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Malaysians make huge sacrifices to vote




In Klang alone these are three real stories, one parent a Chinese has a son in Singapore and a daughter in Taiwan, both unregistered voters and the mother was surprised to find out that they were both registered voters.
Integrity is not one of his virtues

Knowing from the alternate media that these two names can't be struck off the electoral rolls the mother has decided to fly her daughter down from Taiwan to vote, and her son has told the mother he will return to vote, both had their leaves approved immediately after they related their plight   to their employers.

The girl in Taiwan told it to her other Malaysian friend  who works in a company that has links in Malaysia, that girl immediately checked her name and that of  her boyfriend both with the same employer and after they had  related this to the employer and requested leave they were surprised,  they not only got their leaves approved on the spot but  their  employer went one step beyond and  booked and paid for their  return air passage in full. they had shown their employer the registration on line.

Our estimation based on very reliable sources is that there are about three thousand Malaysians returning from abroad, many  of whom have  not registered but who have found their names on the list, from England to Russia, from Australia to the the US, from the middle east to India they are returning,  we are also told that even many  Government  scholars who are affected are coming down on the quiet, their numbers are not known.

Watch out for the disabled!!!!!!

These  are  not the only cases,  Toffeesturn has been reliably informed that the names of  the sick and disabled have been marked down for pahntom voters, so if you have a sick or disabled family member contact the nearest Pakatan office and they'll get you the transport to send the worker to the polling station. If the voter is blind make sure you tell him/her the different parties in the constituency and tell him what to ask for  when he votes and make sure you are there to see he is shown the right column, give him practice at home so that he does not spoil his vote.

The young blind may be able to read with braile, but many can't and it is these that matter. every Malaysian who is registered is eligible to vote, so don't let them disqualify you on the  grounds that the person is disabled,and cannot decide.

In case you have not checked on line please do so, check it on; or click on this link: SPR

Another businessman from an overseas country not mentioned has said that he is returning to vote , the trip will cost him RM40,000 because he is also bringing one of his workers along to vote the worker is a Malaysian and a registered voter.

One of the airlines our students will be returning on
A check with our contacts in London says that many of the students are booked on Lufthansa and KLM to fly back to Malaysia, most  are not flying MAS as they fear last minute cancellation of their tickets, so they are taking alternate airlines many even flying through Singapore.

A businessman in Petaling  Jaya whose wife  is staying in the US with her two daughters, are is flying them back via Korea arriving in Singapore on 29th April to also vote all three in the family are registered illegally and now the EC chief says there is nothing they can do  because it has been gazetted.

At a DAP rally in Mount Eskrine Market Penang on Thursday 25th April,  a PAS official who spoke at the rally urged the crowd to get up in the morning and go immediately to vote "go as early as possible, before 12 noon" he repeated.

Never mind the long queues, make that a sacrifice for once for your country, it is small considering what the other parents are doing bringing their children back from overseas.

"Please go and vote before 12 noon," he said repeating himself to make sure the people at the rally got the message, don't worry about the phantom voters,don't worry about the foreign workers who are coming to vote, make  sure you are there to vote before 12 noon, because we all know that Hantu will come at  12 o'clock and beyond." the ghosts he was referring to are all the categories of illegal voters. So make sure you take his advice.

The elections commission is working hand in glove  with the Barisan to try and cheat the people, that is why they have removed the indelible ink to mark the finger nails an fingers of the electorate after they have  cast their votes.  Now they  claim there are technical problems, they don't tell us what those technical problems are,  the indelible ink is  used in many countries throughout the world, ours have been  purchased  from India, the world largest democracy where this ink is used, a technologically more advanced country where even the cheats and crooks are more advanced than Malaysians, and if they the Indians can't get that ink off in three days at least what is stopping our elections commission from using this ink?

Our  only fear, and it is real,  is that the  phantom voters  may go in before us, using an IC issued by the National Registration Department bearing our names, then when we go they can show that we have voted, now this is the scenario that is being worked out we suspect and we have good reasons to suspect this.. So go there early Please!!!!!!

Teams of camera men have been assigned by the opposition to film the people going into the polling stations, from that if this trick is carried out we can trace the phantoms but there aren't enough camera men, so many polling stations will be without these camera men.

This only goes to prove that the elections commission, its National chief in particular is a national cheat,  considering that its chief in Selangor had the decency to admit to  Charles Santiago MP for Klang that an UMNO assistant registrar had illegally included many such voters.

On the other hand, when Ambiga and Bersih  asked him so many times to clean up the rolls, so early when he certainly ahd the time  he refused, now it looks like he refused because,  some UMNO people had the power to  register voters who are not in the country right under the nose and with the knowledge of the commission and he had it covered up and refused us to get into the details at a time it could still be corrected.

Instead this government only assaulted its people who went to seek the clean up.

We have to defeat these cheats, we have to get them utterly mad, we have to disappoint them and most of all we must change this corrupt government 56 years is way too long, and if they are still telling you stories like they will clean up their act if they win, don't be a fool and buy that.

Look at the Port Klang free trade Zone scandal, Najib was supposed to be heading the inquiry about it, it has been at least 4 years with him,  nothing has been done,  it could go up to 15 Billion ringgitwhen and if fully exposed.

Now even if after they find the culprits and got them to return the money imagine the amount of accumulated interests these rogues will get away with.

With an estimated interest of 3% per annum which is extremely conservative and   on simple interest alone it will be a  staggering 450,000,000 ringgit per annum, yes four hundred and fifty million per year, and they are making a huge hue and cry about BRIM, look how much more they took from us.

The total amount taken by all the scandals in this country could have given each Malaysian not only the old retired people,  everybody with a blue IC legally acquired of course, 1 million ringgit and still have  the major part of it remaining  in the government coffers.

So get up early and go cast your vote.

Your vote counts,  every vote counts, it is sacred and it is your duty.

One vote less is  means  one vote  more for Barisan, and one less for Pakatan

So whatever the urgency, the vote is a matter of life and death.

Go cast it on the morning of  5th May 2013, be there before 12 noon it is important you would  not want to encounter any ghosts having stolen your vote.

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