Thursday, May 2, 2013

Barisan Prepares to Surrender



It is not going to be easy, after almost  56 years and after having tasted power and for the most part of it absolute power the Barisan is now coming to terms with itself that it is going to be dealt a huge defeat by the Pakatan.

The numbers at the rallies do not lie, even after they pay and provide for lavish dinners, bring celebrities and pseudo celebrities,  people only go there to eat, and don't listen.

An irrate Chuah Soi Lek said "well they were eating so what did you expect," when asked why the response to his speech was so cold in one of his famous MCA dinners. If he knew that they do not listen when they eat he should  have waited for them to finish eating or spoken before dinner, what  a farce, he probably did not because he himself knows that when he is up there at the rostrum he is speaking absolute nonsense and that the Chinese are not fools to buy what he says, it is just a case of "the show must go on," although he has been insulted by being dropped from the line up, he had to put up a strong face and claim that he had to concentrate on party matters and campaigning for the others - the truth is that he was not considered at all, he is seen as a sure loser and not to lose face he made sure Najib did not pick the MCA's only winnable candidate Ong Tee Keat.

Judging from the mood on the ground even Ong would  have been dumped, the voters are in no mood for the likes of MCA and moreover Ong has been sucking up to a party that has been whipping him more than they did the opposition, such desperadoes don't auger well with the Malaysian electorate.

The MIC president is in Johor the state and he is as good as gone,  I have been warning about this  all this time, the state that is producing the UMNO of tomorrow, the young turks I call them seem to be doing just what they said, "it is now very likely that at least 6 Parliamentary seats will fall,"  Mustapha one of the young turks said, " not six 10,"and he is quite sure he asked me to write 10 so I am, and Mustapha let's see if what you say comes true. These boys have also said that up to fifty percent of the state seats will fall and the  fortress will be fortress no more, as the walls fall down.

Looks like Najib is now looking more and more like Mr. Humpty Dumpty of course if that is the case there will also be a Mrs. Humpty Dumpty, no we have our own version of the riddle of Humpty Dumpty and who it represented, in Malaysia rest assured it is Najib, he fits it like a glove.

This Humpty Dumpty, who promises a clean Malaysian free of corruption is either the greatest liar or is incapable of telling the truth, why only today his BN vehicles adorned with banners, stickers and flags came to intimidate a Pakatan rally in Butkit Tinggi in Klang, well the crowd went along side and and gave these fellows a rousing  Pakatan welcome, shouting  Ubah and Ini Klai Lah, the Pakatan personnel then cleared the road in the area and allowed the vehicles to pass unabated, a sheer act of provocation by the BN all done in desperation.

Humpty Najib sat on the wall
Dumped that ole Najib of that wall
All Najib's Horses and all Najib's men
Ran for their lives they didn't want him at all

Whilst Mahathir is successfully drawing crowds of about 2000 people to his ceramas, people like Charles Santiago is drawing 20,000 and more, what a pity for a former Prime Minister to go around looking so hopeless and desperate,  he has reached his wits end, he is having sleepless nights because his famous Indian fortune teller has told him that if Anwar wins he is finished, and the latest is he went to another fortune teller who told him "Ini Kall lah" so he asked "ini Kali apa,"  the fortune teller replied, "Ubah.." Poor old senile man, he is going mad.

Opposition Ceramas are packed their crowds are much bigger than the government ceramas, the  opposition collects money from its  supporters who turn up in the thousands for each rally, rain, hail or sun, and the numbers don't lie, the Barisan is outnumbered at least 200 to 1 and in some places as high as 500 to1 at such rallies as was witnessed in Penang yesterday Han Chiang College field the same venue where Najib held the free Psy concert during the Chinese new year with his wife and son and the Ng Yen Yen who acted as his lady in waiting for the day.

At the same venue he, Najib,  launched his offensive in Penang with his "Are you ready for BN?" to which the crowd responded, "No!!!" thrice, it was at a show with a huge draw - a free concert with a world famous entertainer, the hottest of the season, against a political rally in pouring rain, no food, no drinks, no nothing a drenched crowd estimated at about 75,000 cheered on as they watched Anwar being introduced as the next Prime Minister of Malaysia, as Guan Eng came out to talk, as Lim Kit Siang came on to talk, it went on till past midnight. They came in and they came in for change and they made a statement, it was clear very very clear.

"Fortress Johor?" well I am told that Hishamuddin is not feeling safe, I am told that even Muhyiddin is feeling threatened, Nazri has not been heard of,  the opposition has eaten away into that once upon a time fortress, Chuah Soil Lek has run out of voice, and Najib is there in frantic desperation to try and minimise his losses.

