Saturday, May 4, 2013

We Will Win!!!!! Just Go and Vote!!!!!!

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There is a great probability that for the most part of the Bangladeshis  and the Sabah illegals are just a ploy to frustrate and and make you lose hope.

Lose hope to the extent that you do not go out there and vote, and that is what they want you to do, now do not fall into that trap, go out and vote.

If you do not find your name missing from  the electoral rolls after having registered there are two things to do,

i) if you have not voted before go to the polling station nearest to your registered address usually the number on your IC  and seek the help of the Pakatan booths in the area. They have the hard copies, don't trust the BN counters.

ii) if you have voted before go back to the same polling station you voted in before to make sure, the people in the Pakatan booths will help you, it will most certainly be there.

Whatever the case do not fail to go, go early and cast your vote, it is important every vote counts as we are winning.

Reuters reports,

Malaysia opposition has narrow lead ahead of election

Merdeka Centre reports the PM's ratings have taken a bashing,  you can access this report through  the Merdeka Centre home page. 

The Malaysians are fed up of a non perforig and corrupt regime, it is corruption that Malaysians wnat out, and how can the BN give it to you when their leader himself is perceived to be corrupt, with the Scorpene scandal hanging over his head, the murder of Altantuya where so many accusations have been made out agazinst him and he is yet out come out credibly and clear his name, with all this the office of the Prime Minster seems compromised, so how can he effectively wipe out corruption with all these still existing.

All reports thus far have indicated a Pakattan victory and if you want t this realised get out there early and vote.

Why early, firstly so that you do not put it off and miss voting for one reason or another,
more importantly that there are illegal voters and we all knwo that, and these voters may have duplicate Identity cards that could match yours and they may use it to vote on your behalf, if that ever happens immediately lodge a report to the nearest Pakatan pondok.

Do not allow them to mark your finger with the indelible ink till they have registered you and given you your voting slip, once the voting slip is given to you ensure that your finger is marked, if you see anyone leaving the station without his her finger being marked lodge an immediate complaint on site. 

If you do not turn up and you do not vote the Pakatan, you are trading the future of your children and children's children.

Yes you must vote the Pakatan, because if you fail to do that and the Barisan wins they will change all the rules that you will never be able to change this government for another 100 years and with that kind of rules there is no need for them to change, so Najib's assurance for change is nothing but lies, lies and lies.

Perkasa has such a strong hold on Najib he is forced to take their Vice President as a Barisan candidate, he is forced to allow their President the notorious Ibrahim Ali sponsored by the even more Dr. Mahathir Mohammed and exact replica of the late Jean Claude Duvalier of Haiti under whom Duvalierism dominated Haiti till even after he was overthrown  just as Mahathir and his dynasty are trying to ensure the continuance of Mahathirism, let us put an end to his form of Fascism once and for all KICK the BN out.

Dictators get drunk with power, it takes over their very being, it cannot be quenched, they feel they own the countries in which they rule, they fell the own the lives of the people, they  feel they can do wioth the people as they will and they will go to any extent to do it.

This madness actually engulfs them and they believe in all honesty that what they are doing is right, the firmly believe in it, they being by having a few excesses, then they take more and later they are compromised so they continue to go ahead doing what they are doing and it grows by the day,  they have no capacity to love, they have no capacity to forgive, they are filled with contempt, envy and hatred for those who oppose them, that they are even prepared to kill.

It is time we stand up and put a stop to this.



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