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UMNO reigns supreme - MCA Supremo Dumped

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By Toffee

For all the flak about Pakatan infighting which is widely publicised by  the MCA's organ, "The Star" and the Barisan controlled Chinese media, see what is happening in Barisan. UMNO has struck its biggest partnere in a do or die battle where they can't afford to lose a single seat.

Chua had earlier said not to ask him about candidates as it was Najib who'd decide and so it was, Najib has decided that Chua will not stand, he is too big a risk.

The question to ask now is. Will Chua keep to his word and resign if Ong Tee Keat is fielded, or will he sing another song?

For some time now this blog has said that Chua Soil Lek will not be given a seat to contest in the next general elections.

Putting on a brave front and hiding the disappointment
On hindsight we feel rather stupid for  even having stated the obvious.

Obvious? Yes so obvious, because the opposition would have had a field day with Chua Soi Lek's sexual trysts, not because of the affair as such but because what he did was an offence punishable with a jail term and fine or both.

Chua Soi Lek admitted that the man on the video was him, now it is also stated that the video contained parts of him performing oral sex.

Oral sex is an offence in our law and it is that part that he can be charged for and even jailed, in fact he should  have, but for the mercy of the Attorney General. Now with his record Najib had the easiest time telling him he can't be fielded, and Chua had only this to say, "Yes Sir!" I suppose, he had no choice, no choice at all.

If he tried to lay down his cards with hard  talk,  Najib would have had him charged and  locked up by getting the attorney general to do just that, and that would  have been the least difficult task for Najib,   even though Najib himself  can be investigated and very likely charged and convicted, for so many more serious alleged wrong doings which are  considered much bigger offences than that committed by Dr. Chua Soi Lek,  Chua can't do a thing.

Chua is only  MCA's President and Najib is UMNO's as it  is now clearly indicated by this move that the MCA  is  a toothless mouse in the Barisan.

Now it is seemingly clear that Najib has dumped the President of MCA, when you dump the President you are in fact dumping the party as without the President you are rudderless, Chua Soil Lek will have no control on what goes on in the cabinet and the Parliament so how effective a president can he make? How effective a leader of the Chinese will he become? Ong Tee Keat was right.

Chua is reported to have said, "in the history of MCA, this is the first time that there is a full-time party president, I wish to continue that role in the general election, where I can campaign full-time for BN candidates, particularly for MCA," but he forgot to say too that this is the last time as MCA may be non existent after this elections.

Following Chua Logic he should not contest
If that was true, that as President it is important for him to concentrate on campaigning nationally for the party and if it was to hold  any water, then Najib should  have been the first person to do that, not Chua, after all UMNO is so much bigger a party than MCA.

If as party president he is not standing he might as well stand down as president of the MCA,  and allow a more capable person to take on that position, this only goes to show that the removal of Ong Tee Keat was not only an MCA issue but one that was dictated by UMNO at a time Tee Keat was so adamant about exposing the PKFZ scandal. Najib took over the task from Ong Tee Keat and today the 12 billion ringgit scandal is almost history.

So is MCA really independent?

In the past he had brushed aside Ong Tee Keat's Claim  that he should not contest the elections because of the DVD scandal claiming he was a winnable candidate anywhere and now suddenly he looks so concerned for MCA he has decided no to stand because for so many other "more worthy reasons." Look,  we are all idiots and are supposed to buy that, the lame excuses of the MCA President.

Now this brings to examine MCA's role in the Barisan. As we all know the Barisan is only UMNO the MCA, the MIC, the Gerakan and all the rest are nothing but "window dressing," and the UMNO can change the mannequins any time they wish, and so they have done.

Chief mannequins  are paid lofty sums via contracts, and other deals to make huge amounts of money, so every Ah Kow, Kow Chye, and Soi Lek wants to be the president of MCA, but if Soil Lek looks back all former MCA president's were ministers with very important portfolios and he has none, although he was made to step down from the Health Ministry which he did  reluctantly and at that time he was not the MCA President.

He can't take Najib to task, because as the president of the MCA he has no power over Najib but that Najib has all the power over him, does this not expose the MCA.

Totally irrelevant head of Wanita UMNO
Chau Soi Lek  his "Star" newspaper and the rest of the Barisan controlled media will give all the "noble" excuses for his not standing, but we Malaysians are not fools, is it so coincidental that the President of the MCA and the President of Wanita UMNO are not being fielded, one with a sex case scandal hanging over his head for which no action has been yet  taken, and the other all because of cows.

After the next General Elections both these leaders will walk down sunseet strip, as the sun will set on respective their political careers, and is it really even worth mentioning it here? It is again a matter of stating the obvious.

What political career can these two presidents have if they are not  privy to cabinet decisions, if the are not privy in arguing out the interests of the people they are supposed to be championing? How effective can they be?

In truth it really does not matter, in the Barisan in the case  for MCA at least, anything MCA gets comes from UMNO and on the generosity of UMNO, that is why no component party in the Barisan dared confront Mahathir when he questioned our right to citizenship.

Chua Soi Lek must certainly know MCA history,  especially those parts related to Mahathir Mohammed, where in 1969 whilst standing as an Alliance candidate he told the Chinese attending his ceramah not to do so, as he would not be representing their interests in parliament. At that time the Alliance as it was then known comprised UMNO, the MCA and MIC only. Mahathir lost that election to my friend Yusof Rawa, and was subsequently sacked from UMNO because of his extreme racial views, especially against the Chinese. he was sacked by the Tunku and brough back later by Harun Idris and Tun Razak, because in fact he was their Guru at that time and that is why I say he was the architect of May 13, 1969.

Specimens of identical plumage -Fascists!
This same Mahathir at that time said, that the citizenship of the non Malays were given with the consent of the Malays and it could be withdrawn.

When he came to power as PM  he said all  that were his views in the past and that he had changed, then later he would credit the Chinese and say they were the biggest tax payers in the country, and now he is head over heels in love with Ibrahim Ali whom he supports because he sees Ibrahim Ali as a his best bet to put his son in power the crooked way.

Why was MCA so silent in the face of his racist comments recently?

Why was Chua Soi Lek so silent in the face of Ibrahim Ali's rhetoric?

If indeed he and the MCA represented the rights of the Chinese and is so charitable to Indians where he gave them the Buntong seat in Ipoh as he claims, why as such a champion did he not stand up and take Mahathir to task when Mahathir questioned the citizenship of the Indians and Chinese in the country?

The last time I said Samy Velu is a better leader than Najib, now it looks like he is a better leader than Chua Soi Lek as well, not that Samy is the best - far from it, but certainly better than both these clowns - don't believe me ask Mahathir.

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