In Negri we are told that one former UMNO big weight will renounce UMNO if Barisan loses, he is expecting to win though and he is not willing to go down with that sinking ship. A Pakatan heavyweight told me, "Toffee tell him to remain there he is only wanting to come over to escape being held accountable for the billion he has taken."

Kelantan has become only stronger for PAS, and Trengganu will fall this time around those are foregone conclusions, Selangor is will steam roll the BN out and in  East Malaysia, the winds of change have hit the East like it never has before.

The Sarawak Chief minister the one they call th white hair has been exposed bare naked, he can't hide his corruption and ill deeds any more they have all been exposed, it was East Malaysia that helped Barisan retain power and for which they got nothing, it is time that the Prime Minisiter comes from the East but the Barisan Government has made sure the quality of politicians from that part who represent them in Parliament are nothing but puppets and fools to whom they give a huge BRIM like payemtn year in year out to buy their silence.

How else do you explain the lack of infrastructure in Sarawak and Sabah the two states whose petrol dollars filled the coffers of Petronas, which in turn bought the huge twin towers in KL for itself. How many Sabahans  and Sarawakians own Petronas shares, have we ever thogught about it, even the BN advertisments that shwo their rural schools show a pitiful state in a country that boasts about being fully developed by 2020.

Lack of good roads and inter conductivity in these two states, states  which has brought in the greatest revenue to the country over the years, the time has come for  them "Ini Kali Lah," and they are prepared to kick out the Barisan for good.

Kitingan - Jefferey Kitingan is preparing battle Royale, Sabah is ready to respond he says, it has been too long, they have  been short changed.

This is the man who asked Mahathir, " when will an East Malaysian become Prime Minister?" it angered Mahathir no end, to Mahathir and BN Eeast Malaysians are only to be exploited and that is why to this day no East Malaysan has even held the position of Deputy Prime Minister and that too 50 years after they joined the federation with so many false promises made by the then by this government, instead this government has violated the agreement and treated the natives of East Malaysia as people from whom they can steal, the white haired pseudo raja of Sarawak has his days numbered too.

Watch this song by Sabahans it tells so much.

In Putrajaya Mahatrhir went and wrecked havoc for the Barisan candidate incumbent Putrajaya MP Tengku Adnan Mansor. Mahathir's presence lost Tengku Adnan more votes, and Adnan should only blame himself.

Malays despise people who  are arrogant, and arrogance is the hallmark  of Mahathir Mohammed, he  went to Putrajaya on Tengku Adnan's request, and asked   Husam Musa to return to Kelantan and develop that place like Putrajaya, he also suggested that Husam shoudl go sell "goreng pisang" first that is exactly how he treats poor Malays, he thinks he is very smart and this clearly shows the kind of man he is, one time he will champion the Malays, the next time he ridicules them, once he even went to the extent to say "the Malays are quick to forget," what he did not realise is that the Malays are quick to forgive, they have forgiven him so many times, now they have had enough, he is the man who coined the name, "Kuli," for Tengkyu Razaleigh and all UMNO know that, he expected Tengky Razaleigh to react so he ccould continue but he failed Tengku Razaleigh jsut did not give him that satisfaction, his action in Putrajaya has only angered the Malays, many of whom actually decided to change sides on that very day.

A group of employees in the canteen of KDN were heard talking about Mahathir being kurang ajar for talking about a candidate that way, they felt as a past prime minister he hasto adopt a neutral  outlook, he coudlhave said things like Tengku Adnan worked for him, he knows Tengku Adnan and other  good things about Tengku Adnan, but not personally insult the man in front of the crowd.

One even commented that if he adopted a more fatherly attitude he could have even endeared the opposition so that he would have a role as an adviser after the elections, now they not only are angered by him but the BN as a whole. Najib should have known better, if he was really in charge he should have banned Mahathir from speaking at BN cerams, but Najib can't do that, or Ibrahim Ali will bite him.

Today we see the papers and Najib is warning the people of Johor that if they vote in the Pakatan they will lose a lot,they have heard all this before,  the people are fed up of  such talk, they want to hear concrete measures that will be taken if Barisan wins to wipe out corruption, to reduce prices, to curtail the rising cost of houses, to do away with toll, to stop cronyism, to give us answers on the murder of Altantuya Shaaribu and the Scorpene scandal, to give us answers on the PKFZ scandal that is estimated to be in the region of
15 billion ringgit, they want to know why Ibrahim Ali and Zul Nordin are being brought in on the Basrisan ticket when his government said they have no connections with UMNO, they want to know who is boss, Najib or Mahathir, there is so much to know. Just review the questions in this paragraph alone and you can be assured that Najib can't give you a straight and honest answer to even one.

