims he was the head of KMUK or what he said was Kesuatan Melayu United Kingdom and he claim that that is the student wing of UMNO in UK. 

"I went to UK to  become an intellectual not a DUMNO clown or idiot, we cannot accept this type of governance, we do not  make fools of our own  people, we have to get our education system right, we can bring in the best Universities into Malaysia and make this a centre of learning. Our success will be realised the day we get Singaporeans competing to study in our Univerisites and that is what we hope to do, do you think that is impossible?"

"Look I can tell you this,"  he says, pointing his index finger to me, "within eight years of wiping out this menace we'll get that done. if we lose we will work with the government of the day to achieve this, if they accept it."

"Go overseas and see how many of our Malays,  leave alone some of our best brains from other races, but Malays  who have not returned, they prefer it there they do not want to be part of this vicious game, they can't take it, I have spoken to few of them, if this goes on we will be Nation  of fools and that is what today's UMNO wants, the UMNO of Mahathir, Najib Dollah and the rest, we want to lay that to rest now."

Next PM?
The group is bent on allowing and backing Muhyiddin to claim the postion of PM for just one full term, he can extend it if he decides to seek a mandate within 18 months, he  will have to clean up all electoral rolls, no foul play,  "the reelection  is due reward for his part in the play," they say,  and they'll not agree to Mukhriz anywhere near them. The bargain has been they'll get Najib out buy Muhyiddin has to keep Mukhriz out.

This group is really one made up of intellectuals,  strong dynamic and committed.

They have a candidate for Deputy but they are not mentioning names yet, they  say that if his name is mentioned their position becomes compromised and he will be dropped. The candidate is dynamic and is well known personality in UMNO an intellectual whom they intend to see become PM in a short time.

Elections for positions in UMNO will become the norm, everyone must be voted in and no one comes in through default, anyone who practices money politics wether at party  level or at National elections  will be brought to the book, that to us is a criminal offence,  that is treason and it has to be wiped out.

Creme of UMNO
The Group is for a clean Malaysia as stated before in this blog  they do not mind UMNO losing out in the next two or three General Elections if that means cleaning up Malaysian politics and the same chap said it again, " we do not mind Anwar becoming PM, he deserves it and he is capable," but he must play fair too we will take it back from him or whoever it is at the material time.

They intend to fight for a clean administration in Malaysia, Education will take top spot on the agenda, experts will brought in from overseas if necessarily, they prefer the British model, Bahasa will be referred to as Bahasa Kebangsaan again, and children will be taught to love the language, English will be a compulsory subject and the entire History curriculum will be revisited.

Ministers and members of parliament will have their salaries enhanced, and there will be zero tolerance for corruption, all the corrupt will be brought to the book.

One chap they call the Prof. said, "we must be proud of our heritage, if there are elements of  Hinduism, and an Indian presence, Buddhism and a Chinese presence we must be proud of it, that is our heritage, we must accept it and if our history has been distorted which we suspect and in fact to a certain extent know it  has happened we'll have to correct it, we can't live a lie, a nation can't live a lie."

After the appointment of Muhyiddin the focus will be on,  "an ops clean up of UMNO, and Muhyiddin has to start the ball rolling or they may even try and oust him from his seat if he doesn't.

Apparently Muhyiddin and his closest associates are aware of this deal, they have accepted in in principal.

Abdul Haidi Awang is said to command huge respect from even staunch UMNO members and this young UMNO group say that if he stands he will win hands down and Najib's is certainly out.

A survey conducted in the various mukims by these 'young turks' have indicated a 53 percent support for Haidi if he stands there so far, with the largest numbers in favour of Haidi over najib coming from, Bebar, Temai, Pekan, Kuala Pahang and Penyor.

These are not his constituents
"Najib can consider the Chinese vote in Pekan lost,  we do not even have to campaign on that issue, the Indian vote is on the balance but they are all so insignificant , in Pekan it is the Malays who will decide and I think Malays being Malays  they'll vote Haidi as he is seen as a clean and spiritual type of person, well known and well respected in that area," said Zainuddin.

I have been invited to follow the group soon to see for myself what is happening in Pekan and to gauge for myself, I have accepted the offer and shall be there am waiting for the date. I have been instructed that I am not to drive in my own car to Pekan, I will be taken there by certain members of the group who have been identified and it will be only during campaign time.

Muhyiddin is said to also be working on destroying Hishamuddin, Muhyiddin is very aligned with Nazri, and Nazri is one person this group wants out too, but for the moment he is being tolerated as Muhyiddin is using him to get rid of Hishamuddin. According to this group both men- Hisham and Nazri, do not see eye to eye with each other as one member put it, "it's a case of two idiots seeing the 'idiot' in each other."

The key to this part of the game is  Abdul Haidi Awang said Daud.


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