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Najib loses the Moral authority to rule.

 Najib the worst performing Prime Minster of Malaysia loses the popular vote
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*Includes independents.

The popular vote is won by the opposition.

Najib thus  loses the moral authority to be PM.
Most Malaysians have decided that they do not want him
He should  step down Now!!!!!!
In 2008, Badawi was forced to step down even though he won the popular vote but only lost the two thirds majority. 
How about Najib now that he has a poorer showing in the elections and that he has lost the popular vote.

The popular vote is the total number of votes cast by all Malaysians throughout Malaysia. 

To say that elections were determined on racial lines and to say that the Chinese abandoned the Government to vote on racial lines is a fabricated lie made out to deceive the people. It is a typical phrase taken out of Mahathirism.

More Malays voted against the government than the Chinese so how can one say that the Chinese voted on racial lines.

Had the MCA won in every of its constituent seat we can safely assume thee Chinese voted on racial grounds, in fact UMNO won on racial grounds even though the biggest number of people who did not give the BN their votes were the Malays.

That UMNO is a racist party is something that has been openly admitted by Mahathir Mohammed and  Nazri.

Are the MIC and is the MCA multiracial parties?  Is Umno not a racist party?

The opposition fielded Indian candidates, Chinese Candidates and Malays candidates, the Barisan lost its Pandan seat to a Malay, and Pandan is a Chinese majority seat, so is Barisan saying that the Chinese in Pandan voted on racial lines?

It would even be wrong to say that the Chinese in Pandan voted a Malay candidate, although that is how the Barisan and especially UMNO will have it said. No they voted a Malaysian candidate and that is something the Barisan has till to learn.

Karpal Sing has been repeatedly winning in Penang  in his constituency, that must probably be the  only Sikh majority constituency in Malaysia? Probably even Puchong is as Gobind Singh Deo stood there and has won his second term that is UMNO's reasons as to why a component racial party in its midst was almost completely wiped out.

In the eighties P.Patoo of DAP stood as a DAP candidate in the Petaling Jaya constituency and in that election she lost his seat to the MCA candidate there, at that time the Chinese voted on racial lines, as what was a comfortable opposition seat fell to the MCA candidate and I was told by an MCA man at that time that the Chinese would not give an Indian the vote. That was voting on racial grounds, the Chinese have come away from that, in the same elections MIC's deputy president Subramaniam lost the Pantai seat to the PAS candidate as UMNO members led by Raja Nasrom prompted the Malays to vote PAS as the candidate for that area (Subramaniam) was not a Malay, that is voting on racial lines and it has been the hallmark of the Barisan.

So if you take a closer look  it is the Barisan parties that vote on racial lines, in fact all the parties are racially constituted. Najib and UMNO were just trying to divert attention from the real issues at hand. Mahathir even once told the Chinese who attended his ceramah in Kedah as far back as 1969 that they do not have to vote for him as he would not represent their rights in Parliament. Racism began in Barisan with Mahathir and he is still around pulling the strings.

The Chinese rejected  a government that promoted racists polices openly by supporting the likes of Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Nordin, they rejected a government that was not transparent, that used public funds to buy votes, that has nepotism, cronyism and corruption ingrained in their culture to the extent it has become a core value of UMNO.

The people needed answers for the billions lost via corrupt deals, there was a Chinese  leader in  government who was bent on getting to the bottom of one of the biggest corruption cases in Malaysian history, the PKFZ scandal.

He began moving in  that direction when he initiated moves to expose what happened in the Port Klang Free Trade Zone Scandal, which if fully exposed would have exposed  losses estimated  near the 15 Billion ringgit range, but that Chinese leader from  Chinese party in the ruling Barisan was removed without reason in what was seen as move initiated by Najib.

Najib took over the position of looking into the PKFZ scandal from that minister, he could not afford to let that minster expose the scandal, as it is believed many people in government are involved,   and so far nothing has come out of Najib's fine work, the money is gone, Cuah Soi Lek  a tarnished MCA man replaced the then head of MCA Ong Tee Keat.
Thus it is not surprising that the majority of the  Chinese electorate in Pandan constituency decided to give their votes to the opposition candidate notwithstanding the fact that he is a Malay and he came out with a thumping victory.

Did the people of Pandan vote in a Malay, certainly not the voted in the best candidate that is all.

In Penang the government backed MCA gave out money, brought in Psy the Korean world class entertainer and tried to win the hearts of the Penangites, but the People of Penang decided that the present Pakatan Government is doing a fine job and allowed that government to continue.

In the state of Selangor the Pakatan government enhanced its position by winning two more seats, was this because of the Chinese? The two more seats were Malay majority seats.

Latest calculations indicate that Najib has lost the moral right to rule, the popular vote has gone to the opposition more than 50% of the popular vote has gone to Pakatan Rakyat, it is worse than what Badawi got a the 2008 elections, for although Badawi lost the two third majority  for the first time since 1969, he did not lose the popular vote, he took 50.27 percent of the popular vote.
Najib has lost the popular vote which effectively  means that most Malaysians do not want him as Prime Minister and this includes the Malays, and it must be realized that he is the Prime Minister of Malaysians and not Malays, and even going by Malay votes, the majority of the people who did not give Najib their votes were not the Chinese but the Malays.

A look at the performance in Johor will indicate that a sizeable amount of the rural vote in the states of Johor and Pahang have moved the way of the opposition, the opposition is certainly making inroads into these areas.

