Monday, April 22, 2013

HINDRAF trades Human Rights with Najib

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UMNO has placed Zulkifli Nordin on an Barisan ticket in Shah Alam, they have given Ibrahim Ali a free passage to fight PAS in Kelantan for them because he is them, Zulkifli Nordin is Ibrahim Alis's deputy the same Zulkifli Nordin who mocked Hinduism and HINDRAF the "HINDU Rights Action Front" is supporting Barisan. Now it begs the question;  Are they genuinely interested in HINDU rights or their own rights?

A special video for Wyatha Moorthy to watch.

Wyatha and Uthay are playing an old political game, it hads been played time and time again, these two brothers are playing it to see who pips the other to take on the Samy Verly slot, believe me they are no rivals they are both going for it so that one of  them gets it and they have decided they'll have to take different routes.

This was the same game played by Patinggi Rahman and his nephew in Sarawak to wrest the Chief Minister's post, they were fighting in public like they were prepared to kill  each other, that was for public consumption, within the family it was a ploy to ensure that the position of Chief Minister remained in the family, and they remained the Rajas of Sarawak, now these two men Wyatha Moorthy and Uthaykumar are trying it with the Indians and Najib both wants to be the next Samy Velu and it is alright if any one of them gets it.

See what his party has been saying here about UMNO and how now they are saying give the BN the two thirds majority.

HINDRAF brothers Wyatha Moorthy and P. Uthaykumar are smelling the blood of Indians in their hands and getting a huge thrill out it, their so called "Human Rights Party" has sold out "Indian Human Rights as their first concession to UMNO, whilst pretending to be against Wytha, Uthay has the task of splitting the Indian vote to ensure Barisan victory.

UMNO and Najib  have  after signing the pact with the greatest Indian traitor known in Malaysian history,  Wythamoorthy told  him in no uncertain terms that they will not  accept the Human Rights portion of his draft proposal, he'll have to drop that portion  from his demand list and he has agreed wholeheartedly.

Now that means there will be no  investigation into the deaths of Kugan and other Indians who died whilst under Police custody, and Wythamoorthy has actually by accepting that sacrificed the blood of these boys like goats to his new God, "Najib Tun Razak."

Without guarantees on Human rights what has HINDRAF  got to brag about?

The Charter of Human Rights guarantees the rights of minorities and that is in this scountry, the orang Asli, the Indians and the others, Najib does not want to guarantee that although Malaysia is a sinatory to his charter of the United nations, and that means he is telling Wayatha Moorthy in the face that he is not prepared to entertain any Indian rights.

No Human rights means, he can treat you any one way he  likes and you take it, the infamous book that said the Indians who came to Malaysia were all Pariahs will be reintroduced, religion will be trampled upon and that is why Zulkifli Nordin was allowed to insult the Hindus, and now that same Zulkifli Nordin has been nominated as a BN candidate in Shah Alam by Najib.

Remember one thing,  Najib is on his way out and Muhyiddin is coming in as PM and Muhyiddin the Minister of Education has not discarded that book stating Indians in Malaysia are children of Pariahs it is coming in once he is in. Temples will once again be demolished, and derogatory terms about Indians will abound and you Uthya and Wyatha will sit down and accept it the way you are now.

HINDRAF, what is there to brag about now? 

Does Wythamoorthy and his band of men  think they  can actually trade our human rights for economic benefit, are the Indians to be treated like cows and goats?

UMNO has always been allergic to Human Rights, because the UN charter of Human rightss accords special rights and privileges to minorities, that will go against the UMNO's racist  philosophies, it cant be done and so even though this government is a signatory to that charter it is not prepared to adopt it.

The UMNO thinking is best reflected by Mahathir Mohammed and Samy only found out about it after he left government, view this link to understand it.

These two brothers have sunk to an all time low, thousands of years the oldest culture in the  world, the richest culture in the world has been insulted by these two brothers for their own gain they can't call themselves Tamils, leave alone  Indians but rather - the brothers who betrayed the Indians.

Wythamoorthy's call to the Indians to give the  Barisan a two third's majority is a call of a traitor, a man who is willing to sacrifice the blood of Indians all over again.

Shun them tell every Indian you know  the consequence of this agreement with the Barisan, they are awaiting a big payout for sacrificing the Indians on the daemonic  alter of UMNO.

Now it looks like Wytha spend the millions collected by the Indians for him when he went to England on  self imposed exile, he had an English holiday on the money earned by the blood sweat and tears of the poor and marginalised Tamils of this nation, and after finishing that money has returned to earn more at their expense by selling them off.

Wytha should go and starve himself to death, if you vote the Pakatan that is what he may do, and I really hope he does just that, it will save the illetrate Indians, I'll encourage him to starve to death,  if such traitors  die the Indian community will be saved.

His brother on the other hand shoudl try and  self immolate if BN loses and that too will be a blessing to the Indians, with these two traitors gone we will only have the MIC to reckon with.

There is MIC, there is IPF, there is HINDRAF and many more, all claiming to champion the Indian cause, the Indian cause is no cause because the Malaysian Indian has to think Malaysian first, and then Indian that way he will wipe out the marginalization he now suffers, you can't survive in a cocoon, if one tries that one remains marginalised in the cocoon.

They are all there for their own personal gain and nothing else and UMNO is so happy with the situation, because all they have  to do is to give each of these traitors a cent or two and say podah! what they have been doing all these years.

HINDRAF has in essence come in to  on to replace a dying  MIC,  telling Najib and Najib sees an opportunity here to further divide and control the Indians.

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