Monday, April 22, 2013

The Pakatan can win if We can do this

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If all those not aligned to the Barisan can boycott their daily newspapers, Tamil, Chinese, English and Malay on the 29th of April and hit the mass media industry we'll win the elections, our actions must be whole hearted.

Very Creative indeed compare it with BN= at the bottom
What is in the print media can be read on line as most newspapers have a web page, if they do not put the news on, on that day consider this.

How much of the nes published by these newspapers do you really read? So not reading it for a day is no problem, we do not have to read it.

Malaysiakini on line is free from now till after the elections, so what is the problem, just visit Malaysiakini, Sarawak Report,  there is also the Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Chronicle , Free Malaysia Today and many more I will give you the links as we go by, and if any of you have online papers please let us know and we'll list it here.

World news at your finger tips, literally at your finger tips on this blog, look at the left of this page and scroll sown to the column that says "Other Fronts - News,  " choose the source you want your foreign news from, you have, the New York Times (NYT), You have the International Herald Tribune (IHT), The Times of England, The Guardian, CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, The South China Morning Post, The Times of India to give you a comprehensive source for world news.

You could also go to and click on the news icon as long as it is you'll get local news from local newspapers, so why buy.

The Pakatan parties are entitled to free and fair coverage and the papers are duty bound to provide such unbiased coverage, but alas our press is compromised by political patronage.

The opposition parties can't publish their own daily newspapers other than their newsletters for internal circulation only.

The Star is owned by MCA and we all knwo that UMNO owns even Chinese papers so how are we going to get free and fair access to balanced reporting from our press, it is a dream which we can realise if throw this government out.

To get a fair share of Balanced reporting so that these people do not go and make wild allegations and have it brazenly published this blog is urging all right minded Malaysians to Boycott the Governemtn sponsored media on the 29th of April.

Please inform your news vendor that you will not require a paper come Monday 29th April, give the poor fellow a holiday and as a token of our appreciation pay him for that day's edition do not deprive him of his earnings for that day.

If the first effort does not produce the desired results we shall go for another one for a lengthened period.

1.    Remember the date 29th April Boycott the Government   Sponsored Print Media Day

2.    Inform your news vendor today or as soon as possible - No Newspaper on Monday 29th April.

3.    Get your news on line from the following sites;
Your daily paper on line if you want that, but try the alternate media it is far better and more credible, the links below.

 Free Malaysia today 
 Malaysian Insider
 Malaysia Chronicle
 Sarawak Report

Now if we can't do this simple thing, "boycott these government controlled media,"  how on earth are we going to overthrow the Barisan Nasional.

BN= Barang Naik = Bini Najib

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