This government has lost touch with the pulse of the nation, the racial card will never win the elections, to say that the Chinese voted on racial lines is the biggest lie, Najib is desperately trying to find an excuse, for his cheating, and for the fact that he lost.. Chinese votes went to Malay, Chinese and Indian candidates throughout the peninsular, it may not have gone to the Barisan but it did go to Malaysians and not only to the Chinese.
Has a Malay UMNO man ever stood in  a Chinese Majority seat, a Malay PKR man has done it and he has won, UMNO is known to work and be voted in on racial lines and now when they have lost the popular vote as is usually the case in Mahathirsm they are trying to blame the Chinese.
A look at 1982 elections and the 2004 elections will reveal that the Chinese gave solid support to the BN because at that times in our history the Prime Ministers showed promise of really bringing this nation to new heights, but after that Mahathir failed, his reign of terror eventually wrecked havoc to his own party from within.

In 2004 Badawi came in touted as Mr. Clean and he swept into power giving the Barisan its best victory, its biggest victory since 1959, did the Chinese vote on racial lines then?

Yes and No,  yes because they voted they voted MCA that is on racial lines, No, because  but what they voted for was a clean administration but as is usually the case in the Barisan  Badawi messed it up, the confidence of the people.

The Chinese voter just like all other voters in the country and even as is the case in foreign countries voted the candidates they felt could do better for the nation.
Mahathir’s snide remarks about Chinese and Indian citizenship in light of proceedings of  the RCI in Sabah contributed to this "Chinese swing" in a great way, Mahathir's remarks were racially targeted and racially motivated, and yet  the only people who responded to Mahathir was the opposition and not Chuah Soi Lek the head of the Malaysian Chinese Association and supposedly the representative of Chinese in government, he turned a deaf ear to his master.

The MCA failed, on the other hand MIC’s former leader came out strongly against Mahathir and gave him a tongue lashing with no holds barred, it could be one of the reasons why the Indians decided to back the MIC,  the other being that the Indians will have to learn  that Najib's Nambekei is the biggest of all lies, why only after asking the Indians to trust him he appointed Zul Nordin as the BN candidate for Shah Alam and we are now hearing of thousands of Bangladeshi instant Bumiputeras who will be ued to shadow them, Indian voters in Cameron Highlands, Sungei Siput and Segamat voted on racial lines why was this not highlighted?

Between now and the next elections, the Indians will witness the credibility of Najib's nambekei, and then at the end of all the bro0ken promises he will come out with even bigger promises and the Indians will cave in> When will they ever learn?

Will Malaysians of all races be given the due recognition as Malaysians for their contribution in National development, will history be factual rather than just a platform to glorify the one party that seems to hold sway in government.

Will those in  BN acknowledge that there is no multiracialism in their parties and that they have no political will to make that happen?

That UMNO has been the driving force of race based politics?

Will we ever have an UMNO man brave enough to confront these issues?

Najib's remarks that the Chinese have abandoned the Barisan is an insult to his 1 Malaysia.

Why single out the Chinese, and as is abundantly clear the only people who did not vote on racial grounds are the Chinese?

Most voted the opposition  PAS, PKR and the DAP are multi racial parties. Most Chinese voted the DAP its leaders Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Lim Guan Eng etc . do not see themselves as Chinese.

Lim Guan Eng was jailed for daring to take on the Melaka Chief Minister to save the honour of a young Malay girl whose grandmother had brought the case to him, did UMNO ever ask why this Malay grandmother in an UMNO dominant state go to Lim Guan Eng?

Was it because he was a Malay or was it because she felt in Lim Guan Eng and the DAP she had someone she could trust, and Guan Eng held good to that trust to the extent that he was jailed for a helpless Malay grandmother and her daughter, all of whom did not look at each other by race but who came together based on trust and as Malaysians. Najib has to look at that case history to study his hypocritical 1 Malaysia Policy, that case will give him the elements of what it truly means to be a Malaysian.

The writing is on the wall, times are a changing and so too are the people of Malaysia, the change seems headed in the right direction less some people give it a different twist as UMNO usually does by playing the racial card, and pent up emotions to continue and divide and change the very nature of this our country and its people by hate mongering - the hallmark of Mahathirism.

It was either Mahathir Mohammed or the father of our PM Tun Razak who once said this about the NEP, “ the country can’t wait for the Malays, if they do not make it by 1990.”

As Malaysians we should be saying, we will help anyone regardless of race way beyond the time, the country must be concerned with the poor regardless of race, the country has to now begin moving on the lines of meritocracy, the Malays have caught up, and it is time for us  to move forward.

We certainly cannot and must not accept that anyone who comes into Malaysia after Independence be classified a Bumiputera, that act only undermines the status of Bona Fide Malaysians who lived worked and died for this country from the days long  before independence.

Now the fact that Najib has performed worse than Badawi, even after having dished out money,  attempting to bribe and bribing the electorate, and after having lost the popular vote it is time for him to perform at least on decent act and, that is to step down from his position as Prime Minister of the Country, that is the honourable thing to do if he has any honour at all,  he certainly does not enjoy the support of the majority in UMNO the party of which he is president.

The cries are already echoing over Gunong Mount Ophir for Muhyiddin to begin laying his claim for Presidency of UMNO and the position of Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

The coming UMNO elections is what will occupy the interest of both  Najib and Mahathir. Mahathir will be working on moving Mukhriz ahead in the hierarchy and to vie for one of the positions of  Assistant Vice President, he may even on the sly initiates the moves to get Najib out,  that will mean Muhyiddin will move up to Presidency and in the process give Mukhriz an express ticket to the Deputy Presidency of UMNO.

The moves against Najib may be mooted after the General assembly to pave the way for Muhyiddin to assume the position of President of UMNO and Prime Minister form where he will then appoint Mukhriz to the position of Deputy in both UMNO and as his Deputy in Parliament.

That has to happen for if it does one thing is certain, UMNO will break up like it never did before, the Mahathirs have a huge war chest for the UMNO battles, money politics will come to the fore after all money politics became a reality in UMNO with Mahathirism.

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