Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Parliament to be dissolved as UMNO's troubles increase.



 Is Najib to dissolve parliament today? The Stars say if he does it will be disastrous form him UMNO and the BN.

Najib Tun Razak has called for hastily arranged meeting fo the cabinet to announce the dissolution of parliament today.

It has been reported that he is now really on very soft turf and is not sure if his move is in the right direction, according to Indian Astrologers his choice of the 3rd can be disastrous to him and his party, Maheswaran Thirunavukarusu a disciple and understudy of the famous Indian Astrologer Bejan Daruwall, says "the 3rd of April will only spell destruction for the BN," a staunch BN supporter himself he has passed the word to his mates in the MIC hoping that Najib will change the date as any advice given to him by other Astrologers have not taken into account the position of  Uranus in the solar system today, and that  does not auger for a good day to dissolve parliament.

"Uranus is partially blocked by  Mars and Venus today and it is not visible from planet earth today and tomorrow only on Friday will it be visible, Najib has to wait till the 5th of March the earliest and then call elections before 2nd May the 27th being the most ideal and he will get the best possible results," said Maheswaran.

"This is no time to take chances, as Barisan sits on its weakest wicket it has to use all the forces to help it and the stars are not in its favour if it decides to begin today, mark my word and I am really worried," said Mahes.

In the meantime the Johre group attributes this possible call today to Najib's deep distrust for Muhyiddin, whom he sees as the greatest challenge we will have to face at this General Elections. There is a great distrust between the PM and his deputy, and it stems from nothing but sheer power play.

Najib wants  also to be seen giving way to Muhyiddin's demands and whilst he seems to be playing a game of sorts agaisnt Muhyiddin, pretending to give in to his demands he has taken wrong advice  so it seems. This group says his soothsayers are from Kerala and they give him their advice via a Johor based Indian businessman who is close to Rosmah now, this businessman is not  Deepak.

Some sources in UMNO say that he has been advised by his usual Feng Shui and Indian astrologers to go for the the 3rd of April and that is today.

Will Parliament be dissolved today,  "not if my message gets to him on  time, "  says  Mahes he has to wait at least until Friday or it will be very troublesome for him and BN and BN will lose unless he changes.

"All I can say is he is being advised wrongly he can check if he wants to, do not believe me, ask him to check."

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