Monday, April 22, 2013

Time to remain focused

It's Now or Never !!!!!!!
Boycott media day 26th April.

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It is time to focus, it is time to know the one thing that matters most to all of us, Orang Asli, Malay, Chinese and Indians and others, is,  the future of the country, and that of our children and their children's children are literally in your hands, use your hand wisely when you vote, vote Pakatan you have no other choice.

"Ini kali lah," yes it is ini kali lah or no more!!!! because if it doesn't happen now and the BN wins they'll change the nature of the game in such a way  that it will never be possible to win in the next fifty years.  Our economy will go to shambles and even Cub and Myanmar will be light years ahead of us when we return and that is the truth.

The truth is, if we allow the BN to rule, come 2020 we will have lost everything whilst the BN leadership will abandon ship and go and live in countries like the UK, the US, some in Spain and Argentina where they have property, and the rest in Australia and Canada, but believe me for all the support they give nations like Pakistan, Afghanistan and the rest their children or them will never ever live there.  

Our Children and their Children;s children will have  to work overseas some will be forced even with their qualifications be made to seek out  work as domestic help locally and even  in places like Indonesia and , Myanmar to scrape out a living,  this is  the stark reality that faces this nation, so it has to be INI KALI LAH!!!!!! UBAH. and it can't be said louder.

Do not get distracted by the BN controlled media, the Star, the Straits Times the major Chinese papers and the Tamil papers, the radio the TV,  they are full of lies and half truths, they are now being written to misguide and disorientate the electorate, in fact they have been all the time, if it is possible we shoudl totally boycott  media for one week and we'll bring it to its knees. Let us begin on the 26th  of April can we?

All we have to do is pass the word around, tell your news vendor not to bring in the papers on the 26th of April after all Malaysiakini is free and you can read important news on line.

I just returned from the Pasar Malam, I asked my fish monger not to give me any Barisan fish , he said he did not sell those as they were all corrupted like the man on the poster behind  him and that was Najib  hsi fish were caught by honest fishermen who are actually related to him.

I did not have to tell my Indian vegetable man what to do he knew the whole works, he told me he will be voting Khalid teh MB of Selangor, he said it will be better if all these BN chaps, Wytha and Uthay die, that is exactly what he said, he said enough of listening now its time to vote stay focused.

The Chinese biscuit seller said any of  the Chinese who vote for the Government must be MCA members or Gerakan members the rest do not want these traitors. he said some of them will even sell their parents to get what they want.

If the Pasar Malam mood was right Selangor is safe but we must make it safer, the vegetable man told me that there are opposition candidates stashed in N49 the Sri Andalas State constituency all placed by  UMNO to split votes but they will not  win.

Stay focussed, tell everyone you know,  "vote Pakatan" that is the PAS, the DAP or the Keadillan Rakyat and no other party, because al other parties including the Independents are BN friendly paid for by the BN.

Every election time they'll say all the members who are standing as independents  are sacked, after the elections all these rouges are back they are all part and parcel of the Barisan game, if you do not believe me ask yourself, why is Ibrahim Ali standing as an Independent and why has Barisan withdrawn its candidate for that constituency "Pasir Mas, "  it is so obvious because Ibrahim Ali is UMNO not independent as they UMNO would like us to believe.

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