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Mahathir's Top Dog's Najib's Boss


Well if you haven't noticed it yet, Ibrahim Ali is Mahathir's top dog, and Ibrahim Ali has is being assigned by Mahathir  be the biggest shit stirrer in Parliament and to watch Najib Tun Razak.
His position looks better than Najib's

Muhyiddin has been having fun poking jokes about this relationship amongst his circle of friends.
The standard joke  in the Muhyiddin camp is Ibrahim Ali is Najib's boss,  one of Muhyiddin's close aides even has a caricature of Ibrahim Ali standing over Najib sitting on small desk with a rotan, writing on what seems to be a square line exercise book,  like a small school boy looking afraid of the teacher standing at his back ready to strike if he makes a mistake,  there is  a caption in Malay at the bottom, I didn't quite get to read it, I wish I had that for this story, that would have been the clearest  indication of the cold war between the PM and his deputy.

The young Johor UMNO chap still in his BN shirt who told me this, had taken a photograph of this on his I- phone, I immediately asked him to send it to my phone but he refused, "now it is dangerous,  later if Muhyiddin or Anwar becomes PM you will receive it first, I promise," he said, then continued, "we see you as a true Malaysian, you are willing to vote PAS to save the country even though the Barisan is spinning a lot of lies about the Pakatan, keep up the good work brother," and imagine  this coming from an UMNO member. He predicted a Kit Siang win in Johor because he said, "Malays will not come out openly this time, they will be quiet, the next time like in the pakatan states they will come out in full force, the Malays acknowledge the importance of Kit Siang in Parliament."
The Best of Buddies
Muhyiddin and Nazri have objected to Ibrahim Ali  coming on board in the strongest of terms but it has fallen on deaf ears, but through Mahathir's insistence and threatening influence  Najib caved in not once but twice.  In what is seen as a compromise he first  allowed  Zulkifli Nordin be fielded as BN candidate, Mahathir gladly accepted it and once the decision was announced   Mahathir insisted on the inclusion of  Ibrahim Ali,  first as a BN candidate then as though to  compromise on Mahathir's part as an  independent who will not be challenged by Barisan but rather be supported openly by UMNO, MCA and MIC, MCA is supposed to give the most vocal support for Ibrahim Ali  in that area.

(Now ask Chuah Soil Lek to deny this and ask him about MCA's support for these two chaps and Mahathir, the Mahathir  who blatantly questioned the citizenship status  of the Chinese and Indians.) 

Fascists of the same pedigree
Chinese and Indians will continue to be citizens under the Pakatan government, the spin that has been given by UMNO about Hadi becoming the PM has been dismissed by PAS spiritual adviser Nik Aziz Nik Mat (Tok Guru) when he launched a Pakatan Rakyat campaign yesterday carrying  pamphlet with an  an open letter from prominent international Sunni cleric Yusuf Qaradawi, endorsing opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim as candidate for Prime Minister exposing the lies told by the MCA via advertisements in The Star, the organ of the MCA.


In the first concession Najib agreed to allow Zulkifli Nordin to contest in Selangor for a State Assembly seat,  Mahathir did not argue and accepted that, but immediately after the  offer was announced, the shrewd and cunning Mahathir  demanded the Ibrahim Ali inclusion and Najib caved in after much pressure effectively as Muhyiddin says making Ibrahim Ali Najib's boss.

Mahathir is a racial shit stirrer, he is the master for causing racial troubles and then smiling as though nothing has happened. Ibrahim Ali is Mahathir's passport in politics, Mahathir will use him to cause racial issues each time Najib moves out of line, and Najib will then have to fire fight. Even the Arab intellectuals look at Mahathir with complete disdain ask your friends who have returned from Al Asqa in Egypt the world's oldest University.

For all the  rhetoric about his 1Malaysia  Najib has never openly dared go against Ibrahim Ali? Going against Ibrahim Ali is going against Mahathir and Najib will never dare do that,  the consequences of him doing that could be fatal to him as the ghost of Altantuya roams the corridors UMNO.

Mahathir once said that if Najib does not fare well in the next elections he will have to go, now he has changed his tune, because he knows that Muhyiddin will not give him any room if he comes to power.

Muhyiddin is a much better candidate for the job than Najib, he is not the meter reader many say he was, he is a graduate of the Univeristy of Malaya, the days the University was a respected institution, he speaks fluent English and given the two he is the man to take the job, he will silence Mahathir  "IF THE BARISAN WINS.."