Now the Malays in Johor want to know what are the advantages of  Iskandar, the young turks of UMNO my friends the real reformists in the group said he is tryign to pull wool over the eyes of the Johor Malays. The investment from Singapore they say are the corrupt monies of Malaysian politicians placed in the bank of a foreign country in Singapore that is being channeled back into the Iskandar project, they claim that this money will then reap more profit from Malaysia and be sent back to Singapore clean, to back this up they brought up the case of a Chief Ministers nieces who recently were caught on tape making a deal with foreigners for a Timber concession where it was revealed that the money would have to be paid into  a Singapore bank so that the relatives of this Chief minister could evade the property gain tax.

the Johor boys are now saying this is no real investment, it is our own money that is either loaned to Singaporeans or used by proxies of the Malaysian corrupt to be reinvested in Malaysia, and they are very angry about it.

Iskandar to Destroy BN in Johor
Not Mahathir's father, that is Iskandar Kutty, this is the project Iskandar.

When Iskandar was created according to the young turks the Malays in Singpaore had asked that Singapore be excluded from the project, today they seem to be the major investors in Iskandar, and that has got them annoyed that they say it will now reflect on the vote in Johor.

The winds of change have arrived, the people thirst for change, rapid change so much so many are already taking the victory for  granted, in the corridors of the Prime Ministers department every one is talking about a last minute spin to change the course of this elections.

"Putrajaya is falling," said a senior civil servant from the Prime Ministers Department with a wry smile and he said no more, whether it was a question or a statement we really could not tell, but that is all we heard.

The numbers in the turnouts at ceramas seem to suggest just that, that  change of guard will occur come 6th  of May, and Malaysians are preparing for it.

Thousands are returning from as far as the USA, Engalnd, Egypt, Taiwan, China, India, and other countries, many via Singapore the traffic from Singapore is expected to swell over the weekend, my cousin in Switzerland is coming via Thailand because of the choice of airline, he is expected in Kuala Lumpur on May 1, he is already in thailand with his wife and two children he is a registered voter and will be voting, his wife is Swiss citizen, along with him on the [lane he told me via phone there were at least tweleve Malaysians and that was last week.

If you have relatives returning tell them not to wear nail polish when they go to vote, stock up the nail polish just  in case.

Tell them to go out early and vote before 12 noon if possible or they may find out that someone else has voted on their behalf.

JIC scenarios (Just In Case)

Carry a sharpened pencil in your shorts just  in case again, 2B or HB should suffice do not forget your Identity card, carry your birth certificate with you too just in case there is another person claiming to be you. If you  are married go with your spouse take your wedding Certificate too prove that you are the real you, especially if you are coming from overseas.

The theme song for the 6th of May 2013 in Malaysia is, "The walls fell down"

The lyrics on the link below

The Song: on the link below.
Lyrics of walls fell down 


  1. MCA thank you for your dinners. You see, every night I have to spend about RM15 for my dinner, in this case, I go for free MCA dinner and pop over to PR's Ceramah and donate the RM15 to them. Have been doing that for passed one week. By the way, must remind PR to thank you for your donation. Stupid MCA...that's what everyone is doing..and PR getting fat donations. We get the name and thanks....while you are like big idiots... ha...ha...ha.. tonight there is another dinner near by my place..have go early to get best and by the way, sometime I get to Tapow for my breakfast... THANK YOU MCA, wish you lose this election and maybe dinner will be 10 course for the next election. By the way Uncle Kit is about walking distance from here..will only start his ceramah..about 9.30pm just after our dinner, it's a pity Uncle Kit cannot join us or maybe we should Tapow for him..good idea isn't it?. Once again Thank you CSL and MCA.

  2. Najib, Mahathir, Ali, Zul Nordin, Chuah Soi Lek, Kerismuddin, Cowmuddin, RPK and all Racist organisations, you MOTHER FUCKERS, you better listen hard and good, We the ex-service men, who fought to protect our King and country, during Confrontation, Sabah Crisis 1968, Vietnamese refugees and 13 May, for the betterment and peace of our people and not for you to screw up the lives of our people, which we will never allow you to do that, we will fight you with our last ounces of blood. By the way, where were you during that BASTARDS better think carefully before you say something that is hurtful to us. Enough of your nonsense. Ex-service man 1960.

  3. We Malaysians must make this happen.

    If not for anything, at least make BN sit in the corner quietly for the next five years, not unlike a naught child punished to sit quietly and reflect upon the bad done.