Sunday, April 14, 2013

Is Najib about to play his Ace?

  Looks like Muhyiddin is more popular then Najib as a PM of choice among BN followers.

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The Najib camp has taken the threat of Muhyiddin ousting him seriously, and Najib has  now after much thought and discussion with his closest aides decided to play an ace.

The prime Minister decides who the candidates are for the BN are and where they are to be fielded, and Muhyiddin may just find himself on soft ground come the next elections.

In the Razak family having Najib as PM is the most important thing in the family, and that is why it is no coincidence that PI Bala had pointed the finger on Najib's brother Datuk Mohammed Nazim Razak,  this was further confirmed by Deepak.

The latest strategy it is reported was hatched by Najib's family and some other very close aides, the very close aides include the likes of his cousin and some senior civil servants.

Muhyiddin is still not aware of what is going on, he will only know about this when Najib unveils his candidate list, it is believed that Najib may face stern opposition if he goes ahead with his plans and some sources claim it could split UMNO right in the middle if that happens.

In what is now being seen as  soem dangerous moves by Najib, Abdullah Badawi had this dvice to Barisan members, "Najib to pick the right candidates. If our candidate is not supported and we become split, BN will not win. We must understand this," he told Singapore New Straits Times reporters. "If you're not selected, don't sabotage," a clear indication that all is not going right in the Barisan camp.

There is already a huge hue and cry from the MCA branches which is not being reported by the mainstream media, they have lost a few critical seats, one in Perak and one in Pahang, they are expected to lose more once the final list is announced, as they seem to be standingin malay majority areas where they are nto expected to win as they do not have the support of the Chinese in those areas.

If you notice there is little to show the "support" Muhyiddin has been displaying at his ceramas,  even the one held in my kampung with 'supporters' being brought in in  more than 30 charted buses from as far North as Langkawi and as far south as Scudai in Johor with about another 300 cars with an average of 3 persons to a car ( my friend from the neighboring township of Sentosa calls these 'supporters' "professional mourners"),   did not draw the attention of the press although I personally saw press people around.

Even the Tamil Namban only carried a small article in one of its less conspicuous pages, and this is to give Muhyiddin less coverage less he claims credit if there is a victory.

Part of the Razak clan strategy will be for him  will be for Najib to declare his choice of Putrajaya if the odds in Pekan are too great, and the justification  will be   that as Prime Minster he will have to stand in the nations capital rather than at constituencies in other states as this will free him form being obliged to any one state as Putrajaya is Federal Territory.

The plan hatched to neutralise Muhyiddin is to place him in Gelang Patah to face Lim Kit Siang, Muhyiddin will thus lose the comfort of Pagoh his stronghold. Arrangements are already being made towards that end, it will get all Muhyiddin's men out of Pekan and into Gelang Patah to ensure a Muhyiddin victory and leave Pekan alone.

That way Najib can claim credit if Muhyiddin wins for his strategy and if Muhyiddin loses to get rid of the competition and smoothly retain his position as PM.

However sources tell us that the damage in Pekan has already be done, and should Najib  go ahead with his plan we may land into a situation where both PM and deputy lose their seats, and in such a scenario who will become PM?

With the President of UMNO and his deputy defeated, a power struggle is bound to take shape in UMNO, all the Vice Presidents will then vie the position of PM and the most  likely candidate will be Hishamuddin Hussein Onn the least intelligent of  all UMNO Supreme Council members.

Najib will  use his powers as UMNO President to appoint Hishamuddin and history will repeat itself, but will Hishamuddin be fielded  as a candidate in the first place?

Hishamuddin will become the perfect stop gap, for Mahathir to begin playing his games,  the situation becomes ideal to launch  Mukhriz into a formidable candidate for DPM and later President of UMNO, to do that he will have to stand for a position as Vice president first, and looking at UMNO sentiment today this will not  be possible in open (warfare) competition

If Mukhriz is fielded as a State assembly candidate with the view of becoming Kedah's next Menteri besar, then that plan will fall short, so will Mukhriz stand for a Parliamentary seat as well?

Is history repeating itself with Mukhriz coming from nowhere to knock Hishamuddin out, Hisham who lacks vision and strategy will fall like his father and even if Hishamuddin takes that place the next stop gap deputy will come from one ot the incumbent Vice presidents, and who will that be.

Members are not going to play in accordance with team orders, there will be a scramble and many will to take positions, UMNO will be torn apart by squabbles and factions will begin to emerge, there may also be break away parties in what follows, the 'young turks' are just waiting for such a situation, they'll help to fan the fires to make it happen, but they'll not leave UMNO, they intend to see their game plan through.

Today's 'young turks' will not stand by and allow money politics rule the day,  and the lingering question is, will after all the scramble even people like Najib and Mahathir be able to come out clean.

Will UMNO go through another round of being declared illegal? Will the party be able to handle the onslaught of all those vying for power, the power grab will only be too big to handle or will the young turks really surprise and seize power? Only time will tell, but one thing for certain Najib is terribly worried, to the extent it is said he does not even trust his shadow in UMNO.

The rhetoric, and sentimental talk that carried the General Assembly with   women crying and men cursing  will not  be able to hold sway, too much is at stake and there are so many who will smell blood in such a situation.

So in the final analysis one has to ask, "Is Najib jantan enough to play that ace," or will he like he usually is just stick to game plan one and opt for Putrajaya and be contended, my take is he is a coward and too much of script politician he will stand in Pekan and lose,"said Daud.



  1. Kepada YB. Perdana Menteri Dato' Sri Haji Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak,

    Di sini saya ingin mengatakan bahawa BN kalah bukanlah koncern BN tak baik, khas nya MCA kerana kebanyakan Ahli MCA cabangan bawah, pemimpinnya sudah berjaya sombong dan tidak berkhimat dan ular, olih itu mengakibatkan ramai Malay, Cina dan India naik marah dan kalah PRU 13 teruk

    Contohnya yang saya tahu Pengerusi MCA GOMBAK YIP KUM FOOK dan Permuda MCA GOMBAK YIP JIUN HANN, mereka ular sampai wang Tokong pun berani telang dan halau Sami Buddha keluar dari tokong, orang ramai benci MCA.

    Apabila mereka tolong Donald Lim Siang Chai di Selayang, orang ramai salah sangka Donald Lim sama satu kaki……

    Sekira MCA cuba ingin memulit nama baik dan sokongan olih orang ramai semula, pemimpin seperti ini patut di kikis dengan bersih dalam parti, Kalau tidak sampai bila pun susah memulit semangat

    Sekian, Terima kasih


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