Muhyiddin despises Mahathir as much as that man despised Muhyiddin when he was CM of Johor, and because of that he was made to replace Rafidah who walked out after her first defeat in the Wanita polls,  he disappointed Mahathir - he did do a good job as Minister of trade and industry and was moved out  as Minister of Agriculture, where he famously was responsible for the Cow award to Shahrizat's husband. 

Everyone  in UMNO of the time  will tell you that Mahathir always mocked Muhyiddin's personality  and grooming, he used to say he "Muhyiddin has no sense of dressing, always in the loose batik shirt to hide his belly, how can he go far he does not have it in him," that was and is is Mahathir's yardstick to measure the effectiveness of a person, now that will also explain why we are so short of leaders today.

Ibrahim Ali's Perkasa is totally against Najib's 1 Malaysia policy..

The truth is Mahathir can't stand the 1 Malaysia policy, and yet on the Barisan banner's you see the 1 Malaysia logo, so what is the 1 Malaysia policy? It is nothing but a racist policy as it stands, with Mahathir Mohammed now the driving force of the policy, as soon as elections are over and if the BN wins the "Ketuanan Melayu" policy will be revived by Mahathir and Najib will have no choice  but to accept it as fait accompli.

Mahathir  is in the background pulling the strings and Najib can't do a thing, the reason being he has the Altantuya case hanging over his head and if he defies Mahathir Ibrahim Ali will squeal and Najib will fall, and Najib is fully aware of it.

In Selangor Zulkifli Nordin is placed to sit in the State assembly and talk nonsense, has no ability to do anything else than that, in fact he is known as Mr. Disability by some top UMNO folk, he has been so insignificant, he used Perkasa as a platform to further his political cause, clearly indicating that UMNO is a fascist party.

Notice how these people campaign, they do not bring up issues of corruption and bad governance, because that is lacking in the Pakatn governments and is rampant among the BN led governments both at the state and Federal level, it is clearly visible so the only issues left are racism and character assassination and that is what these fellows are good for, in fact that has become an UMNO speciality, and further more everything they say  lack substance, nothing  they say matters to voters, all they do is issue threats, and the only issue  they bring up is BRIM, but BRIM would never have come if Pakatan did not deny them the two thirds majority in 2008.

Even crocodile tears to further his cause
For Najib to have said the BRIM is better than reduced petrol prices, shows his lack of of knowledge of economic and financial issues, and he is the finance minister of the country, he might as well a get an Ah Long to do that work for him even an Ah long has better knowledge about the financial implications of the rise of the price of petrol to the common man, and Najib seems to be completely ignorant about this. Finance Minister? My foot, that is why he dares not debate Anwar, he is so ignorant of the financial implications of his actions that if he faced Anwar, Anwar will literally strip this man naked and give us the naked truth of what he is, and he does not  want to look like  a fool. Rosmah has ben asking him to let her debate with Nurul, but that woudl be political suicide, you do not have to wait for the debate if he tries that Mahathir will finiih Najib off, Najib owes to Rosmah after all she was given a doctorate by Curtin and a lot of people said all those nasty things about her, he shoudl let her come out and show the rakyat how smart and intelligent she is and the Curtin PhD wa given for the substance she has in her head.

It is now abundantly clear how Mahathir is  going to control Najib and the government, he will actually run the government of this country, do not believe Najib if he denies this it is all the bull shit  he just wants to be PM, he does not mind th consequences, he will step up his travel campaign, as Mahathir said no one is running the government, they are only interested in travelling all the time. Mahathir will be the shadow Prime Minisiter or may we even say  a,  "de facto President," of the country if BN wins.

Ibrahim Ali will be tasked to trace Najib's every move and everytime he does something that does not please Mahathir Ibrahim Ali will bark and growl   the way he usually does, and that is how Mahathir will make sure that Najib toes the line as  he has a dog that will blindly obey its master. "Jump Ibrahim jump, good boy."

A mirror image of each other
Mahathir has already assumed the power of, "de facto president," he did it long ago, the day Badawi decided to quieten him by not giving him media space, by shutting him out of UMNO,  and Badawi could do that because when he entered the office of the PM he was clean, it was after the bringing in his son in law to govern on his behalf that Mahathir hatched this Perkasa plot.

Mahathir craves publicity he is the mirror image of Rosmah that is why they do not like each other, "like poles repel."

Take the stage away from Mahathir and he slides into oblivion, give him that stage give him a little space and he'll squeeze himself to the rostrum to assume omnipotence.

A vote therefore for the BN is a vote for Mahathir, Ibrahim Ali, Zul Nordin and Perkasa. 

Do we as Malaysians really want to go down that route?

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