Monday, April 22, 2013

A Vote for Barisan is a Vote for Perkasa - Proven

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A vote for the Barisan is a vote for Perkasa and Perkasa is more powerful body than UMNO and it has been proven by a report in today's star page 4, where Perkasa's chief adviser - Mahathir Mohammed has issued a promise to keep the government in check, the man who preaches Ketuanan Melayu.

He was quoted as having said, " If the Federal Governemtn doesn't do it tell me, If they don't fulfilj their promise I will personally fight them." This is  the Chief of the Perkasa Chief he is even more powerful than Najib and there is no doubting that.

During the run up of every  election UMNO will say all the members who are standing as independents  are sacked.

That is  after they themselves plant these independents to split votes to favour their bid for a seat, then after  the elections all these rouges are back they are all part and parcel of the Barisan game, if you do not believe me ask yourself, why is Ibrahim Ali standing as an Independent and why has Barisan withdrawn its candidate for that constituency "Pasir Mas, "  it is so obvious because Ibrahim Ali is UMNO not independent as he claims to be, and as they, UMNO would like us to believe.

Ibrahim Ali is standing as an Independent, The Barisan Candidate who was supposed to file in his papers withdrew, Barisan intended to compete in that seat, so does Muhyddin's threat bear weight at all or is it a fabricated lie will Ibrahim Ali now be sacked from UMNO where he is a member, can UMNO explain to the MCA, the MIC, the Gerakan why they fielded Ibrahim Ali from Perkasa and how they fielded Zulkifli Nordin as a Barisan candidate in Shah Alam. (click on the link to watch Zulkifli insult Hindus)

UMNO's philosophy is the  Philosophy that Ibrahim Ali preaches, they are now telling you that in no uncertain terms,  so that,  after the elections when they practice what Ibrahim Ali preaches, you have no grounds to argue with them and say it is wrong, you voted an UMNO that has told you this before you vote and if you vote them you accept it all the Perkasa nonsense which is what UMNO really stands up for.

Perkasa is an UMNO wing disguised as a NGO, sponsored by UMNO under the patronage of Mahathir bin Mohammed, the biggest racialist in this country, who was branded a racialist by his own party member Nazri Aziz a Minister in the Prime Ministers department a member  a Barisan candidate and an UMNO member he has called Mahathir a "bloody racist."

For MCA, MIC, Gerakan and now HINDRAF  the likes of Ong Tee Keat the only MCA man with a semblance of integrity is not as good as Ibrahim Ali, there has  been no objection on their part for the inclusion of the Perkasa deputy Zulkifli Nordin as an UMNO candidate in the state of Selangor,  they accept that as the status quo, UMNO dictates they shut up, and they allow it to happen.

Is there any imaginable reason why they should? The only conclusion that can be drawn is that their own personal interests are more important to them  than that of the people - you and me.

Samy at hsi very best, a better leader than all, Chua Soi Lek, Najib, any other Barisan leader, the only trouble is he should have done this when he was in Government and not now. Take  a look  click here

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