Thursday, April 25, 2013

UMNO's internal battle heats up


UMNO at crossroads even as elections loom.

"Najib see you at sundown come 5th of May."

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My sources in UMNO Johor tell me the  battle in UMNO  is heating up as Najib tries to consolidate his position, as head of UMNO.

The wanita wing are totally disgusted that its representation does not reflect the wishes of the women, the dropping of the deputy by deliberately insulting her with a state seat has angered many women safe for Shahrizat's supporters.

Shahrizat only won the wanita  position because of the famous Approved Permit fiasco created by Mahahtir Mohammed to make Rafidah look bad, as he could not control the lady after he left office. Rafidah has a mind of her own and was given a free hand by Badawi, she refused to support Mahathir to undermine Badawi.

Has some Aces up her sleeve
The AP are still being given out to cronies and why is Mahathir not making noise? Every one knows that it was a case of the pot calling the kettle black, but even that would be an unfair comparison considering the wealth in the Mahathir family.

Women representation was sacrificed only to give Shahrizat some form of security so that she will not lose the next wanita elections, after the elections Shahrizat has already been promised a place via the senate, she seems to be having the habit of coming in through the back door. I suppose that is what you do when your hands get dirty tending to cows.

Shahrizat's hold on Najib is extremely strong and that is why she was allowed to retain her position as head of the Wanita. Shahrizat, Rosmah and Marina share some deep secrets, if revealed it could be fatal to UMNO, they are also very close and their influence on Shahrizat's position is telling.

Now certain groups of the wanita in Johor are hitting back with an intensive email campaign, asking members to subtly push for a Kit Siang victory. As it is Kit Siang's challenge seems strong, and the inclusion of this help in Johor may see Ghani out.

If Ghani is out, Muhyiddin will be blamed for  the battle is in his state, if eh wins najib will take the credit,  Muhyiddin is also expected to be balmed foro ther losses and it looks very likely that Segamat and Kluang will fall too, even Labis is looking weak,  the cards will be statched agaisnt Muhyiddin just in case he attempts to take over the Prime Minister's position.

Dancing his way into politics
Muhyiddin is being treated like an opposition  candidate there is little or no publicity on his efforts, his visits to school where he campaigned vigorously received almost zero coverage, he is being made to look inadequate.

Najib has struck a deal with  Mahathir that Mukhriz will be given a seat in Parliament even if he loses his seat which is very likely as the mood in Kedah is that they have had enough of the Mahathirs, one Kehahaan had this to say, " Mahathir and his gang can go to hell."

Campaigning vigorously 
Mahahtir is now backing Najib on all fronts and to cement the deal he was forced to field Zul Nordin and not to contest Ibrahim Ali.Najib attempted to stop Zul Nordin candidacy but on Mahathir's insistance he caved in and got Mahathir to understand why Ibrahim Ali could not stand on the Barisan ticket although he is an UMNO member.

Mahathir fired the first salvo in this battle when he said Najib would continue to be PM even if the Pakatan won more seats, all that mattters now  is to win the elections margins notwithstanding.

Muhyiddin on the other hand has asked Mohammed Taib to move to Pakatan, in fact Muhyiddin asked him to move to Keadillan, Muhyiddin has had no involvement in the wanita activiites but as the campaign heats up he may well do so.

Mat Taib has a huge support base in Selangor and he has begun using it to go for the Barisan, the BN on the other hand have not tried to character assassinate this politician simply because he has so much details of what UMNO especially has been doing and if he opens the bag of worms UMNO will be destroyed, it is believed that after the election he will move in and take an active part in the political landscape of this country especially Selangor.

"Mohd Taib has enough ammunition to bury Mahathir," said the Johor source and not Mahathir or anyone else in UMNO or the BN for that matter dares open his mouth. The Johore source said, "if you remember Mat Tib ws the driving force behind Anwar when Anwar decided to drive Ghaffar Baba out of the Deputy's post, they have chemistry but because of the fall out he feels more comfortable in Pas"

So whilst there is huge battle for BN to win this elections, and if does win it there is yet another bigger battle to come.

The question is will that battle determine the fate of UMNO?

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